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  1. bottlenecker

    B+G bender tricks; what else can a G bender do?

    I've borrowed this hipshot tele to try out. I thought I just wanted a B bender, but now I think I need the G palm lever too. So far I've got two tricks with the G palm lever. Suspending a major bar chord, or doing the G and B together to change a I chord to a IV chord. That I to IV move alone...
  2. bottlenecker

    HBD Link Wray
  3. bottlenecker

    This is not relic.

    This is 34 years of me wearing down a 60 year old finish. Is there something I can apply over an old peeling finish to stabilize it and stop it from getting worse? It'd be nice if it didn't leave flakes on me when I play it.
  4. bottlenecker

    OGD 1964 Galaxie

    I don't post NGD, but I'll post this. After being on the bench for wiring repairs for five years, not coincidently the age of my first child, I have my 1964 Kay back in action. Will it reclaim the #1 spot from my telecaster?
  5. bottlenecker

    Anyone try or use a Novak (or Carvin) AP-6? (Joe Maphis/early Moserite sound)

    What kind of guitar do you use it on, and what's it like? I'm considering Novak's replica (or an actual Carvin) for an old hollowbody that needs a pickup.
  6. bottlenecker

    New L-00s... is it just me?

    Or do the bodies look a little off from the old ones? Maybe I'm just too used to looking at my 12 fret HG-00, but I swear the shape on the new ones looks odd, even compared to old 14 fret L-00s. I haven't played one recently, but the few new L-00s I picked up left me with no memory of how they...
  7. bottlenecker

    Anyone buy any supro pedal recently?

    I bought a supro tremolo last year, late summer, I think. I haven't received it yet. The ETA just got pushed again, to mid april. I'm just curious if anyone's gotten any pedals out of them recently. I think there's a 50% chance I'm going to plug it in, it won't do what I want, and send it right...
  8. bottlenecker

    What is the most sensitive 12" guitar speaker...

    ...with the strongest bass? I'm looking for loud and clean. I've mostly been interested in 10s and 15s in the past, so I don't know what's out there for 12s.
  9. bottlenecker

    Is your music on Spotify?

    If your music is on Spotify, did you place it with a service, or did a label place it for you? Are you profiting directly or indirectly, in the old fashioned monetary way? Is it important to you for booking, or any other kind of promotion? Any other ways you feel you benefit from it? If...
  10. bottlenecker

    Fancy switch tips with set screws...

    Do any of you use one? Aluminum or brass? Wood or antler? Please show me what you have, or know about.
  11. bottlenecker

    I don't think Wendy plays PRS...

    Whoever runs Wendy's twitter should probably just be running the company.
  12. bottlenecker

    I don't need a new american performer, but...

    ...look at the alder on this 7lb 9oz telecaster. Maybe one of you will buy it so I don't have to. Seriously, tell me how terrible these things are.
  13. bottlenecker

    Such an imperfect thing can be perfect.

    There's something about this box.
  14. bottlenecker

    Anyome here recording bass drums with solid reso heads?

    I can't go back to a ported reso head on my bass drum, because the unported head sounds too good in a room. It's doing what it's supposed to, projecting out into the space it's in, and I think it's my job to capture it this way. Since directly close-miking an unported reso head doesn't work...
  15. bottlenecker

    I thought pine was light...

    Looking for a cheap tele shaped thing to put a hipshot bender on. I got excited when I realized the Squier CV 50s has a pine body. But 9lbs 10oz?? That's 2 lbs heavier than my ash MIM Classic 50s! I have a pile of 2x4s that must be premium stuff because I don't know how to make a 10 lb guitar...
  16. bottlenecker

    Archtop builders, please tell me about Ken Parker's archtops.

    Some comments on Freeman Keller's L5 build thread had me wanting to ask some questions, but I don't want to polute that thread. I specifically want to ask builders, or at least people who've heard a lot of archtops. I've never heard one of Ken Parker's archtops in person, but the videos I've...
  17. bottlenecker

    Do you have music?

    If you own music, do you store it on a hard drive? Do you have a backup hard drive, so you don't lose all your music when your hard drive crashes? I like the idea of keeping it on a shelf. On individual discs, so that if one is damaged, I only lose that "album" of material. On discs that don't...
  18. bottlenecker

    Do Bigsby pickups hum?

    The aluminum covers supposedly reduce hum. This one seems very quiet in the demo video on this Carter Vintage page. Also, it sounds awesome.
  19. bottlenecker

    Today I like a mint guard on white blonde, but...

    ...if I change my mind tomorrow, I'll still like five hole pickguards and body-mounted neck pickups, because they make the most sense.
  20. bottlenecker

    Is there a professional interface?

    Are there fully professional studios using anything other than pro tools? If so, what are they using for an interface? I can't seem to find an interface that can convert more than 8 analog ins at a time. I know I can link a few together, but what's it like outside of this little prosumer world...
  21. bottlenecker

    five hole pickguards

    I'm looking for some 5 hole pickguards for 50s style teles with the neck pickup mounted to the body. I'd like to build up a small collection, since they're so easy to change. What's out there? How many colors of bakelite can I get? Anyone making their own?
  22. bottlenecker


    Looking forward to their new album.
  23. bottlenecker

    Who plays bajo sexto?

    I love the bajo sexto. I had a cheapo years ago, but sold it when I wasn't using it. I need a new one. Does anyone play, and have a recomendation for an affordable bajo sexto? For anyone not familiar, a bajo sexto is a 12 string bass guitar, usually tuned EADGCF, starting the same octave as a...
  24. bottlenecker

    Remember 90s music?

    Do you think of Killdozer Shellac Helios Creed Jesus Lizard Unsane Today Is The Day Mt. Shasta Space Streakings Melt Banana Naked City Bedhead 16 Horsepower Bad Livers Dirty 3 Sleater-Kinney The Drags The Oblivions Guitar Wolf Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Nashville ***** Cosmic Psychos Man Or...

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