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  1. donrichfan

    Billy Woodward - Heartworn Hopeless Highway

    Great new tune from a great songwriter and a prince of a dude. Billy did the animation as well... hope some of y'all enjoy!
  2. donrichfan

    Campilongo w/ Honeyfingers perform Billy’s Bird

    This doesn’t have all the acrobatics the record version has, but still cool to see both guitars in action. Brilliant tune.
  3. donrichfan

    Ernest Tubb Record Shop Is Closing

    What a shame.
  4. donrichfan

    Suntan Pills

    Pretty short and funny Billy Joe Shaver story as told by Kenny Vaughan.
  5. donrichfan

    Cracking Up - Nick Lowe

    This is a fun guitar bit to learn.
  6. donrichfan

    Otis Gibbs & Dan Baird

    Dan on Slim & the Replacements and some "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" history. Warning--some salty language here & there. And the song, because the guitars sound so good.
  7. donrichfan

    You Can't Hide A Redneck

    (Under That Hippy Hair)
  8. donrichfan

    The Carpenter Ants! (and, not the pest)

    I had no idea Charleston, West Virginia had such a cool little music scene till I tuned in to Duke Levine's interview with Michael Lipton. Never heard of Michael, but I have heard of Mountain Stage--in WV, where he's been guitarring in the house band for ages. He's in a band called the...
  9. donrichfan

    What to do in Tucson?

    Wondering if anyone can recommend some cool stuff in Tucson. Could be music-related, killer Mexican food, local breweries, hikes-really anything. My wife and I are driving out to Joshua tree in a couple of weeks and we’re making a stop in Tucson for a few nights to kick around a bit. The...
  10. donrichfan

    Colliding with the very air she breathes

    What a great tune...
  11. donrichfan

    Rick Holmstrom on Truetone Lounge

    Great interview.
  12. donrichfan

    Kid Ramos kicks a$$

    He's such a kool kat and killer guitarist. Love his rock n roll playing the most.
  13. donrichfan

    Peter Wolf - It Was Always So Easy

    A nice pissed-off lead at 1:19 for all to enjoy.
  14. donrichfan

    Is Vintage All-That? - Ask Zac 49

    Interesting Zac perspective.
  15. donrichfan

    ELVIS--Baby Let's Play House

    What a combo! Never gets old... that said, I'm not very hip.
  16. donrichfan

    Floyd Country Store: Concert with Redd Volkaert

    I got to catch the 1st half as it was streaming on Thursday and just got caught up on the rest. This is a great combo. If Redd chose to do so, I think he could get some choice gigs as a comedian. Love this guy.
  17. donrichfan

    Friday R&B: Wild Little Willie

  18. donrichfan

    Downey to Lubbock

    Swings like a monkey. Can't wait to get back to gigs in places like this.

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