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  1. EsquireOK

    Oh, Yes – Squier Classic Vibe '60s Custom Esquire to be Released

    I was just saying that the only thing holding me back from the Squier Esquire was the horrendous colors offered. I said that I would jump as soon as black was offered...and I did. Just pre-ordered one. It's available in burst too. Wonder what exclusive colors CME will get. :eek: It'll be my...
  2. EsquireOK

    Virtuoso Cleaner to Remove Extreme Smoke Patina

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you have examples of what Virtuoso Cleaner does to a white guitar that has turned to an extremely dark yellow due largely to cigarette smoke exposure. It's so dark that I would call it tan more than yellow. The finish is nitro clear coats over neutral white...
  3. EsquireOK

    3-way toggle, Series in the Middle

    Hello, I would like to wire a DPDT on-on-on switch to control two humbucking pickups in the following way: 1. Neck pickup 2. N+B in series 3. Bridge pickup Is this possible? This is the switch in question: Multicomp brand 1MD6T1B5M1QE. Thank you.
  4. EsquireOK

    Shellac Over Poly/Urethane/Polyester

    Hi, I have finished lacquer over poly several times, and it works pretty well. I sand the existing finish to 400 grit, then apply a solvent based primer. On lower end projects, it saves me the labor of stripping and re-sealing. But I have never tried this without using opaque color coats. Now...
  5. EsquireOK

    NGD Incoming. Stalked This One For Years. G&L Nitro ASAT Classic Bluesboy.

    Pix first, then the TL/DR part, so you can skip the nonsense contained within if you want. Very excited to have finally seen one of these come around again. I purchased one some years ago, but it turns out the dealer had mistakenly left the listing up online, and it was not actually in...
  6. EsquireOK

    Incoming AP With Neck 'Bucker – Discussion of Mods

    Hello, I have an incoming American Performer Tele Humbucker in the gorgeous Aubergine color. It a-lookie like-a diss-here: I love it as is, but my plan for this model has always been a Bob Bain inspired setup: neck humbucker with B16 vibrato and shim. Always imagined a DiMarzio PAF style...
  7. EsquireOK

    For the "Vintage" Experts – Farthest Apart Neck and Body Dates

    Just curious... For those who have owed and/or examined a lot of old Fenders: What is the farthest apart you've ever seen a neck and body date? What is the farthest "in the future" neck date that you've ever seen on a body with specs that peg it as being older than the neck? On guitars on...
  8. EsquireOK

    Better Nozzles for ReRanch Cans

    Hello, Before jumping in and trying a few things, I was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations for aftermarket aerosol nozzles that will improve ReRanch cans. I've used ReRanch products for several projects. While I like the lacquer itself, their cans and nozzles are bottom of...
  9. EsquireOK

    '60s Vintage Parstcaster – Affect on Value?

    I was just pondering a question. Please bear with me, as the details require some length to explain. Say you have a mid to late-mid '62 Strat, original custom color Olympic White, really clean condition, but not super hardcore collector condition...but the neck was late '63. The body specs say...
  10. EsquireOK

    Custom Shop Body Stamps

    Hello, I made a slight truss rod tweak to my Custom Shop Esquire today, and saw two punched in stamps that I had forgotten about. They're in the [empty] neck pickup cavity, under the paint: NA ES. Anyone know what these mean? ES used to mean "Entered Special," as in a guitar ordered built by...
  11. EsquireOK

    '68 Custom Princeton Reverb vs. '68 Princeton Reverb

    Hello. I have an all original '68 Princeton Reverb (except for speaker re-cone in the '90s). I came up on this amp, and inherited it when my dad died almost 15 years ago. I'd like to keep it from getting any more beat up, so I was considering a reissue for gigging, and keeping the old one...
  12. EsquireOK

    Extreme Finish Checking – Possibly Caused by Lower End Case?

    Hello, A little over a year ago, I bought a new old stock American Vintage '65 Strat in Shoreline Gold. I got it from my favorite local independent shop, and they had it marked down to $1,300 from the original price of $2,150. Reasons being: 1) It was old stock, on the wall for several years...
  13. EsquireOK

    NTGD, and it's awesome!

    I have been kicking this idea around for a while, and I finally just went for it: Get a Squier Mini, and string it up in A standard using ultra light strings. I used a set of E.B. 8s for my first experiment. It's a little tight for most (but not bad – feels like 11s or 12s on a regular guitar)...
  14. EsquireOK

    "Old" Urethane vs. Current Urethane

    Hello, I've always thought it would be nice to reproduce Mick Ronson's Tele, which to the best of my determination is probably a circa 1969 or so in Lake Placid Blue. (It has a rosewood veneer board with a truss rod plug.) Being that such a guitar's body would have been urethane finished, it...
  15. EsquireOK

    Dartfords Spray Lacquer

    I was considering trying a three stage candy-apple forest green using clear green over Inca Silver. I see that clear green is offered by Dartfords. Do any of you have experience with this brand? Are they slow drying like Deft? Are they a hybrid nitro/acrylic lacquer, or all nitro? Thank you.
  16. EsquireOK

    Specs Changes on New Dragon Teles

    Heya, As mentioned recently in another thread, Fender recently changed the specs on their MIM Dragon Teles. The removal of the two-piece body spec was already discussed here, in a thread that I believe got nuked. However, I also wanted to point something out that I discovered while shopping...
  17. EsquireOK

    Incoming: '64 RI Bound for Projects

    Just snagged this beauty of a 2016 AV '64 RI for a good price. Seems pretty darned sweet and complete. I'm hoping there are no surprises when it shows up. Its body will be stamped and oversprayed in ReRanch Dakota Red sans clear coat, to simulate a Fender factory refin. Then everything from...
  18. EsquireOK

    Anyone Planning On Getting A Page Mirror Tele?

    I was just curious if any of you are GASsing for the Page mirror Tele, like I am. It's basically just a '59/'60 American reissue with a Page signature decal and neck plate. That fact that it's so close to an AVRI is what interests me. All the "Page bits" are hidden from view, or optional...
  19. EsquireOK

    Can someone please explain to me what just went on here?

    Really, I'm genuinely curious what the hell is up with this recent exchange. Did I say something offensive? Despite his weirdness and pushiness throughout, I remained calm and polite, as far as I could tell. I was really interested in this guitar, so I was trying to keep things cool...
  20. EsquireOK

    BF Deluxe Reverb as first kit build – yes/no?

    Hello, Thread title sums it up. I have wanted a BF Deluxe Reverb for a long time. I have also wanted to put together an amp kit for a long time. Are the two wants a good combination? I don't understand electronics beyond simple DC stuff, but I am good at "stuff" (which includes soldering...
  21. EsquireOK

    Marshall "Bluesbreaker" 1962HW vs. 1973X. Which do you prefer?

    The tremolo equipped 2x12 30W combo has been a dream amp of mine since pretty much as long as I can remember. I am leaning toward getting one in the next year or so, maybe two. But part of me thinks that a 30W, large sized, 70+ pound amp is a bit impractical, and probably way too loud, when I...
  22. EsquireOK

    2003 Aerodyne Original Owner. Finally Ready For Mods.

    I have owned an Aerodyne Tele since very soon after the U.S. versions became available back in '03 or '04. Gorgeous guitar, and good sounding bridge pickup. But I have never liked the lack of a pickguard and control plate, and I have never liked the neck pickup. I have hemmed and hawed over the...
  23. EsquireOK

    '54 polystyrene Strat plastics with "modern" shapes.

    Hello, Most of us are aware that Fender has introduced the '54 Pure Vintage accessory kit, which has polystyrene knobs, pickup covers, switch tip, and vibrato arm tip, the "football" shaped switch tip, and the round-holed vinyl back plate. This kit is a repro of the second variant of '54 Strat...
  24. EsquireOK

    When did Fender pickguard bevel angle change?

    I am very curious about exactly when this happened. '68 or so? I'm talking about the change from the old-style shallow bevel angle to the modern standard 45 degree bevel.
  25. EsquireOK

    Unfathomable sales tactics for vintage guitars

    I came across a '64 vintage Fender Jazzmaster for sale, with original hard case. Neck looks legit, and in nice shape. Seller provided pic of pulled neck with Jan. '64 stamp. Body looks stripped down to the Fullerplast, or else totally stripped and re-sprayed clear. Body wood looks nice – a...