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  1. MickM

    Aircraft enthusiests-Private citizen buys 46 F/A 18 Hornets

    Over the years there have been a number of good aircraft threads. When I saw this I thought it might be of interest to some of you. Where else can a private citizen own his own air force? EDIT: Contains much nerd content...
  2. MickM

    FYI Acoustic Baritone Players NFI

    This popped up on my 'puter and thought I'd pass it on. I don't see many baritone acoustics but if they are plentiful excuse my lack of knowledge.
  3. MickM

    Roland White RIP

    A few days ago I posted a picture of brothers Roland and Clarence White and now Roland has joined his brother.
  4. MickM

    Trying to fill a hole in my soul

    I had to have my constant companion of 12yrs. Lily, put to sleep for good this past Friday. I still can't talk about it with friends without my emotions taking over so maybe I'll get some relief by writing this. She was a 90 pound dog and I knew that anything longer than 10 yrs. is borrowed time...
  5. MickM

    Billy Preston and Get Back

    A link to this article popped up out of somewhere on my 'puter today and I figured some of you Beatles guys might like it. I did.
  6. MickM

    Gibson Knowledge needed Please

    Was looking at LP Specials. Custom Shop VOS in TV Yellow. Found 1 marked on the headstock as a "TV Model" (on Reverb) All others are marked as "Special" I've done countless searches for tv model, special tv model etc. Seems that search engines see TV and it's off to tv yellow land. FRUSTRATING...
  7. MickM

    Need Help Identifying Animal Claws

    When my Grandmother's 2nd husband died, all his guns and related things went to my Dad. When he died about 3 1/2 yrs. ago the stuff got kicked down to me. Most of the assorted things were ammo, turkey calls , antique wooden cleaning rods etc. but nothing newer than the 1950's. I've been...
  8. MickM

    Local CL has primo '69 Ampeg Gemini VI

    It's in Palmyra PA which is next to Hershey. Only 4 pics but looks immaculate. Owner wants $650. NFI here, just passing along what looks to be a decent deal.
  9. MickM

    It's that time of year in South Central PA.

    I should have picked a bunch of these weeks ago but got these and still have a good amount that will grow for another month or so. Got some spicy but most are sweet. I'll can/pickle the bananas and freeze what I don't give away.
  10. MickM

    Doo Doo Doo Lookin' out my back door.....

    Nice time of year to be living in my neighborhood.
  11. MickM

    YIKES! Just found this pic.

    I couldn't ID these guys ('cept in the middle) maybe some of you "seasoned" members can.
  12. MickM

    '67 Princeton Reverb priced fair?

    This showed up on my local CL and I never had one. What's the going price-roughly?
  13. MickM

    New to me, Marty Stuart talks about meeting Johnny Cash

    Along with that he tells other good stories about differen't folks that we've all listened to.
  14. MickM

    Anybody else spend time moving snow the last 2 days?

    I have approx. 60' x 60' parking area connecting with about 200 yds. of driveway. Also a couple sidewalks leading to front and back doors. Large part gets done with a 2001 Polaris 4 wheeler with a 4 foot plow blade, no roof, windshield or heat. (boo hoo) I know, suck it up buttercup.Also I...
  15. MickM


    A couple weeks ago I found a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 1956 reissue R6 (P-90s all black/creme). I had been looking at the new '50s Gold tops but after a while they all started looking alike. After missing out on the one that i liked, a couple days later this black one shows up. I didn't dawdle and...
  16. MickM

    The Reverend pre MTV

    One of those "stumbled on" you tubes. Pre- shades, with his Les Paul, Dusty and Frank. Turn it up!
  17. MickM

    Wednesday Distraction-John 5 picks on Les Paul

    Check it out, cool ending.
  18. MickM

    What do I have? Silvertone/Jensen

    My youngest brother gigged this amp,2 prong cord and all for maybe 5 years before parking it 25 yrs. ago. He gave it to me earlier today and I'm not sure I want to pay to have it brought up to snuff or to strip it for the tubes (was re-tubed shortly before parking it) and the speakers. I asked...
  19. MickM

    Brer Terrapin catches a break

    Found this smelly Snapper almost halfway across a two lane road and stopped to offer some assistance. Critter was more interested in biting thru the steel covering on my shovel handle than accepting help. New construction placed the 10 inch high curb that waited if he would've made it that far...
  20. MickM

    The Invention of Twang

    My oh so smart computer keeps trying to figure out what I might like to read and finally got me to click the bait. Pretty good not too long article on the "T" word.
  21. MickM


    This song's been buzzing my head and messing with my everyday mentalisms. Video shows good example of the gear of the day, great musicianship and playing for the song.
  22. MickM

    Stranger at my back door wanting to throw down.

    This guy shows up yesterday morning challenging his reflection and pecking on the glass. Not intimidated at all by me. Time of the year where no hen is safe. Easily goes 25+ pounds.
  23. MickM

    Love this Tone

    What kind of guitar is this?
  24. MickM


    Pretty sure most of you all know that Mark left Tone King to the Premier Builders Guild and started to build Bartel Amps in his Baltimore shop. Right before leaving for the NAMM show he got the new site up and running. I'm not sure but I think the 12 watt 1X12 combo is about $3300 USA Dollars...