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  1. Vizcaster

    Torrefied maple fingerboard - lacquer or oil?

    Building a new neck for a previous scratch-built tele (the subject of my "D-OH" thread). I have some fantastic figured (flame) maple from Roberts Plywood in Deer Park, NY (basically a warehouse sized candy store for woodworkers). However they only had curly maple in 4/4 not 5/4, so it's only...
  2. Vizcaster

    Anyone tried the SKB injection molded flight case? (and a plug for Hiscox)

    I was intrigued by the SKB Injection Molded Acoustic Guitar Case - TSA Latches, with wheels - TAN (3i-4217-18-T) on Amazon and the manufacturer's video clip. Seems like a very bulky but waterproof and durable case - has anyone tried one? Or flown with one? Meanwhile I decided on a Hiscox case...
  3. Vizcaster

    Jet City jca45 "jtm45 STYLE" handwired import

    Has anyone taken a look at the Indiegogo group purchase going on at Jet City Amplification? Like anything else I'm sure I have no need for it - BUT - I always wanted a hand-wired turret-board JTM-45 clone and this one looks promising: KT66 output tubes, tube rectifier, available master volume...
  4. Vizcaster

    Has anyone made their own fret press caul from a Bessey clamp?

    I was trying to work out which size of Bessey clamp might be big enough to drill out the end of the acme thread to use the clamp with Stewmac's fret pressing cauls. I have the one that fits in a drill press, but there are other situations where having it on a hand clamp might help (acoustic...
  5. Vizcaster

    DPDT three position hybrid toggle to jumper an AC15C1?

    Is there such a thing as a DPDT, three-position, with the center ON for one pole and the center OFF for another pole? ON-ON-ON ON-OFF-ON Just got a Vox AC15C1, nice amp, but like everything else it occurs to me there's ways to tinker with it. The amp has two input jacks, one for the...
  6. Vizcaster

    Troubleshooting hum in JCA20HV

    I've been rolling preamp tubes in my new Jet City JCA20HV. After changing back from an ElectroHarmonix 12AT7 in V3 (PI) to the stock 12AX7B China tube, I notice that when I turn up the master (with the preamp gain knob turned down to 2 or 3), there's a loud, low frequency hum that I didn't...
  7. Vizcaster

    spell checker

    Is it my Mac or your forum that wants to say "tune-o-magic" and any number of things except "trussrod" (trusted, for instance)? There are plenty of terms of art that are just escaping the spell checker and should be addressed - it's getting very frustrating to type a post. As you can see, this...
  8. Vizcaster

    DRRI jack on underside of chassis?

    Is it my imagination or is there a jack on the underside of the chassis of my new DRRI (FSR wine red/wheat with an alnico speaker)? Is that some sort of test point or something? It looks for all the world like a 1/4" phone jack. Not on the back, mind you, but deep on the underside of the...
  9. Vizcaster

    Deal alert on Gibsons

    Seems they've redesigned some models for 2014 so I just got a January flyer from GC. They're blowing out 2013 Les Paul Standards for $2K (the 2014 models are going to be 2,700) and the Traditionals and SG Standards are going even cheaper. Take a look if you're interested. 'Cause your Teles...
  10. Vizcaster

    Anyone tried Stew Mac "Chip Stoppers" ?

    Have any of our re-fret gurus (Rob?) or DIY jig mavens (Jack?) tried these slotted feeler gauges from Stew Mac which are supposed to help reduce chip-out when pulling the old frets?,_nippers,_sizing/Chip_Stoppers.html
  11. Vizcaster

    Yamaha FG730S quality on a budget

    Just picked up one of these relatively inexpensive guitars for my kids to learn on so they don't get their hands on my Guild, Martin, or Taylor (actually it was my wife's idea, - I'm lucky, no?). I have to say I'm impressed with the build quality, sound, and playability of the Yamaha FG730S...
  12. Vizcaster

    Marshall DSL15H mods

    Loving the new lunchbox head from Marshall. But it has way too much gain. Rolling tubes helps, but will affect both the green and red channels. The most drastic was a 12AU7 in v1 which brings down to a crunchy clean on the red channel but makes the green channel unuseably low powered. Some...
  13. Vizcaster

    Marshall DSL-15h

    Loving the new Marshall DSL-15H. Based on the Dual Super Lead with a nice clean, clean channel and a hairy dirty channel. Clean channel has so much headroom that a tubescreamer doesn't even push it very much (it does, though). There are separate gain and volume knobs for both channels, and on...
  14. Vizcaster

    Home brewed nut lube

    I know, it's probably a lot like making your own beer - with so many good brands out there there's no legitimate reason to do it yourself. Except that you can. Something tells me the folks here on this forum can appreciate that mentality. So here's the recipe. I took some powdered Teflon...
  15. Vizcaster

    D-OH! trying to learn from my mistakes

    How about a "first time scratch build" thread, but I thought I'd highlight the mistakes! I haven't learned from them, but maybe you guys can. Of course if you can hit me with some "well I woulda done it thisaway" then of course that might help all of us, too. A lot of tdpri members start...
  16. Vizcaster

    Serial number stamp size

    What size number die stamps do you folks use for a serial number on a vintage style Fender Pat Pend bridge plate? and how far do you space the numbers under the "PAT PEND"? BTW for a nickel or chrome plated bridge plates, I went to a jewelry repair store in the shopping mall and they...
  17. Vizcaster

    How do you locate a body-mounted neck pickup?

    Ok so you have a regular Tele neck pickup with a metal cover, a couple of really skinny flathead tapered wood screws and surgical tubing spacers for mounting it to the body, and a vintage style (Bakelite) pickguard. How do you locate the mounting holes in the bottom of the pickup cavity when...
  18. Vizcaster

    Fender bridge - available in nickel?

    I ordered a Fender vintage 3-saddle bridge from GPR and they described part no. 099-0806-100 as nickel plated. However the package I received says "CHR" and the part looks like blue chrome instead of warmer nickel color. Are you members here aware of any Fender branded vintage 3-saddle...
  19. Vizcaster

    MXR Distortion + starting to sound like a FuzzFace

    My block-logo MXR Distortion + (circa 1980) is starting to act up after all these years. Long ago I replaced the IC with one from Radio Shack (Texas Instruments IRRC) using a socket instead of soldering the new chip. Inadvertently fried it by plugging in about 18V AC to the power tap, but...
  20. Vizcaster

    Has anyone Plekked a compound radius neck?

    I'm in the planning stages for a blackguard build and I'm tempted to order up a neck from USACG with a compound radius. I like the feel of chords on the '52 AVRI and other 7-/14" necks but I don't want bent notes to fret out. One of my guitars, perhaps by fate, already has a 7-1/4" to about...
  21. Vizcaster

    Source for no load mini pots

    I have three knobs on my tele control plate: volume, tone, and a Fishman Power chip (onboard preamp that blends magnetic and piezo signals). That means there's only room for mini pots underneath. I'm thinking of changing to a no-load, 250K, audio taper, mini pot for the tone control to...
  22. Vizcaster

    Trem arms and gig bags

    I know the owner's manual says to remove the trem arm before putting a Strat into her case, but what about those of you who use soft gig bags - do you remove the trem arm before carrying your Strat in a gig bag - and have any of you had catastrophic problems if you don't?
  23. Vizcaster

    Highway One Bridge is Crooked

    I noticed that the trem on my '07 Highway One Strat ('06 upgrade) is mounted slightly askew. The bass side of the bridge is closer to the neck, so from the back the treble side of the trem block is closer to the back wall of the trem cavity - makes it tricky to fit a temporary block for setups...
  24. Vizcaster

    Trem Arm thread pitch for Hwy One Strat?

    Guitar Center couldn't find the correct accessory kit for my Highway One Strat (Sept 07 manufacture, so it has the '06 upgrade), so it's anybody's guess if I have the right trem arm. Fender passed the buck to the store insisting that the axe had the right goodie bag when it left the factory...

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