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  1. middy

    Let Western Electric know you want them to make guitar amp tubes in the USA I wrote in EL34 in the comments.
  2. middy

    iPhone CPU Usage

    Whenever I’m browsing TDPRI anymore, my phone heats up and battery drains rapidly. I’ve closed all other tabs and all other apps and this happens consistently.
  3. middy

    Ski Pants

    For the retired, the stay at home parent, the unemployed, the workers from home, any of us who prefer to spend our day in sweatpants, who live in Wisconsin or any other place with a Siberian style winter, I present to you the humble ski pants. Simply don the ski pants over your sweats and you...
  4. middy


    There is so much talk about scales and chords, arpeggios and music theory, but IMO rhythm is more important, whether you’re playing chords or doing lead work. If you’re dragging or rushing the beat too much, or someone would need lots of 32nd note ties and quintuplets to attempt to transcribe...
  5. middy

    Come on Fender

    All I want is a hardtail, 70's style reissue with humbuckers. I think they woud sell a ton of these! Who’s with me? Screen Shot 2018-02-20 At 6.33.52 PM by middy posted Feb 20, 2018 at 6:42 PM
  6. middy

    4-way Switch with 3 Pickups

    Would it be possible to wire a 4-way switch to a tele with 3 pickups in this way? 1: bridge pickup 2: middle pickup 3: bridge + neck pickup 4: neck pickup What would the wiring look like?
  7. middy

    Blown preamp tubes?

    I was checking out a peavey delta blues 115 combo at the local pawn shop. It powered up, but no sound came out. Looking at the tubes, I noticed that only one of the small tubes was glowing. The other two small tubes were dark and appeared to have a whitish residue on the inside. My question...
  8. middy

    The next song on your random playlist...

    Post the next song in the random queue on whatever device/application you use to play your digital music files. No cheating allowed :wink:. Post the song, no matter how dorky you think it is. :lol: I'll start: The Kinks - Here Come The People In Grey
  9. middy

    Confessions of a Thread Killer

    It seems like a lot of threads die with my posts. Here's me with a shiny new thread: jCyaXh-VZco
  10. middy

    Top 10 Jazz Standards

    I haven't played with a jazz combo for twenty years, and I haven't played any real jazz since then. I've decided to dabble in it once again, but I don't remember any of the songs we did, so I grabbed the iReal book app off the iTunes store (great app by the way, except there's no melody notation...
  11. middy

    Your Wednesday Talking Dog Video

  12. middy

    Starting a business?

    As I was looking into building my own open back 212 cab, I got to thinking, maybe I could make a living selling these things. My product would be 1/2 inch birch ply, dado construction, finished with truck bed liner, top handle, plastic stacking corners, 2 jacks in parallel, simple round grilles...
  13. middy

    Re-Capping Newer Amps

    I know a fair bit about guitars, but next to nothing about amps and "real" electronics, so bear with me for what may be a stupid question. I've googled a bit about it, but this seems like one of those "black arts" subjects where those who need to know already know... you know? :lol: I know...
  14. middy

    Push-Pull to Add Neck & Bridge Pickups on Strat

    I'm trying to wire a push-pull tone pot into my strat which will always add the neck and the bridge pickups in parallel to whatever is selected on the switch. I use a 3-way strat switch. The switch function would be normal with the pot down: Bridge Middle Neck With the pot pulled...
  15. middy

    Do P90s Fit in a WRHB route?

  16. middy

    Mic'ing a small amp for performance

    I'm not sure which forum this thread is most appropriate for. Mods please relocate as necessary. The way I see it, there are a few problems inherent in the way guitarists have to set up their amps and effects: Time based effects sound much better if they can be placed after distortion...
  17. middy

    Look what fell into my lap

    So, I'm hanging out having a few drinks after dinner with my girlfriend when her little brother calls and asks to talk to me. "Hey man, are Supro amps worth anything?" "Uh, yeah, probably. Bring it over." He lives next door, so 5 minutes later he walks in carrying a minty Supro "Super"...
  18. middy

    Shooting in my town

    NPR Story I drive past this area all the time. I was pretty worried about a friend of mine who's a McKinney police officer until I spoke to a mutual friend of ours on the phone. No police officers were injured, thank goodness. :shock:
  19. middy

    Two single-coil pickup strats

    Anyone have one? I was thinking a pair of DiMarzio Area noiseless pickups, 3-way tele switch.
  20. middy

    series/split/parallel with a tele 3-way switch?

    Say you had a tele with a single humbucker... is it possible to wire the 3-way switch to let you switch between series/split-coil/parallel like you can with a DPDT on/on/on switch?
  21. middy

    My Funky Doodles

    A few song (fragments) I put together with my Boss Micro BR. Drum machine, and I laid down the bass track and two or three guitar tracks for each. Fender Highway 1 Precision Bass (with DiMarzio Model P wired straight to output jack) and Godin LG P90. Forgot to set the input levels on a...