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  1. kuvash


    For the umpteenth time This Is Spinal Tap is on and after a short time I just have to move along and find something else to watch or even nothing at all. Will I go to he'll for this I wonder?
  2. kuvash

    Finnan Haddie

    Going over to my son's for dinner he's making Finnan Haddie
  3. kuvash


    Yup,new underwear day and I think it improved my playing.
  4. kuvash

    Orange 20RT

    Anyone on the forum had any experience with these amps?Please no lectures about tube amps. After all I left the Northwest to move to California 28 years ago and last week I even had liver and onions.
  5. kuvash

    Liver and Onions

    Preferred method for preparing both?
  6. kuvash

    Aha,that explains it.

    Someone must have hacked my amp that is why I sound like crap.
  7. kuvash


    Yes or no??As in the vegetable not the state of Okrahoma.Every now and then I find something that I had previously written off and wonder if I should give it another try.
  8. kuvash

    Pinstripe....leave guitar?

    Would you leave a guitar for a few days to be pinstriped?
  9. kuvash

    JA90 Thinline

    Has anyone here ever bought one of these and actually kept and played it?I mean they have been in production for 10 years and continued to.go up in price so someone must be buying them.
  10. kuvash

    Ok,where is he?

    I'm speaking of Mr.Blowtorch
  11. kuvash

    Jamie O'Hara RIP

    Some affect me personally much more than others here is one
  12. kuvash

    Songwriting Guitar

    Do those of you that dabble in songwriting have a go to guitar that you use most of the time to start with? If this subject has been worked to death a!ready please forgive me and just disregard.
  13. kuvash


    Cabbage and Black eyed Peas on New Years day.. .
  14. kuvash

    African Queen

    One more time through...not sure why...what the heck.
  15. kuvash

    Awkward Gifts

    When well meant and given out of kindness or with love but it's not something you need,want or would buy for yourself how do you guys handle it?I don't mean to be ungreatfull or sound unappreciative.
  16. kuvash


    Hey we haven't talked about this yet ...hate it like it love it?
  17. kuvash


  18. kuvash

    Shrimp,Crab or Lobster?

    Shrimp,Crab or Lobster preference one more than the others or all?
  19. kuvash

    Orange Rum Cake

    Ever enjoyed one?
  20. kuvash

    One Book

    One that readily comes to.mind for me Sometimes A Great Notion
  21. kuvash

    Favorite Steinbeck Novel

    You can name more than one...
  22. kuvash

    Jones vs Tyson

    Jones vs Tyson......well?
  23. kuvash

    I Broke Free

    This time no turkey not even ham I made what I wanted,a meatloaf and whatever sides sounded good.So will I be going to jail now?
  24. kuvash

    Dear John

    Now that I have your attention some time back you mentioned your bike lift table.Perhaps a Harbor Freight model pros and cons please.
  25. kuvash

    Cold Remedy

    Orange juice and devils food or chocolate cake right?