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  1. Veltek

    New tubes needed?

    My Mesa Boogie is like 5 years old now, but pretty lightly used/played. But It is popping/clicking when it warms up. And when it is turned off/cooled down. Also if I don't let it warm up enough between using it and playing it, it will power off and back on (by itself) momentarily, then continue...
  2. Veltek

    Mesa Boogie Mark V:90w

    Hey ya'll Just got a quick question. I have a 90w Mesa boogie combo, that I converted into a head. I have not played it in a while, and recently have plugged it back in. For some reason when I turn it on, after about 10 minutes of playing, it will power off, then back on very quickly. After...
  3. Veltek

    Egnater Tweaker 88

    Just ordered a new Tweaker 88 off Sweetwater for $450. That's literally cheaper than they are currently selling the 40w version for. I've always wanted to try a tweaker but have not had the means. Figured at $450 I don't have a lot to lose. Anyone got experience with this line of amps or the...
  4. Veltek

    Blues Deluxe III vs Hot Rod Deluxe IV

    The Blues Deluxe was so vastly popular due to its marginally improved gain channel over the HRDIII. But I am curious, with the new HRDIV, and its pre-amp and reverb improvments, which is the better buy for a gigging musician who wants to use the BD or HRD as a pedal platform to take to bars...
  5. Veltek

    NGD, My first Tele

    I think this is the right spot for this post, but! I got my first Tele! I've been part of this community for over a year now, but I finally belong haha. Its A candy apple red American Professional with a maple neck. I really love how this guitar feels and plays. I dont understand what people...
  6. Veltek

    2018 Les Paul Jr vs Faded

    Historically the Les Paul Jr has been the 'entry level' Gibson. So why in the heck is it $1500 this year? The Faded has 2 pick ups, and has a tunomatic bridge and is $600 cheaper. Am I totally missing something, or is Gibson banking on the 'historic' value of the les paul JR to sell it?
  7. Veltek

    Just tried a P90 guitar

    Just got my first P90 equipped guitar. I absolutely love the versatility! 3-ish gives you an acoustic like sound 5-6.5 gives you a nice clean sound 8 starts getting dirty 10 is absolutely heavy and nasty (in a good way) Why are p90's not more popular?
  8. Veltek

    Amp in a box Pedals

    So i've often wondered on these 'amp in a box' pedals, how they can really re-create the sound of an amp, when the signal is further flavored by the pre-amp section of whichever amp you are putting it into. So I was wondering has anyone ever tried putting one of these amp in a box pedals into...
  9. Veltek

    Another Tube watt vs SS watt discussion!

    Okay so before you all lay into me "A Watt is a Watt" I know that, hah. I am just curious (for no other reason than to just be curious) If I had a 100 watt tube head, and wanted an equally 'loud',with the same amount of clean headroom, SS back up, about how many watts do you think that would...
  10. Veltek

    Hallowed out combo into speaker cabinet? Could I load this thing up with 4 good speakers and it sound okay? Or is the cutout for the amp controls going to make it sound off? Not necessarily buying this guy's listing. Just a thought that crossed my mind as I...
  11. Veltek

    Modes and tips on how to use them?

    So, I am trying to utilize modal playing when i solo over chords. But I am a little confused on the application. So lets say I play.... a II V I progression in G major. Which would be Am7 D7 and GMaj7 Would I... 1. use any of the Modes that fit G major (G Ionion, A Dorian, F# Locrian, B...
  12. Veltek

    Boss Katana Mini Owners Club

    Soooo these have not released yet, but just been announced. I am gonna pick one up as soon as they release most likely. Who else plans to get one?
  13. Veltek

    Dumble - An Unpopular Opinion

    I know I will probably get a lot of grief for this... but I just dont get it! My Disclaimer is that I've never heard a dumble in person. I've heard youtube clips and a few high fidelity audio files through decent headphones. But never in person. The Dumble sounds good, heck it sounds pretty...
  14. Veltek

    Pignose VS Fly 3?

    Curious if anyone has experience with both of these amps? I have a Pignose and I love it for gainy sounds. So much so I plug the pre-amp section into the receiving end of my 200 watt Quilter toneblock's FX loop, to get some thick marshally sounds. I also know the Fly 3 is very highly regarded...
  15. Veltek

    Digital Reverb vs No Reverb

    So, I noticed lately that in my cork sniffery of guitar amps.... If a tube based amplifier (Peavey Mini head series...Bassbreaker 15) has a digital reverb, I automatically become a lot less interested in the amplifier. To me i just kind of feel like if I am getting a tube amp, I want an...
  16. Veltek

    Any Sleeper amps?

    So I went out to my local big box shop today. I'm sure most of you know the one. And played the EVH 5150III amp. Even though it has a stigma for super high gain and those kinds of heavy sounds. I found it had an AMAZING crunchy blues sound and some pretty sweet cleans. Have you guys ever...
  17. Veltek

    '92 MIK strat. Good deal?

    Some one local is selling a red MIK strat that's say unplayed for 20+years. Asking $100 assuming the neck is not warpped from heat or humidity issues. Is this a good deal of these guitars?
  18. Veltek

    What are your favorite speakers?

    I just bought a Mesa Boogie Traditional Rectifier with 4 V30's in it. I've tested it with my Toneblock 201 by quilter and my Blues JR. it sounds GREAT and meaty on both. but especially the Blues JR. The blues JR is the tweed one with the Jensen speaker, which ive never had a problem with. For...
  19. Veltek

    Strat belly cut differences

    So, I have gotten a MII strat, a MIM and a MIA The belly cut on the MIA and MII seem really thin compared the the MIM. Is there just a lot of difference in tolerance between each strat? or are MIM starts typically thicker at the belly cut?
  20. Veltek

    Question about Cranking Boss Katana

    So I cranked my Boss Katana 100 watt yesterday I put on hearing protection because its flipping loud. Feel it in your chest loud. Vibrate things off the shelves loud. But I noticed when I went to turn it off, i smelt like burnt plastic, or maybe glue? Is this normal for a new, mass produced...
  21. Veltek

    Practical way to tell when to replace tubes?

    I have a Blues JR. Lately I dont love the gain sound when i crank the volume. not sure if my taste has changed, or if my tubes are going bad. I've had it for 2 years and its gotten quite a bit of play, so thats why its my first consideration. Does this sound like tube wear to you? if so is it...
  22. Veltek

    Tele vs Strat question

    Okay okay, so the title may be a tiny little bit click baity But when I was buying my second guitar (first being a ES-335) I was deciding between the Tele and the Strat, and I had my heart pretty much set on a Tele, but the sales rep talked me into a strat. Said I would get more versatility out...
  23. Veltek

    Changing the Pups on my MIM strat

    So, my Mim strat sounds REALLY treble and thin. I've always thought this. So I was considering getting some new pickups. My MIA strat has some great sounding pickups, and is SSS, so I was thinking taking my MIM SSS strat and turning it into a HSS while I was at it. Thinking of getting a Pearly...
  24. Veltek

    Mesa Boogie - Mark V Voicing?

    So I know the Mark V is pretty much based off the rest of the mark Series. But I was curious what 'vintage' amp is each channel voiced after? in the 10 watt (bedroom) setting on the clean channel, with the mids scooped out a bit, treble up to 2:30 and the bass up to about 1. Fat and bold...
  25. Veltek

    Drums for a beginner?

    First I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area. I hastily looked for a Drummer section in the forum and thought this was a good place to start. I am mainly a guitarist, and a hobbyist in other instruments (currently learning violin, have played Oboe, Piano, and a few other instruments)...

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