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  1. waparker4

    Your favorite mini tuner pedal and why?

    Your favorite mini tuner and why? I have the Hotone, I enjoy the volume control/boost option, but I'm finding it doesn't track as fast as my Boss TU-3. Interested in another mini that is sensitive enough (i.e. picks up on soft picking easily) and responds quickly and is accurate. The Polytune...
  2. waparker4

    It's official, we won't be living on Mars "Transforming the inhospitable Martian environment into a place astronauts could explore without life support is not possible without technology well beyond today’s capabilities." Sounds like we better figure something else...
  3. waparker4

    Naïve question about Fender reverb footswitch

    Could one wire a potentiometer (variable resistor/"no-load") across the reverb footswitch jack and have an external reverb control? Would be a cool pedalboard option ...
  4. waparker4

    JHS Milkman? Any other boost/delays?

    Good sounding simple little pedal. Does anybody know of any other pedals out there featuring an independently switchable clean boost/light overdrive and delay? I'm always trying to cram the most into my board, but I recently went from a chorus+delay to just a chorus. Was using that delay as...
  5. waparker4

    eBay - is this fraudulent?

    I'm looking at an item on eBay. The listing says "I'm listing this for a friend. When the auction is up you will contact him for shipment details. I am not responsible for anything after the auction." I want this item but no way am I bidding on this one. Do you think this is a fraudulent...
  6. waparker4

    NGD - cheapcaster all assembled

    Finally slapped this partscaster together. Every part was procured by waiting until some great deal came along. Took about a year in total. Body - Top-loading spruce body finished by a TDPRI member and sold on classifieds here (thanks!) Neck - Allparts sold used, finished, with solid vintage...
  7. waparker4

    New Font?

    Does the TDPRI have a new font / family of fonts? (Newer than a year ago I guess :lol: ) A very subtle change? Or am I just seeing things? anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  8. waparker4

    TC Hall of Fame Toneprint Club

    So, a bit of an owner's club with a twist -- What toneprints are you favoring with your TC Hall of Fame? I'm using a HOF mini, so I guess the selection is different, but right now I'm satisfied with the "PhilosoVerb". It is an attempt at the Phil Spector "Wall of Sound" reverb chamber sound...
  9. waparker4

    Misheard lyrics, where the band itself has it wrong ...

    I'm learning Pink Floyd's "Fearless" for a tribute gig (actually it's tonight).. the band and I had a disagreement about the lyrics of the first line of the song. The disagreement is now resolved... but here goes. The first line is "You say the hill's too steep to climb, chiding". Others...
  10. waparker4

    Gotoh vs. Fender control plate Re: 4-way switch

    Has anybody ever compared the Gotoh vs Fender chrome control plates, as it pertains to accomodating the full throw of an Oak Grigsby 4-way switch? Does one allow the switch full excursion? Thanks in advance. PS. I know I can file the slot or the switch and I will if need be
  11. waparker4

    Anybody used these ebay necks?

    I'm searching for feedback about these necks I find on eBay. They are the closest neck under $200 that meets the specs I want - 1-11/16" nut width, thicker than "thin" C but not a full 1" thick, 21 frets, and a headstock that's not too bulbous. I'm fine with doing some finishing fret work and...
  12. waparker4

    Eels from overturned truck slime cars on Oregon highway :eek::eek::eek: :confused::confused::confused: Discuss.
  13. waparker4

    Put some discrete MOJO in your OD250 clone...

    With the Evil Mad Scientist Labs XL741 Discrete Op-Amp Kit (no affil ... :D) I just found this on google, and it is hilarious! The best part is when you get to the dimensions.. PCB: 133mm x 80mm x 2.5mm / 5.2" x 3.2" x 0.1"...
  14. waparker4

    Can't see any posts on a thread

    Is this thread locked or deleted? Because it appears in "Recent posts" and has for at least an hour, but I can't see any content
  15. waparker4

    Where to buy a laptop?

    I need a new laptop to record demos, do work, etc. I don't need the current best hardware, but need at least 8 GB RAM to do my "work" work, and it needs to run a USB 2.0 Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 stably. A solid state hard drive would be a bonus but not necessary. I don't need touch screens or...
  16. waparker4

    Wishlist in a tuner pedal?

    Tuner pedals are usually not simply just a tuner in a pedal. They have other features which distinguish them. What would you want in the perfect tuner pedal? Some features from various pedals on the market: 1- True bypass / Buffered output / switchable between the two 2- Two outputs, one...
  17. waparker4

    Wishing I needed a new bass today... MF SDOTD alert Squier Deluxe Dimension Bass IV Maple Fingerboard Electric Bass Guitar Transparent Crimson Red for $175 :eek: Too bad I already own a perfectly fine bass! :cry: :p
  18. waparker4

    Pickguard for 5-1/4" rosette?

    I have a new to me Jumbo Alvarez acoustic - AJ60SC - with a bubbling and nasty pickguard. The diameter of the rosette is 5-1/4" inches and the aftermarket pickguards I'm seeing are around 4-1/2". Does anybody know of a stick-on pickguard where the soundhole cut out is of this diameter? Thanks...
  19. waparker4

    OriGlam on board preamps?

    I need a new onboard preamp in my acoustic, and I was wondering if anybody has used this one. It appears to be a knock-off or an unlabeled version of a Fishman unit...
  20. waparker4

    Time to switch up my overdrive pedal.

    I have realized over the years that the search for an overdrive pedal never ends (for me). I just have a pedal that works for a few weeks or months and then I am tired of the pedal. I switch to a new one that contrasts with the old one in the specific sonic territory that I am interested in, and...
  21. waparker4

    Wiring a vintage hanging lamp

    My expensive guitar tomfoolery has finally paid off. I used the skills I have honed here on TDPRI wiring switches and so forth to repair this vintage lamp. The socket had arced over and the lamp was dead. I had to extricate the socket and rebuild the lamp with a new porcelain socket, new wire...
  22. waparker4

    Affordable mixer/interface experiences?

    I am looking for a new mixer for recording band rehearsals in my basement. 6-8 mic inputs would be excellent although 4 plus a few lines would do. (e.g. 4 vocalists, a kick mic, an overhead mic, plus line in for stereo keys, bass amp, gtr amp) I want a USB output to my DAW to record separate...
  23. waparker4

    Solo Acoustic wedding music?

    I am playing the processional at a wedding in a few weeks. And then another one in October. What songs should I learn? I can play fingerstyle at a moderate ability level. Thanks!
  24. waparker4

    Finally happy with a compressor

    Boss CS-3 with Humphrey Audio Atom Smasher mod. This one was made in Japan. I got the ultimate compliment last night on my compressor pedal used with my Godin Session (HSS strat).. "What is that a compressor on there?" "Yeah" "It sounds awesome, it makes it sound like a hollowbody"...
  25. waparker4

    What length instrument cable do you use?

    For those who play or perform standing with a pedal board at the your feet, how long of an instrument cable do you use? Personally, 10 feet is too short for me, I need to be able to move around stage a little bit. If you plug straight into the amp, you'd need a longer cable, so I'd appreciate...