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  1. Veltek

    Pignose Amp Owners Club

    I have a 'leather pignose'. I was curious if the other variations have any differences outside of aesthetics.
  2. Veltek

    Fender Blues Junior IV and LTD – is the amp different?

    There is a Tweed LTD fender that is still based on the III, there is the IV, then sweet water has a sweetwater exlusive tweed with a different speaker that is based on the IV
  3. Veltek

    Boogie Lovers: Mark V 90W Combo vs Lone Star Special Combo

    Mark Vcan do 95% of what the lonestar can do. The lonestar can do 10% of what the Mark V can do. If what you want is mostly clean and blues. Either of them will do a great job. but the Mark V can do so much more.
  4. Veltek

    Why aren't big amps more popular?

    In general there isn't a need for 'big amps' You can go to a stadium with a Princeton and be fine. Most places have PA systems. Usually can't turn up a 100w amp, and theres no point in using that much power to have it attenuated out.
  5. Veltek

    Quilter Amp Club

    It's not for everyone man. I am glad you found something you like and enjoy though. I've been pretty saddened to see a lot of quilters main line stuff go from MIA to MIC. I won't be buying anything else from them.
  6. Veltek

    Peavey Bandit 112: Teal Stripe or Silver Stripe?

    N Nice! so you side stepped the Bandit all together?
  7. Veltek

    Peavey Bandit 112: Teal Stripe or Silver Stripe?

    So, resurrecting a dead thread :D what did you decide on?
  8. Veltek

    Mesa Mark V cab - what amp chassis might fit?

    No worries. Sorry I did not come across this sooner.
  9. Veltek

    Mesa Mark V cab - what amp chassis might fit?

    I have this exact amp without the amp in it. (Bought the combo and converted into a head) I can measure the dimensions for you if you like? Assuming you are still looking into it.
  10. Veltek

    Quilter Amp Club

    I did a 2x12 siesmic empty cab and filled it w/ 2 16ohm Cannibis Rex speakers. Super smooth and clean and warm sounding with my toneblock. I usually keep the Master at around 5-20 and keep my gain about 40-60% depending on which neighbors are home. Glad you are happy with your setup!
  11. Veltek

    Quilter Amp Club

    How'd it go? I've ran it through a 2x12 and 4x12 at the same time. It sounds HUGE!
  12. Veltek

    New bike tires!

    This really makes me want to buy a bike. The last bike I got though was a a 6 speed 130USD bike from Academy sporting goods and I felt like I was going to die unless I was going downhill. Not sure if I am just extremely out of shape and fat (I am) Or just a cruddy bike Or both.
  13. Veltek

    All my amps together for the first time in 8 years!

    Whats the Kustom amp? is it a SS beginer one? like a 5 or 10 watter?
  14. Veltek

    New tubes needed?

    Ill get the canned air and contact cleaner after it.
  15. Veltek

    New tubes needed?

    Yeah, so If I let it warm up for about 5 minutes, It wont power off and back on. But the tubes will still kinda pop, crackle and klink when i turn it off for like 5 minutes, in random intervals. I don't notice anything redplating back there. its just crazy. Otherwise still sounds good. no bad...
  16. Veltek

    New tubes needed?

    My Mesa Boogie is like 5 years old now, but pretty lightly used/played. But It is popping/clicking when it warms up. And when it is turned off/cooled down. Also if I don't let it warm up enough between using it and playing it, it will power off and back on (by itself) momentarily, then continue...
  17. Veltek

    Am I Wrongly Ignoring My Bridge Pickup?

    I have not read the other responses, but! You GOT to use your tone pot. I like to run my Tele bridge volume at "8"ish and the tone at like 6-7.5ish. Also the tele bridge is wonderful with just a bit of dirt!
  18. Veltek

    Should A Home Studio Stick To Windows Or Mac?

    Honestly, both will get the job done. I prefer Windows (not that I am any kind of professional.) I am just used to windows, I game, and plan on streaming, and I can meet all my needs on one computer. However, if the environment you are used to and like is on Mac, or Ubuntu, go with that. All...
  19. Veltek


    I was referring to using a head and extension cab on the 7w model. Something like a Greenback or a Vintage 30. Its killer. The "celestion" speakers they are using in the Bassbreaker combo and cabs are ( I believe, not 100% sure on this) a special collaboration of Fender and Celestion out of one...
  20. Veltek


    It is a pretty cool amp. It has its quarks though. Build Quality is not always great. Board mounted tube sockets. the Gain structures are not foot switchable, and there is a large volume jump/disparity between them. So its not really a channel switching amp, as much as a "I prefer this sound"...
  21. Veltek


    To my knowledge, the only solid state/digital components to the amp should be the Rectifier and the reverb.
  22. Veltek

    Blues Junior Tweed or Black version 4

    Some popular choices for the Blues Jr IIIs, that probably translates to the IV's would be Texas Heat, Swamp Thang, Vintage V30, Cannibis Rex (my personal fave) Jensen CK12(thats the tweed speaker I think), Celestion Creamback. Just make sure your ohm-age is right. You can also try to buy your...
  23. Veltek

    Blues Junior Tweed or Black version 4

    Was not out when this post was made. I guess they have released it since. Can't comment though. I'm sure its just a speaker and tolex change again.
  24. Veltek

    Mesa California Tweed, NAD

    Not to many high end shops a round here. Gotta drive 30 minutes just to get to a GC. I am not in the market for one. I just want to see my TDPRI friends enjoying their new toys :).
  25. Veltek


    Well, I would say, in general, unless you are doing your banking in starbucks or the airport, you are probably okay. But if you really want to be safe, my Fave VPN is Mullard.