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  1. Telecastoff1

    NAD: Peavey Bandit 65

    I know much has been said about the Peavey Bandit 65 over the years.....some good, some bad. I picked one up off CL a week or so ago, for a price cheaper than a used lawn chair. In all my years of playing, I've seen and heard them many times, but never had a yearn for one. I've always been very...
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    Would You Buy This Twin?

    I found this on CL this morning. Just about everything about this ad seems wrong. Would you buy this? Not me!
  3. Telecastoff1

    NAD: 1964 Fender Super Reverb

    I just bought a pretty nice 1964 Super Reverb from an old friend of mine. It's totally stock, with the exception of the tubes that were replaced years ago. The 6L6's are SED Winged C's. The rectifier and pre-amp tubes are all Raytheon. Stock Jensen speakers. It still has the two-pronger yet and...
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    My 2003 GMC Yukon Just Turned Over 300,000 Miles

    My 2003 GMC Yukon just turned over 300,000 miles. It has the 5.3L engine that has never been touched except for spark plugs and wires. Regular maintenance has always performed like clock-work ever since I bought it. It runs like new and doesn't leak anything. it's the best vehicle I have ever...
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    Gary Allan..One of the most under-rated Country Singers ever! I have never heard a bad song from this man! And, he's just a great guy!
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    Russian 6N3C Tubes

    A friend gave me a pair of "new" Russian 6N3C Tubes. According to him, these are supposed to be the Russian equivalent to the 6L6GC family of tubes. He bought them online, but was unsure about using them, so he gave them to me. I looked online to see what information is out there on these, and...
  7. Telecastoff1

    Acoustasonic 90 Power Light Flashes-No Sound

    A friend gave me a Fender Acoustasonic 90 Amp this morning that tries to power up, but won't fully. The power light flashes a steady on-off, but no sound whatsoever from it. No smoke or signs of burnt components. He had the amp to a local tech, who checked it out and thought the power supply...
  8. Telecastoff1

    Plugging Straight in to a Vibrolux Reverb Amp

    How many of you are plugging your Teles straight in to your Vibrolux Reverb amps (not re-issue or custom)? I just cannot get a full, big sound out of mine. It sounds "meh" to me. Mine is a '79 SF that's been "black-faced" to '65 specs. New tubes, caps...the works. Even the speakers are...
  9. Telecastoff1

    Martin DM Oil or Grease Blotches

    I have a '99 Martin DM with a factory satin finish. I regrettably loaned this guitar out to a "friend" to record with for a month. It was in very nice shape when I loaned it to him. But, when I got it back, the top's finish has several blotchy oil or grease spots all over the top that I can't...
  10. Telecastoff1

    Fender Twin AC Receptacle

    Does anyone know what year Fender changed the AC receptacle at the rear of a Fender Twin Reverb from an ungrounded two-wire to a grounded three-wire?
  11. Telecastoff1

    1983 Fender Showman 210 Solid State Combo Amp

    I bought one of these recently and got it at a sweet low price. It's in remarkably good condition for its age. I really wasn't expecting too much from it, but was happily surprised to hear how nice it sounds. It has a real wood cab and heavier than usual wooden back panels. It's very well built...
  12. Telecastoff1

    Yamaha G50-112 II

    I have a Solid State Yamaha G50-112 II guitar amp that started making a "Whooshing" noise that gets louder as the volume goes up. It does this on both channels. I pulled the chassis out of the cab. Cleaned the pots and jacks. Looked for obvious burnt components, but everything appeared normal...
  13. Telecastoff1

    Help with SF Twin Reverb Year Identification

    A couple of years back, I purchased a SFTR that had been converted to a head unit. The guy I bought it from didn't know anything about the history of the amp except that he purchased it from the guy who had turned it into a head unit. I've gigged the amp a few times after a complete tube change...
  14. Telecastoff1

    Peavey Nashville 400

    "It's important to look at the intent of the amp designer...and what background he/they have...before pulling the trigger on something that could be a boat anchor (honestly, a Peavey Nashville with a Black Widow is IMO one of the most harsh-sounding "clean tone" amps for 6-string guitar ever...
  15. Telecastoff1

    What speaker sounds best in Deluxe Reverb?

    I put a Peavey Scorpion Plus in my Deluxe and found it to be an excellent speaker for this amp. The Scorpion Plus has a considerably larger magnet than the standard Scorpion, but not as huge as the Scorpion Ultra. I find the amp has a much better, over-all "evenness" to it now. Much nicer bass...