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  1. Steve 78

    Devin Townsend

    My wife has been a fan forever and she converted me a while back. We saw him live a few years ago (with Meshuggah!) - great show. Here's a great interview with him on That Pedal Show. He plays Dan's CS 52 Tele through his magic boxes and sounds....exactly like Devin Townsend :lol:. Very down to...
  2. Steve 78

    Is this crazy? Has it been done?

    Build or mod a guitar to have 2 pickups, each wired to a separate output jack. Connect each jack to a separate amp - one clean, one with dirt. Use guitar switching and/or volume to go between clean and dirt.
  3. Steve 78

    Songs which remind you of the Beatles

    Influence, rip-off, homage. I'm not really interested in debating it. Here are a few songs which remind me of the Beatles. What are yours? Because, boredom. Ronnie James Dio - Love is All Pink Floyd - Point Me at the Sky Tears for Fears - Sowing the Seeds of Love
  4. Steve 78

    Realistic high school movies

    I was watching a movie last night set in high school. It didn't really match my experience because a) it was American, b) I went to a boy's school and c) it was a comedy. In any case, I'm curious as to which movies, if any, are close to what you experienced in high school / secondary school?
  5. Steve 78

    How do you play a G chord?

    When I started, I was taught this position, which I assume is the standard: 3 - G 0 - B 0 - G 0 - D 2 - B 3 - G The later I heard about an alternative way: 3 - G 3 - D 0 - G 0 - D 2 - B 3 - G Now I find myself tending to play it the second way. I'm not sure whether my hand feels more...
  6. Steve 78

    P-bass style split humbucker for guitar

    Are there any pickups available for guitar that are similar to the P bass, i.e. 2 x half size coils that go across 3 strings each. How would this sound if the bass side is put towards the bridge and the treble side towards the neck?
  7. Steve 78

    When to replace caps on modern amp

    Some questions around cap replacement. Should you wait until something goes wrong, or pre-emptively replace caps? If pre-empting, how long do you wait? Which caps are replaced - filter, all electrolytics or all caps? Are there different timeframes for each? Thanks. (PS my amp is 8 year old...
  8. Steve 78

    random trivia

    I was listening to a cd in the car yesterday (one of my own as it happens), and the display showed 111111. That is, track 11, 11 minutes, 11 seconds. I'm thinking that wouldn't come up very often.
  9. Steve 78

    Jack placement - pros / cons

    I'm posting this as a poll, but I'm interested in a discussion on the pros and cons of various jack placement options. A. Front of guitar in body, e.g. B. Front of guitar in PG, e.g. C. Side of guitar, e.g. The reason I ask is that I have an idea for a guitar design in my head which...
  10. Steve 78

    How do I fix a dull string?

    I'm not much of an acoustic player, but I picked up my Washburn the other day and it sounded surprisingly great... except for the E (6th) string. It has always sounded dull like it is being very lightly palm muted. It happens when fretted as well as open so I assume it's the saddle. All the...
  11. Steve 78

    Bad neighbours soundtrack thread

    Seems to be a few threads around so how about adding a soundtrack?
  12. Steve 78

    question on fabric finish

    I am attempting my second finish and first fabric finish. If I understand correctly, the general process is - glue on fabric -> bury fabric -> clear coat (-> burst -> clear coat) I have done about 6-7 applications of trying to bury the finish but it is still not even / completely buried...
  13. Steve 78

    How would you mike/record this?

    I have very little experience recording acoustically so I seek the wisdom of TDPRI. My wife has a collection of songs for voice/acoustic guitar which she would like to record. She wants to record good demos at home to make sure the arrangements, etc. are perfect. She might then hire a studio...
  14. Steve 78

    Do I need an offset?

    If I want to play this style of music**, and surf music, do I need an offset or can I get away with my current gear? (** Also - what is this genre called (I mean when it's played straight, not necessarily Lynch's weird take on it)? I tried searching on youtube for ages for an example.)
  15. Steve 78

    School Me On Necks

    I have heard that the neck is one of, if not the, most important part of the guitar as far as feel, playability and bonding with the instrument goes. So I wanted to know more about what makes a great neck. I have listed what I know under 2 categories: Player's preference: - scale length -...
  16. Steve 78

    Best solo albums

    What are your favourite solo albums by artists who are better known for being in a band? Doesn't have to be a guitarist.
  17. Steve 78

    Amp room sound vs close-miked sound

    I have been using a home-built oversized front ported 2 x 12 cab for a few years now. I like the sound - it's big, open, plenty of bottom, plenty of clarity. But I did a recording yesterday (sm57 pointed straight at speaker) and the recording sounded quite harsh. For recording this is not a...
  18. Steve 78

    Second-hand pedal has a strong smell

    I recently bought an 80s Boss pedal. When I took it out of the packaging i noticed it smelled quite strongly. It is a chemical-like smell with a bit of salt-water overtones, perhaps a bit like an exploded cap. I took it apart and it seems to me the smell is coming from the circuit board /...
  19. Steve 78

    Creepy songs

    Inspired by the creepy pics thread. Any songs that creep you out? (In a good way, possibly). I'll post a few to start. Miranda Sex Garden - A Fairytale About Slavery
  20. Steve 78

    Banjo and parenting advice

    I seek the wisdom of TDPRI. My nearly 7 year old son has asked several times for a banjo. My father-in-law suggested some brands that start at about $1000, which is a wee bit over budget. My sister suggested a $20 Kmart banjo. Well, I have a philosophical objection against bringing...
  21. Steve 78

    NPD - scratched the itch

    Or maybe that should be OPD. I've been hankering for one of these for a couple of years, but haven't 'needed' it so couldn't really justify spending the dough. I have a Donner Jet Convolution (as you can probably see) and I really wanted to compare it to an old-school flanger. My verdict is, I...
  22. Steve 78

    How to record keyboard and avoid monitoring latency?

    Also, NKD! I recently bought a Roland Juno DS-88 which I'm very excited about as it's the first keyboard I've owned that isn't a cheesy kids toy. My DAW setup is Sebatron 2-channel pre-amp, Steinberg UR22, Windows 7, Reaper. I wanted to record digitally via USB to avoid any noise but have had...
  23. Steve 78

    Realistic depictions of bands / music in film and TV

    I was re-reading some threads on Whiplash and a few people commented that they didn't think it was realistic. So my question is, which movie (or movies or TV shows) most accurately reflect your experience of playing music, the band scene, etc.
  24. Steve 78

    Silver sparkle S-style refinish, upgrade and mod

    Ok, so this isn't really a 'build' but my first attempt at a re-finish, plus a few mods. Maybe it should be in 2 threads, but here we are. This is my first ever attempt at a refin so the goal is not to have a pro-quality result (and I achieved that goal - yay? :rolleyes:), but just to have a go...
  25. Steve 78

    Signs you're getting old(er)?

    I just heard Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart on the "Golden Oldies" radio station :eek: