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  1. cyclopean

    Crate vc50 no sound.

    A spinoff from my other thread. Anyway, after overhauling my pedalboard settings for my backup amp, i brought it to the gig, and it turned on but there was no sound. The switch lights were on and the tubes lit up, but i wasn’t even getting hum or hissing. My first guess is that the speakers...
  2. cyclopean

    Recommend me tubes for a musicman hd 130.

    At least one of the tubes in this amp is shot, and given current events, I’d like to make sure i have replacement glass for it in case tubes get harder to get. Who’s using one of these amps, and what do you recommend? I’m using some of the natural breakup of the amp, but largely I’ve just been...
  3. cyclopean

    Using the same pedalboard with different amps …

    So my pedalboard is a part of my guitar sound, and I’ve been using a band mate’s amp that lives at our practice space. Said amp needs some work, and i brought my gigging amp to practice yesterday. It was kinda rough. The amp I’ve been using is a musicman hd 130 4x10. I use a lot of octave...
  4. cyclopean

    Check out our Halloween special!

    Coming out now because editing takes time.
  5. cyclopean

    How important do you feel mastering is?

    My band is closing in on finishing our first full length. I’ve only ever put out cdr demos or straight to bandcamp demos. I’ve been in this version of this band for about five years, and this is going to be, by far, the biggest musical (or honestly, artistic) statement I’ve put out so far...
  6. cyclopean

    Anyone have any experience with the hm-2 waza?

    Or how it compares to any of the boutique clones?
  7. cyclopean

    Any advice on getting some kind of debris out of an 1/8th inch headphone jack?

    I can feel something shifting around in there, and i can’t seem to get tweezers or needle nose pliers in there to grab it. I’m half considering filing a pair of tweezers down super narrow to see if i can grab it. I just don’t want to damage the damn thing, and i can’t seem to see what it is...
  8. cyclopean

    New single! One new track and a cover.
  9. cyclopean

    Hm-2 waza

    Anyone on here play one yet?
  10. cyclopean

    What’s good in not too expensive tenor guitars these days?

    I’m mostly a guitar player, but I also spend a lot of time with the mandolin, and I really like how the mandolin chord inversions sound on acoustic guitars. My main acoustic cost me around $300 and I don’t really want to spend more than that on a somewhat speciality instrument. What’s out...
  11. cyclopean

    So what oddball Roku channels do y’all like?

    I’m currently watching the Roger Corman show on the Shout! Channel and I’ve been enjoying the strangeness that is the B-Movie channel. There’s a lot of weirdness on Roku in that would be the equivalent of high numbered cable channels on a normal cable service. The B-Movie channel legit feels a...
  12. cyclopean

    guitar prodigy

  13. cyclopean

    brandy - the gift of repetition.

  14. cyclopean

    don't stop the music

  15. cyclopean

    any suggestions on sudden volume drop off in crt tv?

    i need to check a few other discs against this, but the volume is on the low side and while the tv says that i'm turning it up, it's not getting louder.
  16. cyclopean

    CVS Bangers Four!
  17. cyclopean

    melt banana

  18. cyclopean

    faith no more - we care a lot

    my current favorite goth song by a non goth band. with one of their not mike patton singers.
  19. cyclopean

    walden pond has free wi fi now.

  20. cyclopean

  21. cyclopean

    is that an echoplex on holiday in cambodia?

    i've been digging east bay ray's guitar sound and specifically his delay sound.
  22. cyclopean

    roland cube question

    are the dirt channels modeled after any amps in particular? the manual doesn't say anything about it and i couldn't come up with much in a casual ten minute internet search.
  23. cyclopean

    Kraftwerk founder Florian Schneider dies at 73
  24. cyclopean

    bass chorus vs regular chorus?

    so i'm doing some recording, and want to lay down some bass parts for my death rock band. is there any particular reason to use a bass chorus pedal instead of the chorus i already own? i have two chorus pedals, a flanger, a phaser, and a multieffects with modulation on it.