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  1. Chiogtr4x

    MF Stupid Deal/today: G&L Tele, again!

    Know nothing about these. but perhaps an affordable Tele for someone looking?
  2. Chiogtr4x

    A Pre-emptive Biyang Fuzz Star CL buy...

    Just silly posting, as Tuesday, I should be getting a ( local, CL) Biyang Fuzz Star fuzz, and I'm kind of excited! I'm a Biyang pedals fanboy ( years now, various), currently using their Reverb and their Rat clone, and have always wanted to try out the Fuzz Star. I believe it is a Big Muff...
  3. Chiogtr4x

    More volume out of Monoprice 5-watt tube amp?

    Hi folks! I am finally using this wonderful little amp in a practice/jam band context where I can finally hear it 'at volume' ( as I think Brits say) I absolutely love its clean tone at 1/2 volume, and serious crunch and good sustain cranked. The tone is just what I hoped for. I'm ( right now...
  4. Chiogtr4x

    Better contrast between text and background?

    For those of us with aging eyes, Is it possible to have darker (the non bold type) text type? Between the light type, teeny size, and yellow background- I can barely read (or write) since the 'upgrade ' I've been a TDPRI member a long time, love it here, but dang it is hard for me to read...
  5. Chiogtr4x

    Two thumbs UP for 5-Watt Monoprice/Stage Right Amp!

    Just a quick review, I finally got to turn up my little 5-watt Stage Right amp today, at a silly jam, with bass and guitar buddies. ( collector buddy has a music loft over garage) Note: bought on Christmas night, but only used quietly in apartment (have other gig amps)- but loved the clean/...
  6. Chiogtr4x

    I could live with this MF Stupid Deal Acoustic

    Here is a screenshot of Fender Acoustic Deal ( today!) - solid top/nice looking/ good features/ affordable Good 1st guitar, or maybe 2nd 'ready for gigs' one! * need to go to MF for description and of course availability
  7. Chiogtr4x

    My ' Fake Champ Amp' Pedal Kit

    Just wanted to show off a little easy fun project I've been working on, on the cheap. Yet I know I can actually play some of my regular gigs with this stuff. Briefly- I have always wanted a Fender Champ ( my friends have them, I like them- but cannot afford!) as I like they way they sound- even...
  8. Chiogtr4x

    Just 're-bought' a cheap OD, I sold 2 mos. Ago!

    Ok, first: Not the exact same pedal I sold, but same model ( from - I just bought a 2nd Joyo Sweet Baby Overdrive, as ( in my ear), I feel like it may be the perfect low Gain OD to pair up with the Monoprice/Stage Right 5-watt tube amp I just got ( ordered Christmas night-...
  9. Chiogtr4x

    Dunlop Mini Fuzz Faces- which??

    OK, I'm a shallow sheep, - I want a Fuzz, I want a Fuzz Face ( no other ) as they look cool, and say 'Fuzz Face' -and I want a mini, as I like the size, LED, and love that you can use battery or adapter Ive heard the many demos on the following 3, but wanted some input from any that own / use...
  10. Chiogtr4x

    My first NGD posting: '69 Tele Thinline!

    Well, now it's called ' Classic Vibe '60's Thinline,' but it is wonderful! I've always loved the look and light weight of the mahogany-body '69 Tele Thinline- always wanted one... I know this one is orange-y and Nato, but close enough, and affordable. I love my 2004 Standard Telecaster, but...
  11. Chiogtr4x

    New JOYO King of Tone Clone?

    Hey folks, Just passing on something from my newsfeed An article about a new ( don't know if FS yet...) JOYO clone of the popular Analogman 'KOT' King of Tone I've never played the real thing, just read hear that folks love 'em, some as their only OD Here is pic of JOYO, and link to article ...
  12. Chiogtr4x

    Is the Celestion Ten 30 10" a good speaker?

    That's about it! Just curious, as I see this speaker used from time to time in some new amps ( the Fender Custom Vibro Champ, w/10" I think, comes to mind) Last year, I bought a used Fender Frontman 25R that had this Celestion in it, replacing the stock. I just thought it sounded thin, and...
  13. Chiogtr4x

    So posts here can get DELETED, for language you really did not use?

    I just got 2 alerts ( from mods, right?) for deleted posts, deleted because of 'Language' This is a first for me, as yes I may use a 'bad' word (s), and I indeed may want to use those words, to convey what I really mean- but I never spell the entire word, I use **** or $#%#$!!... This is the...
  14. Chiogtr4x

    Does such a 9V Battery tester exist??

    Ok to the point, Is there a 9V battery tester that might accept a 1/4" cable from my acoustic guitars' endpoint jack, to test installed batteries? My situation is I have 2 guitars, each takes a 9V battery, mounted inside soundhole ( end of neck) and there is no way to remove the battery ( to...
  15. Chiogtr4x

    My 'biggest acoustic gig ever!' this Wednesday!

    I just found out that the acoustic gig ( we are a Classic Rock/blues/bluegrass duo) I'm doing Wednesday night at a big local Brewpub ( Manassas, VA) is not inside the brewpub, but actually going to be on the big outdoor stage, which is part of a big complex ( pub, stage, separate restaurant)...
  16. Chiogtr4x

    Anyone else having freezing/crashing issues today on TDPRI?

    It may just be my POS cheap Android phone ( I do everything on my phone, not my laptop), but my phone has been really giving me a hard time, crashing just about every time I go to a Forum thread link- all day long! - may just be a dying phone ( trying to clean it up all the time)
  17. Chiogtr4x

    Not getting MF Stupid Deal email??

    Just noticing my 2nd day of NOT getting my daily email from Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the Day. Usual daily by 9 AM ET - Anyone else not getting these? Been getting this for years Just a curiosity thing with me, Thanks! (I've come very close to getting guitar deals, but never followed...
  18. Chiogtr4x

    Are most Rats/ Rat clones similar?

    So I'm thinking about pairing up an affordable Rat/ Rat clone with a lower Gain OD pedal ( usually ON) for my small, low-volume gigs as my distortion. I have a TS clone stacked there now which sounds good, but not enough distortion ( even at high Drive), and a Fuzz is just not working for me -...
  19. Chiogtr4x

    MF Stupid Deal-G&L ASAT Tribute

    Just wanted to post, if anyone is interested. Note: best to check MF website throughout the day, as deal may change to other model/color/bass
  20. Chiogtr4x

    Bass Amp troubleshoot help?

    OF course, the amp's warranty just expired! I told my Bass buddy John ( fantastic player and great friend) I would post his amp issue here, for maybe some help? John has little ( but powerful) Mark Bass amp head, and pairs it up with a Mark Bass ( vertical ) 2X10" cab. ( I think 2 years with...
  21. Chiogtr4x

    A new, cheap, ' Not bad...' FUZZ

    OK, I've become a bit of a cheap pedal junkie in the last two years. I actually am very happy with my long-time Boss board ( 5 pedals/ use 4 at gigs), 20+ years now. But last year, after a few years of constantly reading good reports on Joyo, Caline, and Donner pedals, well, I started buying a...
  22. Chiogtr4x

    Blues Harp/ Frontman James Harman RIP

    My wife just told me ( no info yet) that James Harman has passed, at 74 ( he has been very I'll with cancer) This fantastic blues musician was who I was told to listen to ( by the guys on the blues band I auditioned in '92), to play rhythm ( some lead) like the guys in his band, The James...
  23. Chiogtr4x

    My "Spoonful" SG Kit!

    Ok, I'm just fooling around right now at home with my Epi SG ( 2018 '66-style Pro), restringing for weekend gigs, yay! In our apartment I basically play any electric through my MXR Classic Distortion ( really an OD), into my Micro Cube. I basically run any models pretty clean, and use...
  24. Chiogtr4x

    Nice little Pedalboard ( on the cheap)

    So yes, these are cheap import clones I got last year and this year. I bought a few, then a few more ( sold a few) then figured I needed a board! Used on first gig last weekend, and everything sounded very good to me and no noise ( except me!). * everything powered with one 1-Spot adapter/daisy...
  25. Chiogtr4x


    Just posting if anyone is interested: Think this has a 10" speaker, 25W, digital Reverb, Tremolo- nice price ( Google for accurate specs) * for those looking for similar to the Pathfinder? Edit Apologies if I'm not posting the amp I thought I was posting so make sure you Google the product...