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  1. FenderGyrl

    Ask Me Anything ...

    I'm bored. I'm feeling restless. I've played guitar all day. I'm feeling mischievous. Ask me anything. Any topic. I'll give it my best shot.
  2. FenderGyrl

    Am I The Only One Who Eats Cheetos ... With A Fork ?

    Legend has it that Britney could / would destroy a whole bag of Cheetos in one sitting. And hell... she still looks hot. Maybe they'll do the ssme for me. Problem is... I like to enjoy them over an hour or two. And I dont want my TV remote or my guitars to be oranged. So, I use a fork. My...
  3. FenderGyrl

    IVY MUSTANG GUITARS - Under The Radar

    If your itching for a Mustang guitar that won't break the bank, check the IVY on Amazon. $125 with free shipping. I bought one, was impressed and bought a second one. More pics and posts to follow. Just wanted to get this out there. If you do your own Modding and Set Ups, or if you want a...
  4. FenderGyrl

    Would You Relocate To Mars If Given The Opportunity?

    I dont know how this thread will go. Anywho ... Its a One Way Trip. Regardless of your age you have a chance to go and help start a colony on Mars. Would ya ??? I would. I have been fascinated with space ever since I watched Neil step off of the ladder.
  5. FenderGyrl

    On Average - How Many Posts Do You Back Out Of Posting Daily ?

    Seriously, Tonight I had what I felt were five pretty good posts in three diffetent threads... but I couldn't pull the trigger. I don't know ... I feel like someone who has to bite their hand when they so badly want to say something edgy... it seems to be happening every time I'm in the Bad...
  6. FenderGyrl

    Louie Anderson Passed

    Damn ... Always liked Louie.
  7. FenderGyrl

    Hang Over Cures ????

    Whatcha got ??? I'm okay... just askin for a friend !!!! :lol:
  8. FenderGyrl


    So ZZ Top sold their catalog for 50 Million ... Bruce sold his for 500 Million. Really ???? Did Bruce just have better negotiators or did Billy get taken? I would have thought ZZ Tops music would have as much commercial value as Springsteens. I dont know... I was just surprised by the low...
  9. FenderGyrl

    John Lennon

    I guess I'll put it out there. 41 years ago.
  10. FenderGyrl

    Spooky Hot Sauce ?

    Pick-A-Peppa Hot Sauce .... From Jamaica .... Good for foods... ;) And Graves? :eek: Etc... Hmmm.... :confused: I'm kinda Scared FG :twisted::lol:
  11. FenderGyrl

    Really Not Into Working Anymore

    Ugh... Still a few years away from a full retirement. However, while sitting here in my cube this morning ... I feel like I just don't care about being involved with anything related to my job. It's even hard for me to even fake enthusiasm anymore. With all of the new age "Team This" and "Team...
  12. FenderGyrl

    Is The Way To A Mans Heart Thru His Stomach?

    Yeah Yeah Yeah ... I know - I know: "FG...the way to a Mans Heart is via a tube inserted in the groin area.... Geeez" :rolleyes: Well, Lets go back in time to when men were made of iron and ships were made of wood .... Chivalry and "The Greatest Generation" times... Romance .... Here we go...
  13. FenderGyrl

    Has The YoYo Gone The Way Of The Dodo ???

    Got to thinkin' ... We used to master the Duncan YoYo when I was young. Had a collection of them. Do kids even know what a YoYo is these days? :confused: What about Marbles? When is the last time you saw some kids gambling with their marbles? o_O Maybe there are Apps for these things now...
  14. FenderGyrl


    I'm going to a band rehearsal.. yeah... good times I wanted to break out the big guns. I dug these out... problem is... Way too heavy for 63 year old FG. So...I'm at a crossoads. Why hang onto something that's too heavy to play? :confused: What drag it is...getting old.:( MJ These are two...
  15. FenderGyrl

    Starting another FG FirstAct Rehab Thread

    Just because. Seems to be helpful to those wanting to try their hand at taking on a project for the first time. Found this one online. After looking at the pictures I figured that some kid had it. Stickered it up. Never played it. Kept it in a Gig Bag. Which came with the guitar. I got it for...
  16. FenderGyrl

    Snap Your Fingers ???

    I'm watching Blue Hawaii with Elvis. And I realized... the King was a finger snapping MoFo. He made it an Art Form. Then I started thinking of Bobby Darin. Sammy Davis Jr. Ya know... All of those guys were finger snappers. But what about today ??? Does anybody snap their fingers anymore...
  17. FenderGyrl

    First Act Project Guitar ... Options?

    Scored this for $15. Here it is today ...
  18. FenderGyrl

    Biz Markie Has Died

    If your a Beastie Boys fan... You'll know that Biz was always hanging out with the Boyz. RIP Big Guy... Yer clowning and beat boxing in the after life now. :(
  19. FenderGyrl

    Rebuilding a Haunted Guitar

    I've been playing Old Time Slide Blues. But I ain't payin' $300 for a Vintage Stella... So I've been Bottom Feeding Globals and Kays ... Etc ... Also built a Neck Steamer to remove necks...which has been a journey of its own... Anyhoo... This thing was collapsed and trashed... an Old...
  20. FenderGyrl

    First Act Strats ... Refreshed Them

    Havent posted in awhile... Almost finished up these two.
  21. FenderGyrl

    First Act STOOGE BogusCaster

    Yikes... Just wanted to get this thread started. It's been awhile since I posted one. Found this thang fer $19.99. $15 Shipping. Figured what the hey. It was just the Body, Neck, Pickguard, along with the bridge. No electronics, plug in jack thrown into a baggie with some sealed tuners in...
  22. FenderGyrl

    Chicks Dig Guys That Can Grill

    Honestly, Gimme a man that knows his way around a grill. Someone that knows how to cook a steak just right. Masters of the Marinades .... Succulent Sides..... Any guy I've ever met who knows his way around the grill is the bomb. They seem to exude confidence. But then again... I like guys...

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