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  1. 1293

    I accidentally bought a trampoline

    My son sent me a link to a trampoline on Amazon and I fat fingered Buy it Now.
  2. 1293

    Gun shy dog

    My girl used to be fine. All of a sudden she was bothered by fireworks at the cabin last summer. She was bothered by a .22 airgun yesterday. Does anyone have experience with making them more comfortable?
  3. 1293

    I typed an "I"

  4. 1293

    Which is dumber?

    Forgetting to do something dumb or planning to do the dumb thing you forgot to do?
  5. 1293

    Reset Button

    I'm long retired, but if I could hit the reset button I would have skipped engineering and opened a bagel shop.
  6. 1293

    You've been doing <fill in the blank> wrong!

    I hate these YouTube video titles. I haven't been doing it wrong.
  7. 1293

    My wife wants a drumset.

    She mentions it briefly, but often. Discuss.
  8. 1293

    Morning Dew

    I started singing "Walk me out..." and the dogs went nuts.
  9. 1293

    I paid money for a stripper

    Well spent.
  10. 1293

    There's a reason... need a security device. It's because your product is so overpriced that people are compelled to steal it.
  11. 1293


    We had a bear roaming around the cabin. Some guy hit it with his car and left the scene without his license plate. Cops busted him on other charges.
  12. 1293


    I heard the phrase today referring to a photocopy. My wife is three years older than me and wasn't familiar with the term.
  13. 1293

    Ferd up unsusensicle tred titles

  14. 1293

    I got two turntables and a microphone...

    What should I cook?
  15. 1293

    What happened to Bones?

    An I wrong, or hasn't he been around for awhile?
  16. 1293

    A1 or HP?

    I vote both.
  17. 1293

    Finish the song...

    Once there was a way...
  18. 1293

    Christmas Tree

    Who's cutting? My wife has a white pine picked out. I haven't seen it yet.
  19. 1293

    This never gets old.

    I went to Cape Kennedy as a kid in 1973 and saw a Discovery launch on spring break in college.
  20. 1293


    I only buy it every couple of years because I can't behave myself when it's in my presence.
  21. 1293

    Drunk purchase

    I've got 36 picks headed my way.
  22. 1293

    My Bladder Burst...

    In my pressure tank. In my youth, this would have been water off a duck's back. At this point, I'm tired of this ****. Off to Lowe's.
  23. 1293

    My Wife...

    binged on Neil on YouTube and I drunk ordered this. Guess I should learn'em.
  24. 1293

    World Record Pit Stop

    Embedding blocked.
  25. 1293

    What's Cookin'?

    The weekend isn't over yet. Started out with beef back ribs yesterday.

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