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  1. ooglybong

    Recommend an oddball/obnoxious pedal, please!

    OK, not quite as chaotic as the Malekko Chaos (IMO), but there's also J Rocket Audio's WTF Fuzz. (Points for the name regarding that 'obnoxious' factor, right?!) Mike Hermans' WTF demo...
  2. ooglybong

    Recommend an oddball/obnoxious pedal, please!

    Want obnoxious? The Malekko Wolftone Chaos demo'ed by Andy by PGS... :twisted: Thanks to Andy's demo, I actually broke down and bought one of these several years back... now to find a really good use for it. But, man, it's sure fun!
  3. ooglybong

    Strat neck pickup on a Tele?

    My Peavey Omniac JD USA (aka the Jerry Donahue signature model) comes with Duncan JD Strat neck pickup as well as a JD Bridge pickup and a 5-way switch for several tonal options. I definitely dig the Strat neck on its own as well as one position having a Strat-like in-between "notched" thing...
  4. ooglybong

    Show me your Ice Blue Metallic guitars

    And here's my PRS S2 Studio Ltd Ed. (2018), currently OOP. IMHO, the metallic frost blue mates so well with the creamy pickguard, and I definitely dig having the dot inlays here. And by the way, contrary to a frequently asked question, the S2 Studio does not tonally 'replace' having a Strat...
  5. ooglybong

    Show me your Ice Blue Metallic guitars

    I'll play, too. My '17 Gibson Firebird T with with Steinberger fearless tuners and Lollars (not that you could tell. lol!)... Ergonomically, this is possibly my most uniquely constructed guitar, and it always takes me a few minutes to come to terms in grappling with it... but it's definitely...
  6. ooglybong

    Memory Loss - Age Related

    My somewhat related thing is that I've had a recurring dream the last couple of years about a really cool metallic blue solidbody I "own" (I don't recognize the make, but it's kinda Fender-is. No, OP, it's not your blue Tele! lol), and it's one that's always "stored" in a case along with my many...
  7. ooglybong

    Electric 12 String Options

    Another lower cost alternative, IF you can manage to find one of these out-of-production models, is the Yamaha Pacifica 303 12 (or later 303 12ii version, same guitar, different cosmetics). 12 intonatable saddles and ample string spacing (IMO) with a 5-way switch for those "Strat quack" tones...
  8. ooglybong

    Yamaha Guitar Owner's Club

    Nice analysis! I agree with your points entirely. Question: Have you ever owned or played the solidbody 620 version to be able to compare it with the HB semi-hollow? Wondering more about them having significant tonal and feel differences. (And, besides that, I do think the "whatever-holes" are...
  9. ooglybong

    Favorite Analog Tremolo Pedals?

    There's the Keeley DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo. Of course, it does a great standard trem, but it can also work with your playing dynamics, and the harmonic trem function is simply outstanding wit its uni-vibe/phasor sheen added. Here's a great demo by Mike Hermans...
  10. ooglybong

    How about a good low output PAF type pickup?

    THIS+++ I have a set of SD Antiquities in a great PRS SE Zac Myers, and it's awesome. (FYI, I have several Core PRSes and this ZM sits fairly right amongst them.) Not a semi-hollow, but I also have a GREAT Eastman SB59/v with SD Ants... OMG. SD Antiquities have pretty much become my favorite...
  11. ooglybong

    Would you own a black Tele, or any other kind of black guitar for that matter?

    Yeah. I know what you mean. Too bad about black, huh? NOT! :) Now, that's not my own personal Fender D'Aquisto Elite, but it looks just like it, and, like this one, it's also in totally immaculate condition. Bought new in '85, allegedly one of only five left in the Fender warehouse. I...
  12. ooglybong

    Another run on stores.

    How about making your own? We ordered some N95 filter sets from Amazon last week; the order went thru fine, and it's "on it's way", but... they seem stalled, apparently on a slow boat sitting somewhere, and it's also still "too soon" for USPS Tracking to have them show up. So, my wife is making...
  13. ooglybong

    Supro Drive Pedal

    I play both rock and jazz, and so I get where you're coming from. Have you ever tried a Durham Electronics Sex Drive (named after guitarist Charlie Sexton)? It's pretty much an always-on kind of pedal (as most will say, and I agree), getting you just a touch more 'oomph' out of the amp. It's...
  14. ooglybong

    Jerry Donahue had a stroke....

    Oh, my.... I just came across this very sad news here only this evening, and I'm praying for a hopefully speedy and full recovery for Jerry. He's always been a HUGE favorite of mine, and he's simply an amazing Tele-master. I was actually lucky enough to buy one of his Peavey Omniac guitars years...
  15. ooglybong

    Egnater Tweaker Club

    What a nice 'family' photograph! (Nice photo besides!) Yeah, your wife is right. Have fun with your new 'old friend'. Sounds good from here... Welcome to the group! :-)
  16. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    Agreed. And if you also wanted to send it out to a mixer at the same time: Start out with a "Y" adaptor at the Send, then bridge a short cable over to the Return... and then use whatever longer cable for going to mixer. That will also preserve the signal going thru the Send>Return (which...
  17. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    +1 +1 +1 :lol: Man, was that actually ME typing the above? I don't think so! :lol: Yeah, this is pretty much, word-for-word, the exact same path I took with the Mustang III. (Only I believe it was more of a LOTS better tonal improvement.) :smile:
  18. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    Miss your Super-Sonic 60? Hey, maybe you can go out and find another one. :smile: I eventually went out and tried, then bought, my own Super-Sonic 60—actually after loving the Super-Sonic preset on the Mustang!—for about $700 used locally. (Kind of ironic since the "modelling" amp sold me on the...
  19. ooglybong

    Egnater Tweaker Club

    I noticed the same thing happening on some guy's YouTube demo—that the AC setting simply went down in volume by a noticeable bit. Sounded good, but it was definitely lower. Hmmm. Any resolution to this since the original post? Have you come to simply accept it or does it seem more like a...
  20. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    Definitely a good size for a living room, IMO. Actually about the same height as the ottoman I sit on so it sorta blends in. Plus it's relatively sedate looking in basic black. If you can deal with an amp sitting out in the living room, it's not bad at all. Beats yer stack, I bet! Have fun...
  21. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    The Mustang III *is* my living room amp. In that function, I love it. :grin: I had the II but upgraded to the III for the tonal and GUI improvements and haven't looked back at all. Well worth the $100 difference in price. (I currently have several other amps, mostly some great tube amps...
  22. ooglybong

    Has anyone bought from

    BUMP on a very old thread. Any more to say about since 2007? TIA. :smile:
  23. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    Hmm... Here's a MacGyver trick that might work: :idea: Go to Radio Shack and get a $7 part there; it's a black, plastic "Y" adaptor that has one male mono 1/4" plug on one end -and- two 1/4" female sockets on the other. ("Gold Series Adapter, Mono Phone Jack to Phono Plugs" / Model: 274-880 |...
  24. ooglybong

    Mustang III Amp Club

    Just checked. There's no "PRE" out, but, output-wise, there IS an Effects Loop Send and Return on the back, plus a mini-jack Headphones output on the top control panel. So are you trying to bypass the power section and use the preamp modeling, ect. in order to avoid the dreaded "fizz"...
  25. ooglybong

    NGOTW (New Guitar On The Way)-Eastman Archtop

    Beautiful guitar! The finish looks marvelous overall, and I like the simplicity of the design with the one pickup. But are those actually some odd 'reflections' from your textured ceiling on the headstock, or is that not a gloss-finished headstock? Hmm... Your description of the tone has me...

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