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    High Power 6G2?

    Say I wanted to theoretically build a higher power version of a Brownface Princeton, what would I need to change? The Mojotone chassis fits a 2 1/4 x 2 13/16 PT, same size as the TAD Deluxe Reverb, ([email protected] 160mA). The current PT is a gentle 650v C/tap @ 70mA. I know the sound would change a lot...
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    6g2 faceplates and chassis on ebay

    These are coming up for sale again. Got mine already- quality printing on these.
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    Pilot light removal?

    Is there a special trick to getting a Fender style pilot light holder undone? If I can actually get some kind of wrench on the inside locking nut, the whole thing turns. Grrrrr.
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    Classic Tone P/T hookup?

    Have I got this right regarding the output connections? Two reds plus Ctap for 710v, and two orange plus CTap for 660v? Thanks
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    6G2 Princeton- Dumble Mod!

    Just came across this on the tube, where the builder uses a cap/resistor on V1 to create local negative feedback on the first gain stage. Mod discussion at 5.50.
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    Princeton Reverb build- boomy bottom

    My PR build has way too much bottom end. I've tried a couple of speaker swaps, and have plans to swap the V1 cathode cap from 25 to 4.7uF. Any other suggestions? I've read of swapping the PI caps from 0.1 to 0.047 or even 0.022uF, but what about the caps that feed the bass control? It seems to...
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    Show us your tube stash!

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    Have you ever found "the One"?

    That one amp that seriously makes you consider unloading the rest? I think in the last 10 years I've been through 5 Tweed Deluxes, a Champ, Tweed Vibrolux, Tweed Super, 3 Princeton Reverbs and a Brown Princeton. I think this might be The One!
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    Astron Blue Caps equivalent?

    Is there a good modern equivalent for the Blue Molded caps used in the 60s Fender builds? I was looking at Sozo NextGen, and was concerned that they only have a 400v rating- my 6G2 schematic specifies 400v minimum. I'm currently using Mallory 150s, and the thing sounds glorious!
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    6G2 Princeton faceplates available

    Available on evilbay- I had one from the same seller; the lettering is nice and sharp...
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    Tried a new way to light my stove

    Just had a new stove installed and found a useful way of getting it alight. Tied it, and it work well. The top-down burn, you don't have to open the stove to add logs once the kindling is going well.
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    6G2- long time a coming!

    Well, it's finally done, pretty much. Had a problem with the trem motorboating, which turned out to be a combination of issues, mainly eddy currents in the space/time continuum. It was a combination of lead dress on V2- if the connection from pin 2 to the oscillator isn't in exactly the right...
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    Modified TBX treble/bass cut

    I've just tried a modified TBX tone control on a strat, where one side of the detent is a treble cut and the other way is a bass cut. The treble cut works well, but the bass cut drops all the lows and the mids, leaving only the highs. Would a different cap or resistor make it perform better? I'm...
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    Repro Fender Faceplates

    Found a supplier that does a nice selection of Fender faceplates, including Silver and Brownface. Just ordered one for my 6G3, so I'll update about the quality/service when it arrives. Based in Europe.
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    6G3 tremolo intensity?

    My 6G3 build is great! The more I hang with it the more I like it. I would however, like to improve the trem, if possible, by softening the "swing" on the intensity. By 4 on the dial it's almost like an on/off switch; I'd like to have a little more control across the sweep. Any suggestions...
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    Paul McCartney-inside the songs

    A short series of BBC podcasts with the man himself
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    Learn me about American Mustard!

    The only one I've seen on the shelf here in the UK is French's, and it's nasty. What am I missing?
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    My life just got a bit easier!

    I've spent Lord knows how long trying to get one of those poxy cable clamps through the hole in the chassis; I only assume it's like giving birth but in reverse. But no longer. I now have these!
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    Power transformer hookup?

    I'm just about to hook up my Classic Tone PT to the mains, and can't work out if the black wire is hot or neutral! I'm guessing it doesn't matter with AC, but wanted to check just in case! This comes from mixing UK and US wiring. We use DPST switches to break both feeds.
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    Design/build help, please!

    Can anyone spare a little time to help me with a design I have in mind? I know just about enough to be dangerous, but not enough to design the project! Basically, I'd like to a attempt to build a single 6V6 Princeton Reverb that's cathode biased, and still maintain the vol, treble/bass, reverb...
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    Tried one out at my local tec's place through my hotrodded Princeton Reverb, and came straight home and ordered one. Gibbo SG Junior.
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    Delayed NAD!

    After a delay of 10 days UPS found the amp and finally got it delivered.'s very, very nice. The P10r has that woody alnico bark, which sounds odd at first coming from a backface amp, but I quite like it. Yes, it has that slight reverb hum; yes you can hear the pulse of the bias trem...
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    NGD Vintera 50s Road Worn

    Got a 20% off deal on this one, which was a good start. I love the neck, a fat U profile with some rolling over and modern frets rather than vintage skinnies. Satin finished too, which was a nice surprise. The colour is more yellow than all the promotional stuff I've seen, but it's growing on...
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    6G2 Princeton build

    So far so good.

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