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  1. Bob Womack

    A Gentleman's Guide to Christmas Shopping for His Wife

    In the lives of some husbands, Christmas shopping time looms as a time of discomfort. I've noticed that around this time of year, forums begin to ring with the anxious cries as good men uproot generous chunks of what hair they have left while trying to figure out what to give their wives...
  2. Bob Womack

    MORE Cowbell!

    Okay, the humble bell took a shellacking via the infamous Saturday Night Live skit. However, there have been many great applications of cowbell over the years. Why don't we pull up some examples that were interesting or exciting? I'll go first: Who wasn't excited by the intro to "Mississippi...
  3. Bob Womack

    Not today, Mr. Crusher...

    Not today. Yesterday I saved another studio survivor from the compactor. Klark Teknik DN360 proportional stereo graphic equalizer in near-mint condition. We are talking the finest British electronics, here. The campaign goes on. Bob
  4. Bob Womack

    A Gentleman's Guide to Christmas Shopping for His Wife

    In the lives of some husbands, Christmas shopping time looms as a time of discomfort. I've noticed that around this time of year, forums begin to ring with the anxious cries as good men uproot generous chunks of hair while considering the conundrum of what to give their lovely wives. In fact...
  5. Bob Womack

    Behringer Poly D Synthesizer Review

    What do Rick Wakeman, Phil Collins, Chris Cross, David Foster, Rick Wright, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Pete Bardens, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, David Gates, Manfred Mann, Patrick Moraz, Giorgio Moroder, Steve Morse, Gary Numan, Gerry Rafferty, Richard Tandy, Frank Zappa, and many more artists...
  6. Bob Womack

    Playing around with a Behringer Poly D

    Last Thursday I took delivery of a Behringer Model D synth. Having studied electronic music and synthesis in college, I’d always wanted a MiniMoog Model D for chores and fun around the studio. A few years ago Behringer discovered that there was enthusiasm among musicians for the classic...
  7. Bob Womack

    Bob Gets a Bear: New Vintage Guitar Day

    I've been stalking one of these on-and-off for years and years, and through the kindness and help of my lovely wife and a couple of new friends, my day finally came. The guitar is a Wartime (phase 2, 1940-1944) Rickenbacher Model B that has all of the characteristics I've wanted: 1.5" pickup...
  8. Bob Womack

    Line 6 Helix: Is it all that and a box of chocolates?

    I've sat on this article through Winter NAMM to see how things worked out but it is now ready to view! This is a fairly narrow review of Helix, now that it has become mature, asking whether it is worth it to update to it from the previous generation of modelers. I'm on my third generation of...
  9. Bob Womack

    First Guitar of the Year: Sterling LK100D Lukather Sig

    I've watched Steve Lukather's career for years. What a prolific player! Recently I've seen him clean up his life and simplify everything down, including his gear. After seeing Luke in concert with Toto I became interested in his signature guitars from Ernie Ball. But let's be honest: I'm...
  10. Bob Womack

    NGD: Something Different

    I'm not into signature guitars for their own sake but sometimes a guitarist's sound intrigues me enough to try out his guitar. This is one of those situations. This is a MusicMan Sterling Steve Lukather Signature LK100D guitar. It is a nearly-identical Indonesian-built brother to the MusicMan...
  11. Bob Womack

    Guitarists of a Certain Age, Dont' Be That Guy...

    This morning I am a little sore, a little scraped up, cut, and bruised, but I'm okay. Last night I was working in the guitar studio. I've had several gear transitions recently and things have become a bit, um, haphazard. I've got a few patch cords running hither and thither across the studio...
  12. Bob Womack

    Helix. Yes, I'm late to the party. Amazed in general and then v2.80.0

    Last month I reviewed a fifty-three year-old tube amp on my site. This week I'm working with the Line 6 Helix. I'm not new to modeling - I'm on my third generation of modeler, having used them in the studio since about 2005. For several years I've been using a Line6 HD500X. So, I thought was...
  13. Bob Womack

    An Interesting Old Gibson Amp

    I guess I'm a sucker for underdogs. I played a 1966 Gibson GA-55RVT Ranger when I was in college and people loved my sound. Yes, I know, that is the Gibson "whiteface" period so everyone who liked my tone must have been wrong. Well anyway, recently in a fit of nostalgia, I ran a search for that...
  14. Bob Womack

    Southern Rock Fans, fun studio news!

    Capricorn Studios, Macon, GA, the complex where many of the Capricorn acts recorded, has been purchased out of foreclosure, stabilized, and is now being brought back to life by Mercer University. They will preserve the historic studio and control room, will add another, larger wings, and will...
  15. Bob Womack

    EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi reissue

    Well, now. The first reviews started coming out in November and I decided to put the new Triangle Big Muff Pi reissue from ElectroHarmix on my Christmas list. My lovely wife obliged, so I've had the pedal for a while and have had a chance to run a pretty good chunk of guitars through it. Perhaps...
  16. Bob Womack

    Merry Christmas!!! Bah! Humbug!

    This from a humbucker lover. Bob
  17. Bob Womack

    Flametop Friday: Reivew of 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard is Up!

    Happy Flametop Friday! You can find my new review of the 2018 LP Standard, right over HERE. Bob
  18. Bob Womack

    NGD - another surprise in a Les Paul

    This one has been coming for a while but it was still a surprise. It shouldn’t be: I’m on vacation and that is usually tough on the guitar fund. I’ve had an early '70s Les Paul for forty-one years. It is a great guitar and I’ve basically conformed to it – Gibson scale is my home and the body...
  19. Bob Womack

    Out on the road today...

    ...I actually saw a cassette tape, stripped of its shell and strewn along a whole block of the road, just like days of old. "Out on the road today I saw a Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac A little voice inside my head said Don't look back, you can never look back" Don Henley, "The Boys of...
  20. Bob Womack

    Jim Compilongo's latest gig

    Keep watching, you'll see him. Bob
  21. Bob Womack

    Has anyone been following the launch of the Origin Effects...

    ... Revival Drive? Lot's o' knobs and switches, lots o' geld, but, darn, it sounds fantastic. 7wtPl2DuXMM Now, note that he's playing it through a clean blackface Twin Reverb at a level he can speak over... The Revival (as in song one from the Allman Brothers album, Idlewild South) is a lot...
  22. Bob Womack

    Ever spent an afternoon under the hood of an Echoplex tape echo machine?

    Here's your chance to dive in with a shade tree mechanic (me!) as I attempt to replace the drive belt in an Echoplex EP-3. Mosey on over HERE to enjoy the antics. Bob
  23. Bob Womack

    How long dows it take to work out cone cry?

    The title says it all. How long do I have to go before it works out? Bob
  24. Bob Womack

    RIP Tom Wheeler, former editor of Guitar Player Magazine...

    ...and guitar historian. I benefited from his work over my guitar life, both in the mags he edited and the books he wrote. In later days he taught at the University of Oregon. More, HERE. He'll be missed. Tom Wheeler, dead at 70. Bob
  25. Bob Womack

    '68 Custom Princeton Reverb Review

    As if this bunch needs one. "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue." You've heard it used for weddings, but how about a modern version of a classic amp? More, HERE Bob