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  1. Dr Improbable

    So now my amp is a radio???

    Masters TVA30. Working fine this morning. Put it on standby to switch pedals, when I turned it back on, humming and picking up radio! Switched back to original pedal, still doing it. Hums and picks up radio with no cables plugged it! Used the same cable, same outlet, for my Orange Rocker 15. No...
  2. Dr Improbable

    How loud do some bands play??? Am I old???

    In the 90's I played dozens of gigs in small bars with amps ranging from 15 to 30 (tube) watts. I would play a small to medium sized tavern with a Blues Jr. On bigger stages we'd be going through the P.A. Yet when I look for information on amps, all the time I see players saying they can't...
  3. Dr Improbable

    NAD, Sold my Tonemaster Deluxe...

    I can't put it into words, but there was something in the TMDR that left me wanting. Lucky for me those still get very good trade in. I bought this great Orange Rocker 15. 15 watts, (no reverb). It's a loud, rude little amp that sounds huge when paired with an extension cab. Yes, it's all tube.
  4. Dr Improbable

    Anyone have a Masters amp?

    There's a Masters TVA30 Near me at a decent price (tube, 30 watts, self biased, 2 channels w/reverb). Anyone here that has one, or has played one? Opinions?
  5. Dr Improbable

    Question about Fender Deluxe Tele Thinline

    I've been thinking about getting one of these. However, I see quite a few used. Is there some issue that makes them somewhat unpopular? They have the noiseless pickups and the tall/thin frets. Like so:
  6. Dr Improbable

    Recommend me some slap back echo!

    I am using a Danelectro BLT, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth. Right now the switch no longer works, and it's always on. I am looking for slap back only, no space delays. Budget if possible. Say, under $100.00?
  7. Dr Improbable

    Question about Blues Cube Hot (Live volume)

    I've got one here, and I'm thinking of lugging it outside the house for gigs or jamming. Blues mainly, maybe some classic rock. Anyone here do any small venue live work with a Blues Cube Hot?
  8. Dr Improbable

    Preamp tube shields.

    The little metal things. Do you folks leave them on? Leave them off? If so, why?
  9. Dr Improbable

    Question about Quilter amps...

    Are the micro Block 45 and the Interblock 45 supposed to take the place of amp heads? Who's played one? How did it sound?
  10. Dr Improbable

    NGD! Snakehead Tele repro...

    Got this off Reverb. Just unpacked it. Wow! Got a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in the bridge. I already took off the ashtray. Love it!!!
  11. Dr Improbable

    Tuesday morning Redd...

    Just found this. Nice! The Steel player deserves a shout out as well.
  12. Dr Improbable

    Recommend to me a good.....

    Country "jam along" album. What I mean is: When I started Blues (back when) I learned the whole 1st Butterfield Blues Band album and the "Beano" (Bluesbreakers w/Eric Clapton) front to back. I pretty much picked up a vocabulary of Blues from that. Now that my Country/Rockabilly playing is...
  13. Dr Improbable

    NGD, Blacktop Tele

    Guy wanted $400 for it, I got him to $300. Kind of a project, the neck was out of alignment, the nut buzzes a bit on the open high "E", but I dig the sound. I've got Duncan's in my other Tele, this one may get 59's as well...
  14. Dr Improbable

    Will a tele neck pickup fit here?

    I've got a tele routed for a Strat neck pup and a humbucker at the bridge: I have a solution for a bridge pup Humbucker To Singl Coil Adapter Pickup Ring - Fits Tele Bridge Pickup -BLACK (B56): Musical...
  15. Dr Improbable

    An interesting product...

    I have a tele with a Bridge humbucker. I love the feel of the body and neck, but want a more "traditional" sound. Most convertible bridge plates (hum to single conversion) fit a strat pickup. Well, until I found this baby: Humbucker To Singl Coil Adapter Pickup Ring - Fits Tele...
  16. Dr Improbable

    Esquire pickguard with Humbucker

    I have a tele with a bridge humbucker. I'm thinking about getting rid of the neck pup completely and putting on an esquire pickguard. Will one fit around the humbucker ring? Here's a pic of the Tele:
  17. Dr Improbable

    CL Tele type guitar. What do you think?

    I may try it out. Anyone ever heard of these?
  18. Dr Improbable

    School me on Country Guitar!

    Where to start... I've always been a "Blues Guy". I played in a Country band years (and years) ago, but I never learned the language (so to speak), I just learned the specific songs we did. I do some country-specific licks, but I use them in a blues context. Where's a good place to start on a...
  19. Dr Improbable

    Hello from Wi!

    Long time Stratocaster player here. Finally picked up a Used Tele, and all my playing stuff made sense. I'm looking forward to learning more and chatting. Thanks!