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    Let's see your watch.

    Well, post a wrist shot. 1978 Seiko 6139 6002
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    Check please

    I love lacquer checking, lets see yours... (Mods, feel free to move this as I have no idea where it should go)
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    Postmodern Jukebox

    Post your favorites and confuse both elderly and youngsters alike.
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    Worst beer ever

  5. 8trackmind

    Bootstrap Golden Ale

    So far I like them but I haven't taken them into battle with a full band yet so I'll reserve overall judgement for later. Haven't seen many reviews for this particular set but for the price, it seemed more than a safe bet. They come with covers and mounting hardware for 50 bucks a set. A steal...
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    You only have Telecaster's?

    While there is obviously much love and defense of the Telecaster here, I doubt everyone is completely monogamous to one style of electric guitar. Poll.
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    Rare Bird: American Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

    I've probably posted way more photos of my ugly partscasters but never got around to putting any effort into posting this one: Its a '98 American Deluxe Nashville with the stock 7-way switching however, the stock pickups were not to my liking. Sd Broadcaster bridge, alnico 2 strat in the middle...
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    Peter Pan

  9. 8trackmind

    Backyard Gardening Stupidity.

    like others I have been spending way more time in the backyard for obvious reasons. However, I think my wife and I have taken it too far. How 'bout you?
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    Coming Soon...

    I love vintage shell pink.
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    Drinking photos from the backyard

  12. 8trackmind

    Cleaning the motorcycle in the rain with a toothbrush

    A new low in boredom, a new high in OCD behavior.
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    Now that we seemingly have time on our hands, let's revisit the past and suggest whole albums that are worth listening to. Now I don't want to discourage anyone, but I have to assume we've all listened to led zeppelin II, Merle Haggard, dark side of the moon etc. so let's take this in another...
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    Yankees, y'all are missing out.

    It's 75 degrees, I'm wearing cargo shorts and a bumpched shirt cooking out on the patio. Have to drink the beer quickly so it doesn't get warm. PS, enjoy your snow.
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    The Right hand.

    Observation: when I see new or unacomplished players one thing is glaringly obvious. Right hand technique. Newbs are sure that it's the left hand that's doing all the heavy lifting, but in reality it's along for the ride. No doubt, it has to do its job but in reality, the difference between say...
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    Hardtail Strat Assembly

    So, I had a boat anchor of a strat that sat unplayed for a couple years. Thought about selling it but it has a rare neck for an MIM that was fairly thick, (Kenny Wayne Shepherd Signature model) 12" radius, jumbo frets and is a bit wider at the nut. Always wanted to try a hardtail strat but they...
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    Watching paint dry (warning: stratocaster content)

    It's warm. Laquer goes good with beer and smokes. A senosory trifecta.
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    Moto Camping Thread

    Let's talk about your rig and the gear you use! Its cold and I'm missing the great outdoors. Aplogies but, no 53' toy hauler or Prevost motorhomes. Sorry to exclude but that's a whole 'nother subject. But hey, if you're backpacking, that's somewhat close.
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    Beer Thread.

    So far tonight , it's threefoot brewing blonde ale from Meridian Mississippi. Whatchu drinkin'?
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    Ugly Telecasters: Let's See 'Em

    Nothing pretty, post your worst Telecasters.
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    Dime Store Burst Tele

    This guitar was started a few years back and was basically a collection of parts I accumulated during the recession. I was traveling a lot for work and started dreaming of what my perfect telecaster would be. The final product was not what I envisioned but I think I came out better off because...
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    What are you wearing today: Watch Content

    A certain select few will recognize this thead from another forum. No, we don't want to see your Timex or Casio. Those who get it will know. Today, Orient diver.
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    Travel Guitar Photos

    No, not the ones you tour with or have taken apart to ship. Real "cram it in the overhead, always rides in the back seat" travel guitars.
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    Anyone else play lapsteel?

    Let's see pics of yours! Me? 1955 National Chicagoan.
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    What are you wearing?

    When you play a gig?