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  1. Dennis Perusse

    vox ac-10 layout but actually drawn out/former frankenstein project

    Hello all, A while back I had done a frankenstein like Vox AC-10 in an AC-15 chassis with limited success. Sure the Normal Channel worked but the Ef86 didn't and that irked me quite a bit. Eventually I went and decided to get an actual AC-10 chassis and start transferring the guts from one...
  2. Dennis Perusse

    vox ac-10 debugging/ ef86 vibrato volume lower than normal volume

    Hello all, Something I've been trying to figure out this week but is confounding me. I've been further debugging my vox AC-10 amp and I have run into a bit of a head scratcher. When I turn up my Volume knob on the vibrato channel I have to have it all the way up before I can hear it whilst...
  3. Dennis Perusse

    Vox ac-15 Output Transformers...8k vs 6k

    Hello all, Been looking through my vox schematics AC-15/AC-10 and they are listed as 8k for the primary for the OT. In fact I built my Vox AC-10 using a 20 watt 8K primary OT with multiple taps. In fact it is an upgraded 5e3 OT that I used just because it matched the specs from the schematic...
  4. Dennis Perusse

    Transcendar Transformers...anyone ever dealt with them?

    Hello, I'm starting to slowly get myself some parts for my latest and hopefully last build for a while. Whilst perusing the web I came across this company, . Has anyone ever dealt with them and if so did you like them or not? Thanks in advance. :-)
  5. Dennis Perusse

    9 pin socket center pin, maybe a foolish question

    Hello all, Foolish question for the hive mind. On a 9 pin tube socket their is a metal pin in the center of it on the bottom. Now is that a ground lug or is it just a tie-point? Just something that I would ask everyone as I further debug my amp project and wanting to move a few grounds to a...
  6. Dennis Perusse

    vox ac-10 schematic question/filament grounding

    Hello all, Still debugging my vox ac-10 amp as I found a few more mistakes that I had made while building it. I did notice one thing along the original schematic and that has me scratching my head. I'll post the original but if you look at the schematic you see on the filament string you see...
  7. Dennis Perusse

    Foolish question...maybe. The wiring of a 40-18079 Vox AC15 Power Transformer

    Hello folks, Possible foolish question here but it feels like a real head riddle. A while back I wired up my 40-18079 Power Transformer up in my Vox Ac-10 Frankenstein of an amp. Where I've finally caught up on many of my amp projects this is my last one that I want to finish up for a while...
  8. Dennis Perusse

    vox ac-10 build in a ac-30 chassis, set up to be able to do 15 watts...21st Century Voxy

    Hello, Welcome to my Frankenstein project. I chose to build a Vox AC-10 in a semi period way as I have a love of the Beatles music and want to learn the guitar at some time. For those who have seen some of my previous builds with my Kalamazoo Model 2 or my champ amp some will remember...
  9. Dennis Perusse

    vox choke questions for an ac10

    Hello everyone, I have a question on early vox chokes. Once I finish up one of my other projects I plan on starting to acquire parts to do a vox ac10 build and put it in an ac30 chassis as I have one. I plan on using one of the original schematics for this build and I plan on using an...
  10. Dennis Perusse

    Contacting Tino Zottola

    Hey all, I have all three of his books but I wish to contact him about one of his designs. Has anyone ever contacted him and if so do they have his email address to do so? Thank you in advance. Dennis
  11. Dennis Perusse

    Ma Sonic stereo amp schematic, question

    Hello all, I have a question about series string amps. I gave myself a challenge of doing a stereo amp based off of Tino Zottola's Ma Sonic 1 amp with the exception of me wanting to use as a low powered hi fi stereo. It can be used a low powered stereo guitar amp if you wanted to change a few...
  12. Dennis Perusse

    How do you do power transformer calculations?

    Hello everyone, Question for anyone who can explain this to me as I haven't found any place that can explain this simply. My google-fu has not yielded me any places that can show me what's going on plus my attempt to send a letter to Merlin Blencowe has failed also, hence me asking here...
  13. Dennis Perusse

    bobtavia troubleshooting

    Hello, Hey, I'm building a bobtavia pedal and I am having the hardest time trying to figure out if I'm missing something on the schematic that I should have done. Take a look at the schematic posted. Should I have a capacitor on the 1 and 8 pin of the op amp as I've seen some other...
  14. Dennis Perusse

    Bassman tone and vol controls, need some help here

    Hello all, I'm kinda at the tail end of my build but I am stuck in a weird way and it is with the final testing/debugging phase of it which to me makes no sense, but let me begin at the beginning. I built a 5b6 Octal Bassman for a friend of mine and at the last end of things I was...
  15. Dennis Perusse

    Rick Tone tube tremodrive box/pedal

    Hello all, I'm normally not on this forum but this is the best place to post my question as it relates to stompboxes/tube pedals. I saw on Youtube a post by Uncle Doug as he shows various types of tremolo boxes, one of them being a Rick-tone tremolo/boost box. Feeling inspired wanting one...
  16. Dennis Perusse

    question about grid and screen resistors

    hello all, Hey quick question about screen and grid stoppers. I'm doing a bassman 5b6 build but I thought that putting this on a separate thread would be more appropriate. The 5b6 build thread is here, so as not to put confusion so far...
  17. Dennis Perusse

    A Fender 5B6 Tweed Bassman Build

    Hello, As promised I said that I'd do up a build thread on my attempts of doing an early octal tweed Bassman for my friend Gary who wants to learn the bass. He had been saying it for at least a year and on his birthday that he wanted to learn so his family and I got him an Aria Bass guitar...
  18. Dennis Perusse

    wiring an 5b6 output transformer question

    Hello all, I'm in the process of finishing up wiring of a Fender 5b6 bassman head that I am doing for my friend Gary but I'm not sure how to proceed on one area of it. Or maybe let me phrase it this way, as I'm sure that I did it right but I want confirmation of what I did and if it is...
  19. Dennis Perusse

    Need Help with Transformer specs so I don't get the wrong one

    Hello all, I need help in getting a power transformer for my Fender Bassman (5B6) project. I'm using Tino Zottola's book "Builiding Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers Vol 1" so they post the PT that I would need but somethings I don't quite understand at all. In his book he writes...
  20. Dennis Perusse

    OT size in a bass amp

    Hello all, I'm planning on making one of the Pa26-66 amp but instead of having it for a guitar I plan on making it as a bass amp for my friend as a birthday gift. Yes I realize that I am also going to have to make some changes in the values of caps in the pre-amp but that is at least...
  21. Dennis Perusse

    Bass Amp questions, like which one to build first. :-)

    Hey all, Okay now that the Kalamazoo Model 2 has been somewhat put to rest (still gotta do a cab for it but it works) I want to get around to doing a bass amp. I have a problem in that I am not sure which one I should build as they are in two different flavors of tube amp. The first...
  22. Dennis Perusse

    kalamazoo model 2 build

    Hello all, Okay in light of my previous posts and realizing that my PT is wrecked I'm still gonna put my build on here anyway. Where I've been planning this for at least a year and my intentions in this build have changed subsequently I figured I'd state what my goals were in this...
  23. Dennis Perusse

    Power Transformer wiring question

    Hello, Hey, I'm about ready to do my build thread on the kalamazoo model 2 that I've been working on but I've run into a snag. I've wired it all up and checked it twice with the schematic and my own version of the layout but I'm not getting any power out of the Power Transformer. I've...
  24. Dennis Perusse

    Need help understanding this Power Transformer

    Hello all, I just harvested this Power Transformer from an old RCA Radiomarine Radio telephone which was already hacked up badly so I'm harvesting what I can. The power supply looks like something that I can use but I am unfamiliar with how these things read and would like some...
  25. Dennis Perusse

    I have a silvertone 1482 layout but need comments on it

    Hello all, I sent this thread earlier this morning but I haven't seen it on the list so I'm sending this again. Whilst trying to get my parts together for my kalamazoo model 2 build I figured that I'd challenge myself and so a layout of the Silvertone 1482. Unfortunately it is in the ye...