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  1. kiwi blue

    Threaded rod magnets

    Has anyone tried these? Threaded rod magnets that replace the non-magnetic steel poles and bar magnets in a p90 or humbucker. They are FeCrCo #2 and described as similar strength as alnico 2. There is also an alnico 5 equivalent...
  2. kiwi blue

    Early 60s vintage Oxford 10 inch speakers

    I have a pair of Oxford 10K5 speakers that came with a '63 Brown Super I bought 16 years ago. I replaced them with Weber 10A125s and put the Oxfords in storage. The other day a friend helped me put together a 1 x 10 cab and we put an Oxford in it. The amp we tested it with is a tweed...
  3. kiwi blue

    Eggs over easy

    I never really liked fried eggs. I like my yolks runny, but even so, by the time the whites were set and the yolks were about right, there was always that burnt cellophane thing happening on the bottom. Lately I've been restricting carbs severely to deal with diabetes, so I've ended up eating a...
  4. kiwi blue

    Time to clean up my No 1

    Now some of these pics aint for the squeamish, so be warned! This is my No 1. A partscaster I put together around 2005. Since then it's done a lot of gigs, recording sessions, jams, rehearsals, and plain old parties, and had a blues life through and through. Lots of beer, lots of sweat, lots of...
  5. kiwi blue

    New guitar project day (Grote hollowbody)

    Lately I've been less involved in performance and recording projects and more in involved in working on guitars, and especially taking cheap guitars with good bones and learning how to make them play and sound much better. In the last couple of years I've upgraded an Artist Tele, a Samick LP, an...
  6. kiwi blue

    Modding a Mean 90

    Tried a pair of Mean 90s a while ago in a cheap hollowbody and they didn't float my boat so I yanked them. I wasn't getting the thick and juicy neck P90 sound I like and they seemed a little lifeless and boring to me. They come with A5 magnets, and I was pretty sure they had nickel plated brass...
  7. kiwi blue

    Upgrading a Samick Greg Bennett AV3 Les Paul copy

    I promised a forum member I’d post about this project, so here we go … I helped a lefty friend replace the neck pickup in his Greg Bennett AV3 and the guitar stayed with me for a week or two, so I played it of course. I liked how it felt and played, and the shorter Gibson scale was a nice...
  8. kiwi blue

    Remedy for darker end grain?

    I'm in the process of finishing a swamp ash Tele body for a partscaster project. This is my first attempt at finishing a body, and I have very little woodworking experience in general. I'm learning as I go and really enjoying it. I'm using pure tung oil and a wood stain. I applied a coat of oil...
  9. kiwi blue

    Fender Vintage PAT # Telecaster bridge plate

    Wondering if anyone can explain the difference (if any) between this bridge (Vintage PAT # Telecaster bridge plate) (logo etc not angled) and this one...
  10. kiwi blue

    Recommendations for lefty Tele body for partscaster project

    I'm putting together a lefty Tele partscaster. I already have a neck and have sourced the hardware I need (although I haven't ordered it yet). I now need to choose a body (unfinished, probably alder). I don't want to buy rubbish but I also don't want to waste money. What's important to me for...
  11. kiwi blue

    Prine Beer

    I brewed this the day after John Prine died. I was trying to do an honest to God old style beer that tastes real good. Later on I was casting around for a name for it, and it seemed to just fit. Do you remember Yes I Think They Oughta Name a Drink After You? Fear Beer! Turned out really good...
  12. kiwi blue

    80s Ibanez Blazer hardtail bridge mod

    I've had an 82 Blazer hardtail for a couple of years now. I replaced the pickups with a set of Papa George Greasy Hots and that was an improvement over the stock pickups, but I somehow still struggled with it. The sound just wasn't quite there and it seemed to lack sparkle. I swapped to 500k...
  13. kiwi blue

    Meet my new best friend

    Lefty MIJ mid 90s. Instant bonding. For once I may leave the stock pickups alone even though they are ceramics. The guitar has a bold and authoritative sound both plugged and unplugged. Neck feels great. Even has the proper early 60s slab fretboard. I’m in love.
  14. kiwi blue

    Solid steel trem block in maple body "Strat"

    Hiya. Posting here because Stratty folk know a thing or two about trem bridges. I have a Westone Spectrum, a Matsumoko guitar from the 80s. Is it a Strat? Kind of. But not really. It's HH configuration, with maple body and neck and a 2 point trem bridge that's based on the Fender Strat bridge...
  15. kiwi blue

    Effect of set up on sound of a guitar

    I’ve only recently started adjusting truss rods and so on myself after 43 years of playing. I’ve done two guitars so far: a Westone bass and an 80s Ibanez Blazer. I knew getting the truss rod adjusted right would improve the instrument’s playability. What I didn’t expect was how much more lively...
  16. kiwi blue

    Etiquette about band names

    I'm sure most of us who have been in bands have had bright ideas for the perfect band name, only to google and find of course it's already being used. In fact it can seem like all the good ones are already taken. I think it's pretty obvious that if some-one local has a similar name you don't...
  17. kiwi blue

    P bass pickups

    So what's your favourite P bass pickup, and why? I'm a long-time guitar player, relatively new to bass. I have a cheap Samick PJ bass. The guitar is a decent, functional guitar, but the stock pickups sounded anaemic and toneless. I disconnected the J pickup and replaced the neck P pickup with a...
  18. kiwi blue

    Replacement bridges and acoustic resonance, etc

    I'm a guitarist who dabbles on bass purely for home recording. I have an old Samick PJ bass. Currently playing it through a Rumble 40. I bought it used for NZ$150 and that's about what it's worth. Stock pickups were weak and toneless, so I disabled the J and replaced the P with a Dimarzio Model...
  19. kiwi blue

    Question about Strat-sized P90s

    We are all familiar with the Strat type pickups that have bar magnets mounted horizontally underneath the pickup instead of rod magnets mounted vertically through the coil. MIM strats often have them, as do many Asian made guitars. They usually have non-magnetised poles. The ones I’ve played...
  20. kiwi blue

    Rode NT3

    Had a Rode NT3 fall into my lap for four months while its owner is overseas. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Anyone got any experience with this? I’m also babysitting a Rumble 40 bass amp. And then I “accidentally” bought new monitors. Looks like I may be getting back into the studio...
  21. kiwi blue

    Yamaha THR10C presets: monitoring question

    It’s been a difficult year for me personally, but I handled it pretty well on the whole and I’m approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. So I figured I deserve a nice Christmas present to myself. Found a THR10C on special, $50 off normal price, have wanted one for a couple of years but...
  22. kiwi blue

    RIP Geoff Emerick
  23. kiwi blue

    NGD Matsumoko Westone Spectrum ST

    I seem to have turned into a collector of '80s Japanese guitars without realising it. I've had a mid-80s Tokai AST-56 for about 15 years now, added a 1982 Ibanez AS-200 9 years ago. Earlier this year I bought an '82 Ibanez Blazer for dirt cheap (NZ$275). All very good guitars. And now a Westone...