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  1. nedorama

    Original Holiday Song from '96

    For a little bit of holiday cheer... I wrote and recorded this with a bandmate back in '96, but the song's lesson still holds true today. Fun times using Opcode's Studio Vision Pro, an SM58 and a 57. Happy holidays, merry merry, and enjoy!
  2. nedorama

    '68 original Fender Deluxe Reverb - $450 on Reverb!! Slight catch... never seen one in the wild! Could be a "fun" project for someone who can work on solid state, or for a completionist.
  3. nedorama

    1/4 amps hum at home, but that amp isn't humming in studio...

    I have 4 amps, all on the same outlet: - 65 Fender Tremolux - 74 Fender Princeton - 80 Fender Princeton Reverb - Dr. Z MAZ 18 Jr. The Tremolux, Princeton and the Dr. Z are dead quiet when turned on and plugged into. The Princeton Reverb has hum with nothing plugged into the input, and hum goes...
  4. nedorama

    Minor Surgery on a 1980 Princeton Reverb

    I have a 1980 Princeton Reverb I love - it's been upgraded over the years with a Deluxe Reverb Output transformer, a new cap can, and a Kendrick Black Fram speaker. I was starting to hear some hum out of it, so I took it to my local amp shop. He found that the reverb drive and recovery preamp...
  5. nedorama

    Best type of glue to re-attach PVC bottom to 9-series Pedal?

    I have an original Ibanez AD9 Delay - great sound, but took it off my pedalboard as the AC connector got wonky and I'd like to avoid the pedal getting a lot more wear and tear. When it was on the board, I took the rubber pad off the bottom for velcro, but now looking to reattach it. Looking...
  6. nedorama

    Strymon Mobius or Eventide H9?

    Looking to update my pedalboard. Right now for modulation I have my MXR Micro Flanger and an Ibanez SC10 Stereo Chorus - both sound pretty good. Phase 90 is gone as I never really used it. 2020 Latest Pedalboard by nedorama posted Jun 25, 2020 at 7:05 PM Tremolo is also available on 3 of my...