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  1. Deeve

    Moral of the story - work on guitars for free

    Hit me up; I'm happy to change strings, adjust intonation, polish those frets to a mirror-finish. . . Peace - Deeve Man splits $1 million lottery jackpot with friend after good deed . . . Cochrane had...
  2. Deeve

    Darwin remains hard at work

    File under - seriously?
  3. Deeve

    Francisco González, Los Lobos founding member and guitar-string pioneer, dead at 68

    Gone early - RIP
  4. Deeve

    Dwayne Haskins - RIP age 24

    Hit by a truck @ 6:30a?
  5. Deeve

    Is the guitar solo dead? - NYT interactive will shock you . . .

    I love clickbait titles, don't you?
  6. Deeve

    Corpse ejected during crash with truck carrying a horse trailer

    This brings to mind that groan-inducing punchline: "Jeebus - that's dad's second wreck this week. . . " A body was ejected from a funeral home van when a truck carrying a horse trailer crashed into...
  7. Deeve


    New Strap Button Well, it was a big deal for me. . . A little over a month ago, I licked my wounds from a missed opportunity to buy a lightly modified Duolian. I found another resonator with a repair issue and bought it sight-unseen. Upon its arrival, I was underwhelmed by the repair, but...
  8. Deeve

    Nudie Cohn - Rodeo Tailor/Ukraine immigrant

    A pal just sent up this article to share w/ me. A few new facts for me in there, like the number of thise suits owned by Porter Wagoner. Lawdy!
  9. Deeve

    File under "nope"

    Lawdy, I'm a fan of the diverse array of creative builds. Why can't I get behind this one? I LOVE the live-edge tables and doors I've seen so far. February 21, 2022
  10. Deeve

    Magawa was born in Tanzania in 2014

    And how was he rewarded for his life-saving work? With a banana. Rest in Power, little rodent hero... A rat named Magawa, who has died during retirement at the age of eight, sniffed out dozens of land mines over the...
  11. Deeve

    A Box of Cash, a Secret Donor and a Big Lift for Some N.Y.C. Students

    While there may have been larger donations, this one captured my attention. If you're blocked by a paywall, I've attached a PDF print-out of the article - tdlr - re-read the title $90 postage for a box of cash $180k anonymous gift from a grateful former student. Personally, I haven't felt...
  12. Deeve

    the obit I can only hope for . . .

    . . . when I'm gone Mrs Deeve has too much style and taste to report things accurately Check this one out: :eek: Renay Mandel Corren El Paso, TX—A plus-sized Jewish lady redneck died in El Paso on Saturday.
  13. Deeve

    thank you, David Bowie - 50 years from Hunky Dory

    The decades and c'c'c'changes have gone by much faster than I could have imagined. Share your memories of the Thin White Duke here?
  14. Deeve

    Calling Mr Backlund to the retro-phone

    thought this might be a friend of @John Backlund I liked this guy's talk and product - thought you might as well. I have no connection, financial or otherwise - just dig the vibe. Peace - Deeve
  15. Deeve

    Mick Rock R.I.P.

    As a guy who thinks a red guitar sounds better, I recognize that I'm a visual guy. Mick Rock took a lot of pics that mattered over my formative years. Mick Taylor, Mick Ronson, Mick(y) Dolenz all had their place, but Mick Rock took the pics that reminded me of the show...
  16. Deeve

    NKD - sorta

    Yeah, my hands are MASSIVE. :rolleyes: This Ttone Centaur copy (from Wish dot com) is a bit smaller than I expected. :oops: Actual dimensions 3.5x4.5x1.5" :eek: Will is be most effective w/ single coils (on the avatar tele) a 3xp90 sortacaster or ASAT tribute Bluescaster (neck 'bucker)? Peace...
  17. Deeve

    Not planning to buy in @ IPO; You?

    I'd sooner purchase that violin-inspired Tele from the Custom Shop than add GC stock to my "portfolio" You? Peace - Deeve From bankruptcy to IPO in a year? It's a tune Guitar Center might play...
  18. Deeve

    Happy birthday to the wives, gf, etc

    @Freeman Keller nixed a meeting today, for the Best of reasons - it's his wife's birthday. Despite my "sparkling personality" I had to agree; he made the right choice. It made me think about the great home made chicken Ramen I'm slurping tonight and how much I appreciate Mrs Deeve. She'll have...
  19. Deeve

    Don Everly RIP This one is a little harder than some of the others, as I'm partial to blood harmony, wherever I can get it (even w/ artful overdubs @mrsongbird . . .) Rest in Peace Don - Deeve
  20. Deeve

    What a repair - what a surprise

    And I was thrilled when my guitar came back w/ headstock back where it belonged.
  21. Deeve

    Chris Martin IV retiring

    I did not see this coming, but haven't been following closely enough. The imminent demise of GC has had my full attention, and just a few months ago I finally have a D35 on hand (gift from dying bud). What's behind this shift...
  22. Deeve

    N.A.D (attenuator)

    Finally, I get to share a little retail therapy! Ordered a few weeks ago, but out of stock. The company that employs "sales engineers" called me on Tuesday to say they were shipping again and to look for the FedEx truck on Friday. Knock on my door today surprised me. And, yes; there was a...
  23. Deeve

    MP3 vs WMA file format

    Hello TDPRI hive-mind - I recently stumbled upon a small cache of audio files (a couple dozen "best of" albums from bands that are outside of my daily listening (Rush, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, for example) Interesting sound textures - insipid lyrics - but a change of pace and I'm up for the...
  24. Deeve

    Lucille Bluth - R.I.P.

    Jessica Walter, Tart-Tongued Matriarch of ‘Arrested Development,’ Dies at 80 In a career that spanned six decades, Ms. Walter found a new audience as Lucille Bluth, the matriarch of the dysfunctional family featured in “Arrested Development,” a cult hit...
  25. Deeve

    Another obit - Paul Jackson: Headhunters

    Rest in funky peace, my dude Time is marching on - ow Paul Jackson, who as bassist for Herbie Hancock's Headhunters helped secure the first million-selling jazz album, died on...