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  1. Flaneur

    Mississippi John Hurt movie- incoming.

    This year!
  2. Flaneur

    What's better than a New Guitar Day?

    What's better than a New Guitar Day? (not many things really but......) Getting your unplayable Telecaster back into line? I have this partscaster, with three great pickups and a comfy fat Allparts neck. The 'tall, narrow' frets were cutting my fingers to ribbons, where I'd worn the crowns...
  3. Flaneur

    Happy Birthday, Lowell George!

    He would have been 77. What a loss.....
  4. Flaneur

    Nighthawk '64

  5. Flaneur

    New Taj and Ry, on the way.....

  6. Flaneur

    T-Bone Walker's first release.

    Aged 19. In 1929. A lot earlier, than many folks imagine......
  7. Flaneur

    Is this the best movie ever made?

    -or just my favourite? :cool: 'The Third Man' (1949). Directed by Carol Reed. Feel free to disagree.....but, if you haven't seen this one, watch it. :)
  8. Flaneur

    King Harvest

    Just a brief snippet of genius......
  9. Flaneur

    The Gift

    A friend just gifted me an HH 4x12 speaker cabinet. It's an old one- built like a tank and weighs as much as a light armoured car....... I've been wanting one, for a while- although I have no need for such a thing. Who does, today? Probably needs to be re-configured, for my 4 ohm amp heads...
  10. Flaneur

    Florida Hurricane

  11. Flaneur

    Cow Cow Blues

  12. Flaneur

    Chickenbone John

  13. Flaneur

    Every Day.....

  14. Flaneur

    Mean, mean licks.......

  15. Flaneur

    Psychedelic Blues: When The Blues Turned On And Tuned In

    Psychedelic Blues: When The Blues Turned On And Tuned In | uDiscover (
  16. Flaneur

    Freddie solo......

    Awesome, in any format.......:cool:
  17. Flaneur

    N.F.L. 2021

    It's that time, again. :cool:
  18. Flaneur

    Isolated Grace Slick

  19. Flaneur


    Hard to believe, there are no other tributes to the pioneering work of Charlie Watkins. Here's my Dominator III.
  20. Flaneur

    I married Isis......

    -on the fifth day of May. :cool: Happy Anniversary, Ma'am. :)
  21. Flaneur

    Jontavious Willis

  22. Flaneur

    Generation Bridge musicians.

    Who is your favourite musician, who is a lot younger than you? Say 25+ years? And if you're too young to make that work, who is your favourite musician who is 25+ years older than you currently are? I am often saddened, by how many folks are still straight jacketed by the music they grew up...
  23. Flaneur

    Every day carry.

    Anyone got something clever, that they never leave the house without? More useful, than a hand cannon and less obtrusive, than a Bowie knife? I always check, to make sure I've got a bandana in my pocket, nowadays. Ideally one that has been washed a bunch of times, so the colours won't bleed...
  24. Flaneur

    Cars you'll never own.....

    I'll start.... '55 Jaguar XK140

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