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  1. Sparky2

    What do I have in common with a really valuable Gibson Les Paul?

    Well, let's see; * We were both born in the USA, in 1959. * We both have really stiff necks. * It wouldn't take much for us to snap our heads clean off if we accidently fell over. * A lot of battle scars, nicks, dings, and cracks are visible. * We have asymmetrical curves with a larger...
  2. Sparky2

    NGD, a mystery

    Hey, ho, hi, good morning. I picked up a used, elderly acoustic-electric the other day. A fellow had sold off a dozen guitars to my nearest music store/band supply house, as he was headed off to seminary college up north, and didn't need all of them. I visited my friend Frank (the owner), and...
  3. Sparky2

    Going off the grid

    Hey gang, my wife and I are leaving tomorrow morning early for Savannah. Memorial service for a fallen beloved sister-in-law, and long-overdue visit with some family. I won't be taking a computer, but will have a beat-up old Telecaster. And an elderly guitar effects processor, cable, and...
  4. Sparky2

    Which things matter the most to you, as relates to acquiring a guitar?

    Another recent thread (about a seller unwilling to provide a weight of the guitar to a prospective buyer) got me to thinking; When it comes to acquiring another guitar, what are the considerations that go into that acquisition? Does the weight of the instrument matter more than the type...
  5. Sparky2

    A delightful discovery

    Okay. So I have three dogs. And they get out and run around in the rain and the dirt and the mud, and we will often use a waterless dog shampoo (a foam stuff, pleasant smelling, mild) spritzed onto a damp terrycloth towel, to wipe them off when they come in. It leaves them refreshed and...
  6. Sparky2

    Okay now, this is great

    Just a bunch of old legends jamming. :)
  7. Sparky2

    Well, who knew?

    Pau Ferro and Curly Maple can live together in harmony! :eek:o_O
  8. Sparky2

    I have never seen Elf

    There, I said it. And it's not likely that I ever will. Feel free to dismiss me from your list of friends. :oops:
  9. Sparky2

    We fixin' to rock and roll

    Weather-wise, that is. Batten down the hatches, lads. It's gonna get sporty. Recce, let me know if you make out okay on your property, good sir. :(
  10. Sparky2

    Expect more shortages and delays the guitar supply chain. If you are into Squiers, Samicks, Yamahas, Corts, and some select Fenders, that is. :(
  11. Sparky2

    NGD, the hard way

    I'm guessing that threads that are ten years old won't make it into the main feed? Anyway. I got a new (old) Tele. I love it. I scabbed my comments on it into a really old thread because of the colour of the guitar. That was apparently the wrong thing to do...
  12. Sparky2

    NGD, 40 years in the making

    I sold off a lot of guitars over the past few months. Four were divested this past week alone. All in order to make room for a guitar that I've been lusting for for quite some time. Probably since 1981, when I first picked up Elvis Costello's album Trust out of a sale bin in a record store...
  13. Sparky2

    Who lives forever anyway?

    The passing of Charlie Watts earlier today, and the demise of Dusty Hill a few weeks ago. (And the death of David Bowie a few years ago, I must mention.) It has given me pause to consider the question, who exactly lives forever? Can any of us name somebody who has achieved lifelong...
  14. Sparky2

    I'm floored

    Okay, the band Nickelback. Sort of a music industry joke thing right? Some people love them. Most people can't stand them. Me, I never really heard them, I reckon. Couldn't name you a single Nickelback hit song. And this this evening I stumbled upon this youTube video from a 2007 tribute...
  15. Sparky2

    NGD, an SG

    2011 Gibson Melody Maker SG, that is. Always wanted one like this, after seeing Brian Ray play his signature SG Junior with the single P90. I like the white and black aesthetics. Arrived yesterday evening from Round Rock, Texas (via Delighted that UPS didn't destroy it. Very...
  16. Sparky2

    Song lyrics with extreme expressions of emotion

    This only just occurred to me. When you write your songs and song lyrics, what are your left-and-right-limits for expressions of emotion, either positive or negative? And further, are your song-writing ambitions limited by that which is the socially-accepted norm of pop radio? And if so, is...
  17. Sparky2

    Deviations of Song Lyrics

    So no, this thread isn't about frequently mis-heard song lyrics. That's boring, and it's been done to death. This is about my brain's synapses. I post this so that I may better understand my affliction. You see, I may have a disease. Or a malady if you will. A disorder. I can hear and learn...
  18. Sparky2

    Monumental pain in the arse

    I just finished cleaning up, restringing, and polishing my brother's pointy HSH Ibanez. It's a beautiful guitar, and he's my brother, so I love him. But GOD do I hate dealing with a Floyd Rose Trem system! You need three hands, a screw driver, allen wrenches, diagonal cutting pliers, and a...
  19. Sparky2

    NGD inbound

    Okay, so I sold off two guitars this past week, and gave one away. (An old but pristine Alvarez acoustic, to the local drug & alcohol treatment facility.) Today I am poised to sell one more, a Les Paul style guitar that I am fond of, but just don't play all that much. Two guys at work are...
  20. Sparky2


    Ever have a thought so profound, undeniably-true, and awesome, yet one that the rest of society will probably never get on board with? I did, this very morning. I was at the local nursery, and chatting with my neighbors about soil, plants, and fertilizer, tomatoes, hot peppers, and a variety...
  21. Sparky2

    It's a dog's life

    My Sophie only knows two speeds; Wide-open, and dead-asleep. How about your pooches? ;)
  22. Sparky2

    NGD, 30 years in the making

    So, a little over a year ago, a very nice lady posted to another guitar forum where I moderate (and frequently provide guitar valuations), looking for information and advice. She had a 1991 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe, still new in the case, and wished to know what it might be worth. She was...
  23. Sparky2

    How do you want to go?

    have been to a lot of funerals lately. I just sang Amazing Grace at a funeral Mass yesterday morning. We are all (many of us) of a certain age. We have been through it. Our buddies and old classmates and chums are passing away. I confess that I have lost 15 friends and family members in...
  24. Sparky2

    Some thoughts on value, utility, and high-dollar guitars

    I just had a thought. (And this is rare, so hang on, it could get dicey.) The things we value in a guitar are fairly simple, right? We need it to work, from the get-go, and be dependable. We need it to sound great. We need it to stay in tune. We want it to be pretty. We want it to feel...
  25. Sparky2

    Okay, the hook is in the water

    ..... let's see if anyone bites. What do you want to bet that somebody tries to give me $20 for the pair of them? :(

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