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  1. TokyoPortrait

    The Black Keys' Dropout Boogie album release party live now (I think)

    Hi. As far as I can tell, the Black Keys are having a release party live right now on the iHeartRadio Youtube channel, for their new album Dropout Boogie, which is being release today (whichever 'day' that may be, depending on where you live - Saturday morning 14th May 2022 for me). I'm...
  2. TokyoPortrait

    Collecting Kitschy Album Art

    Hi. I think this is rather brilliant. Some truly actual LOL moments* in here for me. And something in here for our delightful @hemingway too. <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="" width="640"...
  3. TokyoPortrait

    You won’t believe what I said the other day…

    …or, maybe you will. David’s post in another thread just reminded me. Looking at my son, I said “Hey, your top’s bumched at the back.” Then I turned, stood there at the kitchen counter, paused mid onion slice, trying to figure out why I felt uneasy, and what was my brain trying to tell me...
  4. TokyoPortrait

    Could have bought 12 Marshalls yesterday for next to nothing, but I didn’t, because….

    …they looked like a novelty beer. “Amped Up larger” apparently. Pax/ Dean
  5. TokyoPortrait

    Suddenly it’s proper hot and I’m listening to…

    …reggae. Hi. For me, reggae just feels so right in the heat. Something about it.* On the train right now, spinning (the noughts and ones of) this: Pax/ Dean * or, something about me that makes it seem there’s something about it?
  6. TokyoPortrait

    I Am Rude vs You Made Me Rude

    Hi. Well there's a new one. I just clicked on a "Manage your subscription" link in an e-mail. To cancel a subscription. The cancel 'response' option made me sound slightly rude. Something like "Zero stuff! Stop sending me e-mails!" I'm guessing it is an attempt you make people hesitate and...
  7. TokyoPortrait

    Peter Green Tone Via Pedals - Andertons TV with Dave Simpson

    Hi. Andertons TV put up a video a wee while ago where Lee Anderton and Dave Simpson try to get a Peter Green tone with affordable gear - cheap-ish guitar, solid state Orange amp and (ultimately) two pedals. Interesting, as they tried out several pedals that get discussed a fair bit here (& a...
  8. TokyoPortrait

    The Guitars of Keith Richards: a (5 Watt World) Short History

    Hi. Just noticed this relatively new video from 5 Watt World. Did a quick search & don’t think it has been posted. Pax/ Dean
  9. TokyoPortrait

    All Them Witches - Live on the Internet (new live album)

    Hi. If you're into it, All Them Witches released 'Live on the Internet' a few hours ago. Basically, the album version of a paid online show they did a wee while ago. Available on their page at BandCamp and also from New West Records.* Bunch of songs on their YouTube channel too, like these...
  10. TokyoPortrait

    New Line 6 Guitar Amps - Catalyst Family of Guitar Amps

    Hi. By chance I just noticed this. Seems to have been announced / released recently. Still on preorder it appears. Personally, I find this quite annoying. I've been looking for a solution for a few practice / home recording problems, and this just muddies the waters / makes choices more...
  11. TokyoPortrait

    So, I finally caved in and bought a Klon…

    …clone. Hi. Namely, a Moskey Golden Horse. The particular choice of klone inspired by semi recent posts here. Not quite as cheap as I’ve seen in the past, but still no great financial stressor at the equiv. of US$30.08. Feels more flimsy than my various other Chinese made clones. Or, it...
  12. TokyoPortrait

    Fender’s New Hammertone Pedals.

    Hi. Just noticed the new line of cheaper pedals. Have not seen anything on here about them. That may be due to time zone differences of course. But a search yields nothing - sorry if I’ve somehow missed it. I already covet the...
  13. TokyoPortrait

    PSA: Brainworx bx_masterdesk on sale until January 31 - 11:59 PM PST

    Hi. Anyone who has Plugin Alliance / Brainworx accounts probably got the e-mail, but for others, they’re having a sale on for their mastering plugin Masterdesk.* Ends Monday 31st, 11:59pm, PST. Normally $299, which possibly maybe actually means $39.99 typically. As that’s the ‘pre-sale...
  14. TokyoPortrait

    Do you one for one? Or have any other rule re social media vs practice?

    Hi. Something @telemnemonics said in another thread reminded me of something I’d thought about asking a few days ago. I don’t, but I’ve known of people who have rules like, for every hour they spend online on social media (or whatever) for their hobby, they have to spend the same on actually...
  15. TokyoPortrait

    Doc Neeson - A Very Good Rascal (an Australian Story)

    Hi. Looking for something for another thread, I just came across this. I was totally into the Angels as a teenager / young adult.* I still remember where I was when I first heard them - my bedroom at home in my parents' house in a small sleepy southern New Zealand town. They were being...
  16. TokyoPortrait

    Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs - Wicked Mind (Official Music Video)

    Hi. Here’s one for the Australians, if you close your eyes and try to remove the context, who does this remind you off? I'm getting some uneasy visual doppelgänger-ness too. I do like the solo though. Pax/ Dean
  17. TokyoPortrait

    Today’s Music Sucks - educated(?) opinions from Shull, Beato and some guy in the Atlantic (newspaper, not ocean)

    Hi. I noticed this. Which led to this. And then this. Pax/ Dean
  18. TokyoPortrait

    Crack! My Tele Broke - Kinda

    Hi. So, I was putting my 50s styled lacquer finished MIJ Tele away last night and suddenly noticed a bit of checking on the back - mostly long lines spaced several inches apart. And, one single check line on the front. So, I was quite surprised, as nothing much goes on temp / use wise in my...
  19. TokyoPortrait

    What’s you favourite compilation?

    Hi. Sometimes compilation albums get a bit of a dirty rep, a bad rap - incomplete, superficial ‘popular’ selection, misleading sampling, poor quality, blatant money grab repackaging, etc. But, some can be great. And even, can become favourites. So, is it one artist, one genre, one label...
  20. TokyoPortrait

    Can You Hear a Difference?

    Hi. Just noticed this. And, just for fun. But it does remind me of many times where people, including myself, have mistaken one guitar for another. Or, underestimated the role of the amp. Et cetera. Edit - seems between the time I watched it, wrote this and posted it, he took the video...
  21. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (creativity)

    Hi. I learnt I don’t have much of it. But, I also learnt I think it can be improved / developed. Early in 2021 I came home one Friday after work quite late and decided, for no particular reason, to make a quick basic, dirty sounding blues backing track in Logic and just mess around over it. I...
  22. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (bass - the playing of)

    Hi. I learnt I think I like it more than guitar - when playing with others. It has such power, both physically and psychologically. It’s like a magic wand - ‘Move your hips, I command thee…’* And you? Pax/ Dean * okay, it’s probably the drummer more than me… :rolleyes:
  23. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (songwriting - the music / the lyrics / the structure)

    Hi. I learnt I should try writing with a bass way more. I come up with different stuff, instead of the same old stuff. Especially, bass lines / rhythms / grooves with holes in them. Those you can fill with guitar bits. This seems to create a different, more integrated, more ‘composed’...
  24. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (pedals)

    Hi. I learnt, I have enough. So, when I occasionally buy a new one, they should be something quite different and maybe even a bit silly (for me). :) Hence my last two - a rotary speaker emulator and an auto wah. And that lead me to learn that they can inspire new approaches, or yield...
  25. TokyoPortrait

    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (Guitars - the playing of)

    Hi. I learnt, I still suck. But I also learnt to live with that, a wee bit more. Oh yeah, I also learnt to be a little less heavy handed with my fretting (emphases on ‘a little’). And you? Pax/ Dean

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