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  1. adirondak5

    Another Thinline (Wolverine Jr)

    I started this yesterday , had some sapele laying around for a few years now , its heavy so it will get thinned down and hogged out for the body . For the top I have a piece of ambrosia flame maple just thick enough to slice a 1/4" bookmatch out of it . I already got one book match out of it...
  2. adirondak5

    Drag and Drop Pictures Issue

    Its happened twice in the last 2 weeks to me and another member also mentioned to me he is having the same issue . I'll drag a photo to the dialog box and it won't upload and a message pops up saying "forum not accepting uploads at this time" . I may be a little off on exact wording but its...
  3. adirondak5

    Pic test

  4. adirondak5

    Just Doodling Around

    I've been messing around with a design for a week or so and drew it up about 20 times now , always a little change here or there , some for aesthetics , some for practicality . I finally came up with something I like or at least I think I like at this time . The body neck combo on the right in...
  5. adirondak5

    Drill Index

    I made this on the cnc the other day , out of .250" thick candlestone (like Corian) a drill index for my pen barrel drill bits , I'll glue it to an old cigar box bottom and keep all my loose pen drill bits in it in a better order than laying on the bench . I'll probably make another for guitar...
  6. adirondak5

    Triple Play

    The idea started with a 7.5 " x 36" x 2.75" piece of sapele and a quilt maple billet . I sliced the sapele on the bandsaw and ended up with one 2 piece blank at a touch less than 1.25" thick and another at about 1.5" thick . I was only going to use the 1.5" thick piece but I found an old thin...
  7. adirondak5

    The Stealth Thinline -- Kinda

    I had a glued up cherry/walnut wings blank settin around for a while now and thought it would be fun to work some inlays in and make a thinline look but not really a thinline . I played around with my CAD files and came up with some traditional shapes for what I want to do . Body blank on CNC...
  8. adirondak5

    The Mother of All Shop Pencils

    I use to keep a gross box of #2 Ticonderoga pencils in the shop and a few sharpeners , and either I couldn't find a sharpener or I had pencils all over the place , or every pencil I picked up had a broken point . Then probably 6 - 7 years ago I switched to Staedtler Mars Leadholder , they take 2...
  9. adirondak5

    SSSSSSSnakehead 2016

    Got another Snakehead build going , not much of a change from the one I did a few years ago except this one has a 2 piece white pine body and is cnc'd , I wrote the file based off the PDF I used for the build a few years back , neck will be cnc'd also . Specs will stay close to prototype except...
  10. adirondak5

    Experiments with Vacuum Infusion and Cactus Juice

    Cactus Juice , really ? Yup , its a heat activated acrylic resin , used for stabilizing wood , in other word it will make punky wood workable and should make hard wood even harder . All it takes is a vacuum chamber , vacuum pump , and a toaster oven and some time . I already had a small Robinair...
  11. adirondak5

    Tagua Nuts Anybody ?

    Anybody ever try using Tagua Nuts (vegetable ivory ) for inlays , fret markers , etc ?
  12. adirondak5

    New Band Saw -------- Blades Day

    Got some new blades today , Timber Wolf , one 3/8 x 6 tpi pc and one 1/4 x 6 tpi pc . I've always had good luck with this brand and for the price from Suffolk Machinery right to my door I get 2 blades for a few bucks more than some name brand blades go for each . If you haven't tried these guys...
  13. adirondak5

    Branding Iron

    Anybody use a branding iron to mark their work ? I just got one , have yet to test it out , some of my builds or other project I engrave my signature on with the CNC but some projects that's not the best option , was thinking a branding iron might fill in some of those situations .
  14. adirondak5


    Yep , New wood day , this is the time of year I usually start looking and gathering , and some might say hoarding :lol: here's the haul today 5/4 , 6/4 , & 7/4 Walnut , that big slab is 15" x 36" x 1 3/4 " Bodies , necks and caps , oh my :mrgreen: And it even came with garnish ...
  15. adirondak5

    COMPLETED - adirondak5's Copperhead Prototype #1 1/2

    I'll let the title speak for itself for now , good to be in this year and good to see all you folks in . Best of luck to all and good building !:wink:
  16. adirondak5

    Band Saw Tune Up

    I've got a Grizzly GO 555 14" band saw with the riser block , I've cut quite a bit with it the last few years , I have no complaints with this saw at all , its cut everything I've thrown at it and its a pleasure to operate , I expect it to last me till I'm no longer cutting wood . I do keep it...
  17. adirondak5

    New Tool Day (new machine day ??)

    Been wanting one of these for a long time now , retired back at the end of June so I figured its now or never so I placed the order back in October , well it was delivered this morning in a snow storm of course :mad: , anyway after getting my son and 2 others we got all 350lbs of it down the...
  18. adirondak5

    Router Lifts

    I recently got a new Router Lift and Table , was thinking of going CNC but just not ready to take that plunge yet , so I got a Woodpeckers PRL V2 Router lift and a Woodpeckers Laminate Micro Dot table , I had a Grizzly Router Table and had my router mounted to the plate , still had to reach...
  19. adirondak5

    Elpee , Everybodies Doing it

    Well , I couldn't resist the urge to build an LP anymore , not after seeing Preeb and Muzikp and OpenG and Mojotron , so I figured I'll try my hand at one of these , not gonna be a very fast build , this is all new stuff to me but it'll be fun , can't do any finish work on the other projects...
  20. adirondak5

    Strat Wars - Seduced By The Dark Side

    Yea , a strat build , Dave was right , thanks to Mark (Guitarnut) and his 4 beautiful hardtail strats I've gone over to the dark side :twisted: (a little theme music please) B9L8nsJLCHg Got some wood , 2 pieces of pretty plain jane swamp ash , light and good for a color finish , thinking...
  21. adirondak5

    GOT WOOD ?

    Lets see fret boards , body blanks , neck blanks , as long as its wood , where ya got it from so on . I just got these finger boards from LMII , nice , 3 ebony , 1 cocobolo , all 1st grade , I would almost rate them as premium , good price fast shipping , what more could ya want :smile:
  22. adirondak5


    I was just at Home Depot and I saw they had the Ridgid 13" Planer on clearance , marked at $359.00 , reg. price is $399. , if they follow usual Home Depot protocol they'll be marked down even more as time goes on , I have never seen the Ridgid Planers on clearance or marked for less than $399. ...
  23. adirondak5

    Boothill 5E3 , Cab First

    Well , my 5F1 turned out so good I'm gonna try a 5E3 , got the kit from Dave @ Boothill , lightning fast shipping as usual and a good looking kit too , got a Weber Signature 12" Alinco , was gonna go in my Blues Jr but I think I'll use it in this for now , got Classictone trannys from Triode and...
  24. adirondak5

    Boothill 5F1 , New Builder

    Hi all , been reading a lot over here lately and I think I caught the amp build bug , I got a Boothill 5F1 kit and also got trannys , tubes and speaker from Dave. Been reading all the 5F1 builds I can find here , also been reading this . Worked on a cab for the amp this weekend...
  25. adirondak5

    adirondak5's 2012 Challenge Build Thread -- COMPLETED

    OK , I'm not going to stand by and watch you folks have all the fun , like Dave said it's on ! Have no clue what I'm going to do yet but I will by the weekend . Hmmmmm , :?::confused::wink::smile::shock::twisted:

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