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  1. stormsedge

    NAD—Supro Statesman Head+Cab

    I saw this pop up on the nearby GC website yesterday. I’ve been looking for an excuse to move out some gear I wasn’t using…knew Saturday would be a crazy day for a trade, but was afraid I’d miss it. 2.5 hours, a pile of unwanted gear, and a little more than my first three cars later, here it...
  2. stormsedge

    Happy Mother's Day 2022

    Don't forget. And, certainly Happy Mother's Day to those in our happy group with that distinction. Blessings.
  3. stormsedge

    Happy Burt Gummer Day!

    HBGD! 😂🤣😂🤣
  4. stormsedge

    NPDx2 -- Fuzzy Anderson the 2nd...and the 3rd

    I received two new pedals today that I am very pleased with...a Fuzzy Anderson the 2nd and a Fuzzy Anderson the 3rd. My playing is best described as rhythm, so I look for pedals that do not muddy up chords...both of these pedals easily hit that mark. The 2nd is a Big Muff style and produces...
  5. stormsedge

    PSA -- Red Sparkle Bullet Tele at GC for $189 today (3/19), but the Blue is $150?

    The previously polarizing red sparkle Bullet Tele is again available at GC Daily Pick for $189. No affiliation.
  6. stormsedge

    Scam Alert -- BankAmerica emails...there may be others

    This AM (18th) Mrs received four emails in succession from BankofAmerica saying her new online bank account was set up and confirmed, etc. I checked the "from" email addresses and they were legitimate bankofamerica emails. She went down to the Bank of America in the next town when they...
  7. stormsedge

    Budget Experiment

    I have mentioned this little drill previously...something we do every two-three years. This month wraps a three-month run of Mrs running the house on a budget representative of what she can expect should I go first. It will be tight with the lawn care, but we are confident she'll be okay. I...
  8. stormsedge

    NPD-Empress Trem + Joyo Oxford

    I splurged on an Empress Tremolo, which has turned out to be a really nice sounding pedal. And added a Joyo Oxford (Orange flavoring) to my Joyo Amp Character/Sim set. It’s a cool sounding pedal too. A clean up of the board looks like so:
  9. stormsedge

    Bugera G5 Head--Volume Loss

    My Bugera G5 Head has a volume loss by ~50-70% on the clean channel. I changed the pre-amp tube with no discernable change. I have not changed the power tube because the OD works fine and the tube monitor led is unlit. Thoughts? Does anyone have a schematic for this head? Thanks in advance.
  10. stormsedge

    PSA--Sweet Gig Bags at GC Daily Pick--$50

    I picked up a couple of these Roadrunner Highway Premium gig bags abt a year ago. They are really nice and deeply padded. Noticed these this AM, and ordered some more (albeit these are camo vs black) at abt half the price of the last ones. No affiliation...
  11. stormsedge

    Demo'd a Vox AC30S1 yesterday

    I have been GAS'ng over a particular guitar at a particular shop ~40 miles from here. Yesterday, I took the opportunity to drive over to try it since I was out and about. The particular guitar and alternate particular guitar were both shiny disappointments...BUT, I did finally handle a couple...
  12. stormsedge

    PSA--GC Daily Pick 12/23/21 (AM) Xvive Wireless $119

    I got tired of tripping over tangled cords and stepped out on an XVive a couple of weeks ago. I liked/like it enough that I decided to get a second set if they should go on sale again...and the carbon model did this AM. No affiliation, other than a value shopper ;)...
  13. stormsedge

    Awesome Red Sparkle Halkan Roadmaster Special T

    Someone should buy this because I NEED to live vicariously through your success ;). Awesome :cool:.
  14. stormsedge

    What Amp is That? (try not to get caught up with Susanna)

    What amp is that just to the right of the drummer? It looks huge...several 8 or 10 inch speakers.
  15. stormsedge

    NPDx2—Fuzz Bender and Diva

    If it were not for BFri/CyMon I might stay out of the pedal rabbit hole…okay, not true:oops:. Picked up a Keeley Fuzz Bender and a T Rex Diva. My board is back to functional after the changes/additions…jury is out on the new pedals. Gotta run.
  16. stormsedge

    Cool Looking Kustom Amp

    I have no need for this, but thought it looked cool...sort of has a hot rod grill thing going on. Resume your position.
  17. stormsedge

    NGD-Schecter Reaper 6

    An after dark delivery last night. A Schecter Reaper 6. Ash body, maple/walnut neck, carbon fiber rods in neck. Light. Loud. Purple. And, finally a reverse headstock. Very nice!
  18. stormsedge

    Orange Bax Bangeetar...SDoD--All Gone

    I see the Bangeetar on SDoD today. Does anyone have experience/thought about it? Thanks.
  19. stormsedge


    Let the leftovers begin! But first, cranberry and pumpkin pie for breakfast (there were two untouched pumpkin pies left, so I will be eating it a few days;)). Yum!
  20. stormsedge

    PSA--Supro Delta King 8 Markdown

    I rcvd an email from Supro marking down the Delta King 8s to $329. I'm not in the market, but noticed they have also been marked down on a couple of the big sites. No affiliation.
  21. stormsedge

    PSA--Black Friday Monoprice 15w Tube Amp--$212.49

    That is a great price for a great little amp. No affiliation.
  22. stormsedge

    What is on this Headstock?

    Someone made a post including comments on the Fender '57 I thought I'd have a look at a video or two... What is it that Laur Joamets has on the bottom of the headstock of his Telecaster in this video? I grabbed a quick still of it...not a very good one. I cannot search anything...
  23. stormsedge

    Dupe thread...deleted. Sorry.

    I purchased my New Account Upgrade--duped a thread.
  24. stormsedge

    PSA---Squier Classic Vibe CV70s Jaguar at GC 10-23-21

    Ran across this early AM...I'm not in the market, but looks a good deal. GC has the Squier Classic Vibe CV70s Jaguar on Daily Pick. Reviews indicate it may need some setup effort, but yields a nice guitar. No affiliation. Good color...Daphne Blue with tort. Enjoy...
  25. stormsedge

    NGD—Schecter PT Custom

    Wasn’t gonna post this one, but decided it is too pretty not to share (and sounds darn pretty too). 2015 Schecter PT Custom Rosewood in black cherry burst. Ends my GAS for guitars ;).

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