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  1. Call Me Al

    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    I’ve got an electric, acoustic and a bass I adore, plus backups. Got amps for all my applications plus extras. I’m getting to the point where I’ve sampled enough, I just wanna play- so I’ll say I’m pretty darn happy! :)
  2. Call Me Al

    Your #1 Telecaster

    My first electric, and my only Tele is a lowly Squier bullet. I had a nice honeymoon with the neck. Then I wasn’t so sure, bought an Ibanez with a thicker/wider profile. But now when I go back to the Tele I really like this neck. Got it nicely broken in too! I’ve thought about new pickups...
  3. Call Me Al

    Want to add a cheap overdrive

    I’ve been happy with AZOR pedals. I have the Spring Reverb an the (blue) OD. They have several OD options, mine sounds a bit tweed-y to me. Order from Amazon for free returns and nothing to lose...
  4. Call Me Al

    USA vs Mex Fender Tele (standard) - where are we really at now in 2022 ?

    For me I usually walk away feeling the MIA necks are better. Enough for me to notice, but not enough for me to drop the coin on one.
  5. Call Me Al

    Does Anyone Use a Tablet for Lyrics on Stage? Please Advise!

    I memorize for showtime, but use a tablet for rehearsal and band mates use tablets on stage. My two cents, based on that: we’ve had better luck with iPad than android. Both for reliability and software availability. Highly recommend the larger size (12.9 over the 9-10”) I’ve gotten two...
  6. Call Me Al

    Strings ?

    Fender ships those out with 9-42 so that’s the recommended starting point. I think that the only thing that might “require” a change is if your playing style dictates it. For example I found with the 9s I had a tendency to hit too hard, push them out of tune and get rattles. I tried 10s, 11s...
  7. Call Me Al

    Strings ?

    I like fender bullet and slinky strings, but I’m more here to talk about gauge. I’m also a bass player, started electric guitar about 18 months ago. I’d highly recommend starting on 9s for bends. It’s a whole different skill and strength to build up, ime. I’m just getting to the point where I...
  8. Call Me Al

    What's a Squier Matt Freeman worth realistically? (white with black guard model)

    They’re going for 6-700 USD over on Talkbass. Apparently there’s a market! Those came out during the original Classic Vibe Made in China run, which were great basses. Arguably equal quality to MIM fender. But to pay the same or more as a used MIM Fender? IDK, I’d just buy a Fender. Otherwise...
  9. Call Me Al

    Another string gauge thread.

    9s on my Tele. I honestly prefer 10s for intonation and “under the fretting finger” feel, but the 9s are on for easier bending. 10s on my 339 style. A little harder to bend but love the feel, tone and response. 11s on my acoustic. Don’t need a ton of volume, nor do I really play it that often...
  10. Call Me Al

    I did the silly driveway photo thing again (guitar version)

    Fantastic! Nice to see a healthy bass representation as well ;) :)
  11. Call Me Al

    Who else is a member at other forums?

    I’m on Talkbass since 2016 (I was a bass player first after all ;) ) ActiveMelody has a forum, but it’s pretty quiet and I’m there more for the lesson material than the chit chat.
  12. Call Me Al

    Needs and Gear Buying

    Guilty! mostly larger amps for imaginary scenarios. Sometimes guitars or basses for “more tones.” We’re having a baby, and I just bought a Blackstar Fly in the event that I need to rearrange and need something smaller. 🤪 I guess it’s just a way we justify the GAS. I’d like to say I’ve learned...
  13. Call Me Al

    What was your first guitars?

    First Acoustic was a Hofma steel string in blue. Not a bad guitar, like a 1/2 size thick body which made it nice and portable but a bit quiet. Traded it in towards an Alvarez, which I traded in towards the Seagull I still play. I didn’t start playing electric til 2020- first was a Squier bullet...
  14. Call Me Al

    Chasing our tails

    That’s great! It’s just that in my personal journey I wasn’t noticing the nuances at the end of the spectrum; and the experimenting started to feel like a distraction.
  15. Call Me Al

    Chasing our tails

    I strive for the middle way. It’s important to enjoy your own tone, you play your best when you do. But it’s easy to get lost, spend a lot of time and money fiddling with that small little gap at the end of the spectrum.
  16. Call Me Al

    About to give up

    Same here. Especially the parts about time away from family and not digging the venues we were landing. It was still fun but the cons were starting to outweigh the pros. I was in the band about 5 years as the bass player. I put in my notice about a month ago and I feel great about it. I’ve been...
  17. Call Me Al

    Reaching satiety

    I got a Semihollow, Tele, acoustic and a p bass; Plus a few other basses, and ukes. More than enough amps. Every once in a while a have a pang of desire for a Strat, but I know deep down it won’t make me better. Now my GAS is for “Gaining Actual Skills!” :D
  18. Call Me Al

    Sell my Fender Vintera MIM & buy a Squier Classic Vibe?

    Edit, I see you’re keeping the Fender. Enjoy it I’m good health, and good luck with your finances!
  19. Call Me Al

    Sell my Fender Vintera MIM & buy a Squier Classic Vibe?

    I like Squier they make good guitars, but since you already own the Fender my gut says stay put. I just don’t think it’s worth it for a couple hundred bucks. If it were 1-2K I’d say sure swap for the scratch. But if you do want to go through with it, I would definitely go play some squiers, see...
  20. Call Me Al

    Fender rumble with Guitar.

    I just got a Blackstar fly. Headphones out -> the aux in on the Rumble 100 sounds pretty freaking incredible!
  21. Call Me Al

    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    I bet my Champion 20 and Vox AC4 (10”) would qualify, but I really dropped by to show off the new toy*: *technically both new toys, grandma sent my boy legos for Easter;)
  22. Call Me Al

    New Toy: Blackstar Fly!

    I wanted a mini battery amp I could fit in my rolltop desk, move about the house and have another headphone practice option. Lego for scale: I did try the Katana Mini locally, and really liked it, especially the EQ. But I broke my “buy local” rule for the smaller footprint, top-load headphone...
  23. Call Me Al


    I have the flamed maple in autumn fade. Got it in December and I just adore it. It’s my favorite instrument now. The neck is just perfect for me and I love the tone. Enjoy!
  24. Call Me Al

    NGD For My Grandson

    Aww, the gift of music! 👍
  25. Call Me Al

    NGD.....I really hope this will be the last.

    Sounds to me like you’re just finding the right tool. It’s a beauty, enjoy!

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