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  1. lbridenstine

    Matching multi-scale guitar and bass

    I'm starting up a couple of new builds for a friend. It's going to be an 8 string guitar and a 5 string bass. Both are multi-scale and they will match each other visually. Multi-scale is new for me, so I asked Shawn May (May Custom Basses) if he could cut the fret slots for me. I took a trip to...
  2. lbridenstine

    Padauk Single Cut Bass

    I started this bass almost a year ago, but I'm finally getting back to it. -4 string, fretted, 24 frets -Single cut, neck thru -Long ziricote fretboard -Padauk/wenge/black limba/wenge/black limba body -Wenge/maple/wenge/padauk/wenge/maple/wenge neck laminates -Luminlay side dots -Bartolini...
  3. lbridenstine

    Double Sevens

    Pretty soon I will be starting a couple new guitars (hopefully this weekend or next). It seems like everybody I know plays or wants extended range instruments, so I figured I'd make some and see how it goes. I'm building two with the same shape at the same time to see how much setup time...
  4. lbridenstine

    Opinions on how to repair hollow body

    A friend of a friend has an old Epiphone that has super high action and doesn't stay in tune. He sent me pictures and said that it looks like it's separating at the neck joint. He said it's been like this for as long as he can remember. What do you guys think? Will gluing...
  5. lbridenstine

    5 string neck thru bass - Buckeye burl + Mahogany

    This bass is not for myself, it's for a guy named Evan who is in a local band around here called Pleasant Drive and I guess he liked my buckeye burl bass because he asked me to make him a similar one, but with some changes. Before you read the specs, let me preface it by saying that this bass...
  6. lbridenstine

    Attempting blue/white and purple/white bursts

    Right now I'm just doing tests on some scrap pieces I have, basically just for fun to see what I can do, but I have had someone ask me about maybe putting a blue/white burst on an ash body, so I wanted to try to figure out a technique for that. Here are some sample pictures via google search...
  7. lbridenstine

    COMPLETED - lbridenstine's black walnut guitar

    I'm excited to join in and see if I can make the deadline! Here are some specs: -Black walnut body with a mahogany stripe -Maple neck/fretboard -Paua abalone inlays -Tele style bridge, pickups, and control plate -Set neck -25.5" scale -24 jumbo frets
  8. lbridenstine

    Okinawan sanshin build

    Back story: My mom is Japanese, I'm half Japanese. We're both from Okinawa (and so is my brother). A few years ago I went to Okinawa to visit family and decided to buy a shamisen (which I was just told is technically a "sanshin"), so I got a cheap-ish one and brought it back, but never really...
  9. lbridenstine

    How do you work through the winter?

    I do my woodworking in the garage... The unheated, uninsulated garage. What do you guys do to keep yourselves and your tools at decent temperature? I'm pretty sure a space heater is out of the question for me because we have a big shelf full of flammable liquids in the garage.
  10. lbridenstine

    Fretless, semi-hollow wenge/tineo guitar

    Specs: -Single cut -Semi-hollow -Set-neck -Fretless with partial veneer lines in white -Floating ebony archtop bridge -Wenge tailpiece with brass plate underneath (for grounding) -Carved top -Grover Sta-tite tuners -Replacing the tuner knobs with ivoroid ones -Single humbucker -...
  11. lbridenstine

    Electronics/shielding questions for single humbucker

    I feel like this has probably been answered before, but I haven't found it by searching, so I apologize if this is a repeat. I'd like to order parts for my next guitar build soon and I'm stuck on the electronics. Until now, I have used EMGs that come with all the wires, etc needed and they...
  12. lbridenstine

    Buckeye burl and Mahogany set-neck bass

    I hope you guys don't mind another bass thread added into the mix of this forum. Here's what I'm working on making (in a poorly Photoshopped view): I'm going to change the headstock shape a bit to match the slant of the body and the burl is not bookmatched in that photo because I...
  13. lbridenstine

    Question about drilling holes for ToM bushings

    I have this bridge for my current guitar build and I'm at the point where I need to drill the holes for the bridge. I found the bridge position using StewMac's fret calculator, so I have it marked off, but I have...
  14. lbridenstine

    Walnut/ash carved top neck through build

    I've been lurking here since last summer and decided I might as well make an account. Between this forum and talkbass, I've found pretty much everything I need to know about guitar/bass building. I'm in the middle of a guitar build, but I'll post from the beginning. This is my first guitar...

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