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  1. Cpb2020

    My kids noodling around at a brewery

    Tough acoustics, but they had a great time! Here’s some of their second set. After their last song they got a request for Althea by the Dead and were able to string something together. Warning - 20+ minute clip.
  2. Cpb2020

    Ever buy a set of pickups before having a guitar for them?

    I was liking what I’ve read and heard about the bootstrap pretzel bridge / palo duro neck combo. And they’re relatively inexpensive, so I ordered a set and just received them in the mail. But I don’t yet have a tele, as I’m keeping an eye out for a nice, inexpensive, used one to modify. I know...
  3. Cpb2020

    The kids messing around again

    The kids tooling around earlier this week to prepare for their next gig. Apologies for the poor video color balance.
  4. Cpb2020

    Tele Neck Pickup: single coil, humbucker, or P90?

    We’re a bit all over the place and would appreciate thoughts. - 3 piece cover band (guitar, bass, drums). - Primary guitar is a G&L Legacy HSS. Looking for a Tele. - Genres: classic/hard/punk rock. Their next gig set list is attached. Would you lean more towards a SC, HB, or P90 neck...
  5. Cpb2020

    Fender CS LE Smuggler’s Telecasters

    I’m intrigued by these, but the audio samples I’ve found have been far and few between (and the ones I’ve found out there on the interweb haven’t sounded great). For anyone with experience, are there downsides to the more recent FCS LE Smuggler’s Telecasters? Thank you!
  6. Cpb2020

    Fender Ultra Tele (new) vs WW10/GT11 (used)

    We’re in the market for a Tele, with at least a 10” neck radius, preferably under 7.75lbs. We’ve been poking around and keep coming back to either one of the new ultras (not too many used ones out there yet, so would likely have to go new) or a used WW10/GT11. Pros/cons and what would you...
  7. Cpb2020

    Livestreaming a charity concert on the Facebook?

    I saw a post about not as much activity on TDPRI as of late, so I figured I’d add some activity and seek your guidance. One stone. Hopefully two birds. My middle child, who happens to be in middle school, has decided to put on a fundraiser concert with her siblings for a service dog...
  8. Cpb2020

    Tele Amer. Performer neck pickup: single coil vs humbucker

    Context: - three piece cover band (guitar, bass, drums) - songs ranging from classic rock, country-ish, hard rock, The Dead and punk. No metal. If you were in the market for an American Performer Telecaster in the above context, would you lean towards a single coil or humbucker in the...
  9. Cpb2020

    My first body refinish (bass content)

    My 12 year old walks to/from school with a heavy backpack and his bass. And it has been killing his back. I decided to spring for a used cheaper Sterling version of his Ernie Ball short scale stingray that he could keep at school. But . . . he wasn’t fond of the daphne blue color. I agreed to...
  10. Cpb2020

    Kids’ cover of Amanaz - Khala my friend

    My kids decided to stray from their normal fare into some Zamrock last night. They had fun with it.
  11. Cpb2020

    Canopy tent recommendations (size/brand) for 3-piece band

    Greetings, My 3 kids (drums, guitar, bass) have mostly been playing outdoor events lately, and I'd like to get a popup canopy tent for sun and drizzle. Any thoughts as to whether 10'x10' would be sufficient. My gut tells me 12'x12' given that the sun isn't always directly overhead. Also, any...
  12. Cpb2020

    Small bodied versions of ES-335s: 339?, B&G?, Other?

    Greetings, thoughts/suggestions for a smaller bodied ES-335 that is relatively modern (1980s+) to keep an eye out for on the used market? Not something as high end as a Collings. Think $1k or under on the used market. Thanks!
  13. Cpb2020

    Lessons & Band Coaching (kids): suggestions?

    Greetings, My 3 kids have been playing together in a band for ~2 years. The drummer (15 years old) has been taking lessons for 5-6 years on and off; the guitarist (12 years old) has been taking lessons for 5 years or so; and the bassist (11 years old) has been taking lessons for 2 years. They...
  14. Cpb2020

    Help spend my $ (guitar recommendation)

    Assume that your primary guitar is a 2016 Fender Duo-Sonic HS and you’d like to expand your horizons. You play in a band (with bassist and drummer, but you are the only guitarist) with set lists that primarily includes artists like Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, The Chats, RHCPs, and The Pixies...
  15. Cpb2020

    New here - thanks for the guidance

    Hi all, I’m not a musician. I played music (horns) into my early 20s and mess around with stringed instruments from time to time, but am horrid. However, my 3 kids (10-15) have been playing together together for the past 2 years (guitar, bass, drums), so I’ve had to learn a lot to support them...