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  1. havlma1

    NGD: Squier CVC Esquire (60s) LPB

    A month ago I've placed an order for one of the new Squier Esquires. I've always wanted a Lake Placid Blue double bound tele and also an Esquire to complement my vintage white 50s Classic Vibe and black CVC Telecasters...
  2. havlma1

    NGD: Squier Classic Vibe Custom FSR Black (NOS 2013)

    I was lucky to bump into an offer from one shop located in Germany, offering new old stock for some Squiers including this black beauty. It is a Fender Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster FSR Black, made on 2013-12-09 :) Allegedly only 250 guitars made (and another 250 in white color). I...
  3. havlma1

    NGD: Squier Contemporary Telecaster HH Pearl White

    I've been thinking of getting another guitar to complement my Squier Classic Vibe 50s VB and Squier Classic Vibe Custom. Initially I wanted something simple with humbucker lik Epiphone Pro Jr or variation on G&L JC Rampage. Later on I've purchased and returned Epiphone ES339 Pro which was quite...