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  1. Chicago Matt

    EMG T or T-52?

    It's easy to find reviews of the T set, but not so much the T-52 set. I've narrowed my search to one of these two sets. Are there any users of the T-52 set? Better yet, has anyone tried both? From EMG's website, it seems the T-52 set is supposed to be truer to the 52 broadcaster type tone with...
  2. Chicago Matt

    Matt! It's Tommy Emmanuel!

    A lot has been written on TDPRI about Tommy Emmanuel, and why not? He's an incredible guitarist. I don't have much to add to that, you can just look on YouTube. But I want to share another side of Tommy that I luckily discovered this weekend. My wife and I drove up to Nashville this past...
  3. Chicago Matt

    Best source for slotted bone nut?

    What source do you guys recommend? My skills are limited, but I'm tired of paying a tech over and over when I need a new nut on one of my Fender Teles or Strats. I have a set of Hosco files which work fine. I've bought nuts from GraphTech in the past and had good success, but would prefer bone...
  4. Chicago Matt

    Henry Mancini was BAD A**!

    Last week I downloaded the album Music From Peter Gunn, composed and conducted by Henry Mancini. I hadn't heard this music for decades. As a wannabe electric guitar player at the age of 10, I used to watch the TV show, Peter Gunn, that was popular at the time. I liked the show, but LOVED the...
  5. Chicago Matt

    MacKenzie & Marr

    I've been thinking about a solid wood 00 size "parlor" guitar for awhile and found this great sounding demo online. They seem to have many other models as well. Do any of you have experience with MacKenzie & Marr guitars? Thanks in advance...
  6. Chicago Matt


    I admit I had never heard of Vegemite before Men At Work's hit song in the 80's - Down Under. "What the hell is a vegemite sandwich?", I wondered. I had never even heard of Marmite until I noticed that my 24-year-old son, who is visiting from Washington D.C., was spreading this thick, goopy...
  7. Chicago Matt

    Intonation screws turning when playing

    For you guys who play Gibsons or Epiphones, I have an intonation screw on a tune-o-matic that's turning by itself. I set the intonation, and after some playing the saddle has moved towards the nut, significantly, apparently from the vibration of the string. This makes that string sharp again in...
  8. Chicago Matt

    Which Nut Files?

    In all my years of playing, I've never cut my own nuts (ha, ha, I know). So what would you recommend as the best value for some files to get started with? I specifically have a need to cut slots that will be correct for both a 10-46 set or 9.5-44 set. While I anticipate many humorous replies...
  9. Chicago Matt

    Lawrence Hammond

    A lot of us around here, myself included, love to read stories about the great inventors whose inventions gave us the tools we use to make our music. Obvious ones are Leo Fender, Paul Bigsby, and Les Paul. But after stumbling across this video I'm thinking this story has to rank right up there...
  10. Chicago Matt

    Bireli Legrene

    My wife Viviana, from Buenos Aires, has very, very good taste. Although some might say, taste in a husband, not so much. :) Anyway, I walked past her office yesterday and this was playing. Just another fabulous musician that she has introduced me to over the past 24 years of our married life...
  11. Chicago Matt

    Rick Derringer's ED

    Hopefully, this isn't out of bounds. There's a team of doctor's in my area that apparently treats ED. So I'm listening to the radio and Rick Derringer's voice comes on. He introduces himself and says: XYZ and associates got my rock & roll hoochie koo working again." My question to you guys is...
  12. Chicago Matt

    That was then, This is now

    A lot of us here have been at this for a long time, others not so long. But it struck me that it would be fun to see a picture of you when you were getting started, followed by a recent one. I'll start in the hope that others will jump on. That was then, 1966 and I'd been playing for 3 years...
  13. Chicago Matt

    Where is Your Woodshed?

    I'm talking about the place where you get down to the nitty gritty of playing and practicing your instrument or perhaps writing your songs. It's the place where you have no distractions and where you slowly, methodically work out the fine points, painstakingly learning and practicing new...
  14. Chicago Matt

    Cavalier Humongous Lion?

    I was on Rob's site today and noticed he now offers a Humongous Lion bridge pickup. An even higher turn count than the Huge Lion. I have both the Nashville and Fat Lions and think they are both great. Looking to put together a high output, mid-focused Tele in the near future... Have any of you...
  15. Chicago Matt

    The "raw and unforgiving" Telecaster

    I read a quote from Albert Lee a couple of years ago in which he describes the Telecaster as being "raw and unforgiving". I've come to the Telecaster late in my guitar-playing life. Apart from briefly owning a 72 Custom in the 70's, I haven't had a Tele until the past few years. But I've decided...
  16. Chicago Matt

    My Neck Shrank! (but I don't care)

    Yes, it was the only correct simple past tense of shrink, until Honey I Shrunk the Kids. But that's for another thread, right? I love my 50's Road Worn Tele. I especially love the neck, as it came with most of the poly finish sanded off. It stays smooth and silky even on a sweaty gig in humid...
  17. Chicago Matt

    Early In The Morning

    It's a bit intimidating posting something on this forum - a lot of great stuff here! But here I am singing and playing an old Charlie Musselwhite tune at my last gig - April 15, 2017 at a local pub near where I live. I copped the arrangement more or less from a version I heard on a Clapton...
  18. Chicago Matt

    MIM Telecaster truss rod anomaly

    I recently bought a 50's classic Tele. Setup was great. No fret outs, great. There was almost zero relief in the neck and I typically like a little although the guitar was playing great. Just to try a little more relief, I took off the pickguard and to my surprise, the truss rod was completely...
  19. Chicago Matt

    Aretha Fanklin Retiring from Perfoming

    I read this morning that she is retiring from performing, although will still be doing some recording. I saw her a few years back and although she is still without a doubt the "Queen of Soul", I can understand her decision. Her voice is not what it once was, but the feeling is still there like...
  20. Chicago Matt

    The Amazing Joe Pass

    I have always been in awe of him. My wife, who is visiting her native Buenos Aires, sent this link via email to me yesterday. It's the best video I have ever seen of him and I just have to share it. Check out his right hand - finger style, flat pick, hybrid - master of all. And what can you say...
  21. Chicago Matt

    Traditional Country - You Guys are Killing Me!

    I've been playing and singing a long time, but have never been a country fan. I mean, I have always really liked Vince Gill, just not "that" music. As a kid I liked the Everly Brothers, then the Beatles, Stones, Cream, etc. I love jazz and guys like Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and Barney Kessel to...
  22. Chicago Matt

    Elie Wiesel - Rest in Peace at Last

    I don't know if it's appropriate to post here, but he died on Saturday. If this post results in one person knowing who he was, who didn't before, I figure that has to be a good thing. God Bless You and Rest in Peace, Elie.
  23. Chicago Matt

    5e3 Extension Cabinet Recommendations?

    I'm looking for an unloaded 1x12 extension cabinet that will work underneath a Tweed Deluxe or clone. Does anyone out there have a recommendation? Avatar and Rocket look nice but I don't want to spend $300 on an unloaded 1x12 if I don't have to...
  24. Chicago Matt

    Monoprice 40w with Spring Reverb

    Anyone try one of these? I'd be interested to hear. I'm thinking about it for less than $102 new. Crazy cheap.
  25. Chicago Matt

    Stab From The Past - 30 Years Ago

    Sorry, fat fingered and accidentally posted this before finishing. I will try again.

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