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  1. belleswell

    Spring In Michigan

    Spring in Michigan Ok, I'm calling it. Yesterday was the last day we will have any snow for the season dang it. But old man winter does not give up so easily in Michigan. However, as past records go, we should not see any more snow until next season. All the harbingers of spring are here...
  2. belleswell

    100th Post - Gone Country

    100th Post - Gone Country For my 100th post, I thought I'd share some of the nicer pics I've taken around our country home. The pond attracts lots of wildlife. We were big city folks until we both retired a few years ago. We moved from the city to a wonderful country home with a very nice pond...
  3. belleswell

    Please Help Me Date My Custom SG. Edit: More Pics

    Please help me date my SG. Flowers and chocolates are no help. Look what I found under my grandmothers bed. lol Not really. I was hoping for some expertise in dating this good wood. I've been trying to date a custom SG that I believe to be dated to '68 or '69. I know the walnut finish...
  4. belleswell

    Show Your First Guitar

    Here's my first. I started my musical journey one week after I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. That was 1964 and I was 10 years old. When I asked my parents if I could take music lessons, my dad was elated as he had tried to teach me clarinet when I was 5. I was not interested at that...
  5. belleswell

    And The Winner Is...

    Most of my guitars are of the 6 string variety, but I do have 2 basses. I bought these two Fender basses a couple weeks apart back in '08 for a project I was working on at the time. The first was a '93 Fender Urge made in the USA. Stu Hamm's signature model. Later in the same year...
  6. belleswell

    Corgi's 18th Birthday Today. Wifey's Artwork

    We have 3 Corgis and our oldest, Forrest, turned 18 today. I know his days are numbered, but he is still doing very well for a dog of his age. I'll miss him when he's gone. Forest Satch River All 3 at our last home waiting for the mailman who always had treats. Smart. Our...
  7. belleswell

    Turkey Time

    Turkey Time Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Sequence Finally the one that's a keeper Turkey stumping. "If elected, I promise to ban turkeys from Thanksgiving dinners."
  8. belleswell

    My Satriani Collection

    Here is my Satriani collection some here may appreciate. j JS 2400 JS 90th Anniversary HAM Changes color depending on angle it's viewed. Blueish purple to metallic green. JS Snake replica JS Y2K Crystal Planet [/url] JS 10th Chromeboy JS Guitars JS and Lund Predecessor to the...
  9. belleswell

    The Eagle Has Landed

    The Eagle Has Landed I had a recent post titled "You're In My Spot", where I shared a bunch of wildlife pics of the pond. I had a bunch of likes, views and comments, so I thought I'd share these pics of an Eagle that was visiting our pond quite a bit last year. Many of his visits occurred...
  10. belleswell

    You're In My Spot

    You're In My Spot I was taking some pics of a green heron at our pond last summer, and got some other shots as well. In tribute to Sheldon Cooper's "You're in my spot." "You're in my spot" "Go away" Green heron "Nice spot" Their necks are much longer when they stretch out. Incoming...
  11. belleswell

    I Can't Find My Guitar

    I can't find my guitar. It's clearly here somewhere. JS Y2K Crystal Planet # 88/200
  12. belleswell

    The Fishing Thread

    The Fishing Thread I know I'm not the only musician here who enjoys angling. Lets see what you've caught. Post your tips, tricks, and pics here. Maybe we can learn from each other on tricks and tips. For me, the finesse presentation has been key for fooling them. Light line, small hooks and...

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