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  1. Martinp

    Eagles Show on MSGtv

    Awesome Eagles show on MSG, live at the LA Forum. The band included Vince Gill, and Deacon Frey, Cool Show, lots of great material, and tons of Telecasters and Esquires. Joe Walsh is such a Bada$$ guitar player, he consistently impresses the crap out of me. It's on again at 11pm mp
  2. Martinp

    Rick Trussrod replacement

    I have a late 80's 4003 with a broken trussrod. Rickenbacker sells them, and "they" say they just slide in (once the other one is removed) Has anyone actually done it?
  3. Martinp

    Gibson Melody Maker Bass? anyone have or seen one?

    I'm in the process of restoring one. it was Pelham Blue over mahogany. it was stripped - two owners ago, and I am respraying the Pelham Blue. One issue is the lower edge of the fingerboard extension where the neck meets the body. On the bass side (facing up) it's mahogany, like the body or...
  4. Martinp

    67 Melody Maker Bass

    I have one of these, and, some genius stripped the pelham blue, and put some on the Mahogany. unfortunately, the grain is sorta dodgy, so I plan to re do the pelham blue with supplies from Reranch. I read that these basses are kinda rare and are getting stupid money these days. would I improve...
  5. Martinp

    Classic 20 MH?

    anyone have one, comments? I played one in the store and it sounded cool there, but we all know how that goes. I'm looking for a decent den/man cave amp, with my nice walnut cabinet with a Jensen reissue.
  6. Martinp

    Headstock logo over black?

    I'm redecorating a low rent F-hole acoustic, and I'd like to put a name on it. Is there a decal that would work over black?
  7. Martinp

    Melody maker bass - finish or leave naked?

    My brother has a late 60's melody maker bass, it's an SG looking thing with a white pick guard. The former owner stripped it of it's Pelham blue paint, so it's just bare mahogany, and kinda unsightly. Nice originals go for $2500, this one however will never be that. Would It be worth it to...
  8. Martinp

    Mighty Mite neck

    My brothers wife asked me to get a neck for his jazz. He pulled the frets in a fit of Jaco. Any members here have any leads on a deal?
  9. Martinp

    Blue Check Tolex?

    I have acquired a really tatty looking b-15n. It sounds awesome, but a previous owner took a belt sander to it. it's really pretty sad lookin' Does anyone know of a source for Blue check tolex for sale? thanks
  10. Martinp

    Humbucker disassembly?

    I have an old T-top Gibson Hummer, sounds great with the 52' ri bridge pickup. however, one of the holes for height adjusters stripped out. I have some crappy old DiMarzio's (not that I have anything against Dimarzio, I use lots of their products, these are old Super Distortion with Washburn...
  11. Martinp

    Long Island Guitar Expo

    there is a guitar show (expo?) at the Freeport Rec Center this weekend. The Gibson Trailer will be there.
  12. Martinp

    MIM Cabronita in Premier Guitar...

    This is a hoot, at the end of the review (he mostly liked it), he wrote "Fender has shown that it's heard the pleas of scores of Tele Forum members." he he
  13. Martinp

    binding repair

    I have an axe with the beginning of a binding problem, it's just starting to lift at the seam. What do you guys suggest to glue it back down? thanks in advance?
  14. Martinp

    KC Daylighters

    I put a pair of these on the front of my truck maybe a year ago, I live on Long Island so there are not too many opportunities to use off road lights. I just can't keep these things running, First the relay failed, then, a rock through the little plastic smiley cover (admittedly not their...
  15. Martinp

    Selling a Tele'

    I'm selling my Nashville, I've done some upgrades - Superswitch, pickups, and a black cover on the middle pickup. Do you guys think I'd maximize my return if I put it back to stock, as purchased, or should I leave it as-is? I have retained all of the original bits. what do you think?
  16. Martinp

    Elvis and the Imposters

    I saw an Elvis and the Imposters show on the Palladium channel this afternoon. He played an old looking Butterscotch blonde Telecaster-I have no idea if it's a closet classic, or a real antique. also, he played a very cool Gretsch 6120 Baritone, and... a Antiqua Jazzmaster with a tortoiseshell...
  17. Martinp

    bass pickup repair?

    I have a Rio Jazz bass pickup that is in need of repair. it reads open on an Ohm meter. it has no visible problems. any members here do pickup repair? I like to keep the business in the family (so to speak) any recommendations? let me know thanks
  18. Martinp

    problem searching the forum

    I tried repeatedly to do a text search, and I get - Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please push the back button and reload the previous window. naturally I did as directed, and I got the same message any clues? thanks
  19. Martinp

    editing posts?

    I initiated a thread on the bass-talk forum andI cannot edit it. I have been able to edit my posts in the past, has something changed? thanks in advance
  20. Martinp

    Aguilar OBP-1?

    My next project is an active Jazz, the preamp options are Sadowsky, and the Aguilar. I know the Sadowsky is the one to beat. The Aguilar is about half the price. Does anyone have any experience with the Aguilar OBP-1 and how does it compare with the Sadowsky? thanks
  21. Martinp

    TU-2 or Pitchblack?

    My son borrowed my tu-2, so, it looks like I'm tuner shopping. While I've always been happy with the Boss, I suspect the reason I never replaced it is because it never broke. does anyone have any feedback on the Korg Pitchblack? it looks real nice, has good specs, it's true bypass, and it's...
  22. Martinp

    Active DiMarzio PBass pickup?

    I recently acquired an active P-bass setup made by DiMarzio. Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm kinda curious, but I don't want to go through the cost - not to mention the routing, involved with installing this beast, especially if it turns out to be a dog. Any input would be...
  23. Martinp

    GFS DeArmonds?

    I'm putting together a low rent rockabilly machine, and the archtop I'm using (a Royce) only has slightly more than a 1/2 inch between the strings and the top where the pickup hole is. The GFS is sorta retro looking, and only 3/8 inch tall, so it looks like a candidate. the Big Question is...
  24. Martinp

    Custom Shop Esquire wiring?

    I had a look in the resources section, and it wasn't clear which one will give me that half cocked Wah sound. Can anyone provide me with a drawing or even a link? thanks
  25. Martinp

    Tele with Neck bucker?

    I'm building a Tele with a T-top bucker in the neck, and I'm wondr'in what sort of pickup would balance well with it. Would I want one with vintage output, or something a bit hotter? I have a Rio Tallboy, a Duncan Alnico pro2 and a'52 reissue in the drawer, among others. Does anyone have any...

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