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    If I remove the logo on a squier neck and use it on a partscaster........

    would it be accurate to say it was a Fender licensed neck?
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    NGD - Cabronita!

    Finally finished putting together my perfect Cabronita - a 2013 Squier Neck that was recently fret leveled and had a bone nut added (when it was on my Squier Cabronita) paired with a 2013 Fender Classic Player Thinline Cabronita loaded body I bought off Craigslist. The pot, jack, switch and...
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    Is the future Albums or Singles?

    When you post your music on Bandcamp or out there in the streaming world thru a distributor do you release songs as singles as you finish them or wait till you have a 9-10 song album? What do you think the future looks like? It seems like for an unknown artist singles might be the way to go to...
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    2 lipstick pickup wiring idea - not sure its doable.......

    Bass with 2 lipstick pickups, 3 way toggle switch, 1 volume and 1 tone. I love the funk the bridge pickup adds to the neck pickup when in the middle position (series) but I'd never use the bridge pickup by itself - it doesn't sound like a useful bass tone to me. If I use the neck pickup by...
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    Anybody know who would make a simple pickguard out of my Formica?

    I tried it with a scrap and its not in my wheelhouse. None of the go to pickguard guys want to mess with formica - any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Belated NBD - Jerry Jones Single Cut

    Yee Ha - I got this a week or so ago and was so happy I forgot to post! I've been looking for a Singlecut with the coke bottle headstock and the optional Neptune bridge which were made briefly around 1999 and what do ya know this one popped up. Jerry told me a while back that they never...
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    How to touch up flat repair spot

    This bass had a thumb rest above the E string and I'm a pick player so it had to go. The installer used large screws and no pilot holes so the resulting holed were puffed up and ugly. I've been able to repair but now I have a spot that is flat and level with the main surface. How would I touch...
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    NPD - J Rockett Archer gain version

    I love it - has a nice vibe to it. I would not call it transparent but any coloration it adds is a plus and it does not alter drastically from the un-effected tone. Using my 2013 Squier Cabronita and a Princeton Reverb and they are all playing nice together! I generally use my full size Spark...
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    2013 VM Cabronita Telecaster question - - -

    I got mine used and it has a 250k pot which does not look original - anyone know what the original pot value was or is anyone using a 500k pot and can comment on tone - thanks!
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    Which recent Road Worn Teles have the C neck? Vintera is a U neck :>(

    I have a 2019 Purple RW Tele that I have modded as an Esquire with a Bootstrap Pepper-jack Pretzel pickup that I love and I want another RW Tele for another project. I don't like the fat U neck that comes on the Vintera. The Brad Paisley is cool but that forearm relic job does not appeal to me...
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    Anyone using an "amp in a box" pedal into their USB interface for recording?

    I have some Joyo pedals (American and AC Tone) that I use for recording direct into Logic Pro X with Telecasters but looking for some other suggestions for Fender and Vox tones - since most of what I do is America style music I don't need hi gain or distortion. Anyone using a pedal they like...
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    Suggestions for non jazzmaster new pickups for my Paranormal Cabronita

    Looking for suggestions to replace the jazzmaster pickups in my Paranormal Cabronita Tele. I love the white finish and the cabronita style but the jazzmaster pickups are not my thing. Was thinking hum buckers or Filt'rons and would have to figure out the trim rings to cover up the jazzmaster...
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    I never should have sold my........

    Jerry Jones basses - had all 3 styles - Longhorn, Single Cut, and Shorthorn. And of course my actual real 1957 Precision bass :>( What's your never should have sold bass or basses?
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    Full open sounding neck pickup - not too much treble - any suggestions?

    I write and record mostly roots and Americana style music and I'm always looking for a neck pickup thats full and open sounding not dull and compressed and not treble focused. I usually prefer over wound bridge pickups to avoid that typical country pickin' treble and I picked up a 2018 Classic...
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    2018 Classic Vibe 50's Vintage Blonde Telecaster - whats the scoop?

    Just traded in a bass and some $$ and picked up one of these. Crafted in China seems funny to me instead of Made in China but its a really nice guitar. It has 3 brass saddles on the bridge and vintage style butterbean tuners, no adjustment screws thru the pickguard for the neck pickup. A little...
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    Soundhole pickup suggestions?

    I've got a 1957 Epiphone Texan that I would like to use for recording at home. I don't have an ideal situation for using a microphone so I'm thinking of a soundhole pickup that would not require any mods to the guitar. It has a nice natural sound so something that would not color the sound too...
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    NBD - Gretsch Junior Jet II

    New Gretsch Junior Jet II - I removed the ugly fretboard overhang, added a Fender HiMass bridge, slightly repositioned the pickups so they were evenly spaced across the strings, lost the pickguard, swapped the chrome mounting screws for black slot head. None of it was needed because the bass...
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    Nudging over the bridge without plugging and drilling new holes?

    So I have a new Crafted in China Gretsch bass and its really a nice playing and sounding instrument but my OCD eyes see that the bridge placement is off about 2mm so the E and G strings are not equally aligned on the fretboard at the 20th fret nor are they properly aligned over the pickups - not...
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    60's Surf Instrumental

    Fun times with my new Cabronita Paranormal Thinline Tele thru my Joyo American into Logic Pro X -
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    DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF - pair it with a SD Little '59?

    This is the direction I'm thinking of going - anyone tried this? Based on what I've read the outputs are compatible and the tone chart looks even rather than mid scooped or treble hot. No coil tapping for me - wiring it like a tele with a 3 way switch or maybe 2 volumes and a tone for some...
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    Velcro and Joyo Pedals or any other rubber bottom pedal

    Ok I have the Joyo American, British and ACTONE and velcro will not stick to the rubber bottoms. I saw a video about flipping over the bottom plate so the rubber is on the inside and its all metal on the outside which Velcro will stick to - any other ideas on attaching rubber bottom pedals to...
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    How to wire for no bridge pickup by itself

    I'm not a fan of the bridge pup by itself on this particular tele but the neck pickup alone and the middle tone are both great for recording so I don't want to change the bridge pickup. Of course I could just not use position 1 but I wonder if there is a way to get another useful tone like the...
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    Bridge pickup - full, open, sparkle but no ice pick - does it exist?

    So I'm working on an Esquire project guitar. I play chords and inversions a lot in an Americana roots rock genre and I'm having a hard time finding what I want - full, open, some sparkle on the high end but not brittle. I'm not interested in a super expensive pickup - say under $100. I have...
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    Braided pickup wiring with a 3 way switch?

    Anyone got a photo of what this looks like - I know what to connect where but can't understand what to do with the braided sleeve since the 3 way switch and the nearest pot for grounding are a ways apart and I need to make sure the braided part cannot touch any other components inside the...
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    Has anyone paired a SD Little 59 bridge with a P90 neck pickup?

    Just wondering if that would be a good combination for rock/blues - thoughts or experiences?

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