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    Danelectro computer font?

    Any makers and modders out there who know of a computer font that closely matches the Danelectro lettering in the photo above please? I need to make a decal......
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    Danelectro Pro body pdf source?

    I feel the need to make a Dano Pro inspired guitar body, does anyone know of a full size downloadable pdf of the body outline please? Thanks!
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    Coil split using Tele blade switch

    All my Strats are 3 pickup wired through a 3 way Tele blade switch to give neck, neck and middle and bridge, with the second tone working on the bridge, so I get the in between sound on the front two and the bridge is totally separate, with it's own tone pot.... I am putting together a Strat...
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    Stratele partscaster for Brainy

    So, I found this Wudtone finished green Swamp Ash Stratele body for sale on the UK Fretboard forum, it was green and cheap, so I bought it, having most parts in the parts box to complete the build, or so I thought....might as well put it together in memory of Brainy, who on occasion made me...
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    Nitro over Poly

    Folks I'm about to purchase a Squier Bronco Bass and in typical Squier fashion the neck is incredibly pale, so i would like to refinish it in a bit more of a vintage colour...... It is described as having a Polyurethane finish on the neck, can I use something like 400 grit to key the neck and...
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    Printing a pdf full size

    OK so I found this pdf for a Mustang, shared by the late and much missed Glen Smith... When I print it, I get a small image on an A4 sheet, could someone tell...
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    CTS pot values question

    Folks I have just received in the mail 2 x CTS pots - 1 x 250k log and 1x 250k lin, usually they arrive seaperately packaged in a little ziplok bag, marked A or B on the bag....these were in a bag together, there is nothing on the pot to suggest the value or taper.....grrrrrrr How can I tell...
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    Splitter one in two out to one out??

    Ive had a thought and, yes it was lonely. I currently run a few fx pedals including 2 distortions, I use one distortion pedal as a lead boost with the other distortion on as well, so for dirty rhythm 1 pedal for lead 2. So, to the thought, is there any way I can split the guitar signal with an...
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    My signature on the headstock - how?

    Ive built a few parts casters and Id like to put a handwritten "signature" on each of them, however I would like them all the same a la Fender Gibson etc, but handwritten rather than a word doc font, any ideas how? Ive used waterside decals for word fonts, but Id rather have something more...
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    Cellulose without primer issues

    Im doing a ratrod style Strat, lefty body with right rout, right CBS neck, it's a new body made from Swamp ash, I will spray satin black cellulose rattle can, I want the paint to sink into the grain, will I have any major issues if I spray direct onto the bare wood, without primer? Paul
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    3 way switch question/diagram help please

    So I'm putting together a Partscater, but being cheap Im using parts I already have. The guitar will be 3 pickup ala Strat, I have a spare Tele 3 position switch, can it be wired to give, Bridge, Middle and Middle and Neck? with 2 tones ala Strat. If it is possible a diagram or link to one would...
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    Idiot question!

    Ok here goes, be gentle! Effects pedals draw current form the battery/power supply when engaged (effect in use) now the Idiot question, do they still draw current when disengaged? Thank you and goodnight! Paul
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    Switch signal straight to Jack?

    So, I have a Franken Tele single pickup, 3 strings, one volume, open tuning and I would like to fit a switch to bypass the volume so the signal can by-pass the volume pot. Like a solo switch….I can solder and understand a wiring diagram to a degree, but am otherwise as much use as a chocolate...
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    Cry Baby Wah advice

    Hi folks! I'd like a bit of advice please - picked up a cheep Cry Baby Wah today and am about to change the DPDT switch, no dramas there, however when surfing the parts supplier website I note there are 3 different value pots available… 1. Dunlop ECB24A Hot Potz 470K 2. Dunlop ECB24A Hot...
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    Acoustic bridge placing question

    OK so not strictly Tele related, however, Im building a CGB with resonator at 25 1/2 inch scale length and am concerned about getting the bridge in the best position possible. So ignore the reso bit for now, in your experience how far from the nut would an acoustic bridge be from the nut, I...
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    Program to take measurements form photos?

    In not sure if I dreamt this, but am pretty sure I read somewhere on here about a computer program that allowed you to take measurements of say a guitar body from a photo as long as you knew the actual length of something in the photo, and the program helped in some way to scale everything up to...
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    How to glue copper to wood?

    Can anyone suggest what to use to glue Copper about 1/32 - 1/16 thick to wood, I'd like to do a headstock veneer or similar with copper sheet....considered epoxy resin, thoughts? Paul
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    Cuprocaster - A tentative start!

    First build from scratch, be gentle! "Cupro" definition - Indicating Copper....... There will be elements of Copper detailing on the guitar, which will be Tele shaped but probably slightly modded, with a Sapele Snakehead neck, and a chambered body, lots of this is in my head, but I started...
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    Is there a "Snakehead" pdf plan available anywhere?

    Hi folks! I've been looking for ages for a 3 a side 25 1/2 inch scale bolt on neck, with no success, so I've decided that now is a good a time as any to try and make a neck.......the Snakehead looks perfect, and although it wont be a replica, the dimensions and style suit what I have in mind...
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    The Harrycaster

    The Postie delivered my body and neck from GSPBASSES (a Uk Luthier) yesterday, and Ive wasted no time getting it together, heres what was delivered. I'ts a tribute to my partners Dad, she doesn't know yet! Yes, I know it's a Strat outline, but it's a Thinline and there's no mamby pamby...
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    Tru Oil - How do You apply it?

    Ive just taken delivery of a Custom built Mahogany with Quilted Maple cap Thinline, hardtail Strat and a Birds Eye maple/rosewood CBS headstocked neck, I am going to use Tru Oil to finish both and would be interested to hear how You use it? Both body and neck are still in their natural state...
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    Waterslide decal and tru oil

    Folks Can I apply a waterslide decal on top of tru oil and then seal it with the same...the decal will be ink jet sealed with acrylic rattle can sealer. Cheers! Paul
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    Theres no such thing as a stupid question

    Hey if ya don't know the you gotta ask! So, Iv'e seen posts on here where folk have bought timber described as 8/4, its probably a convention used on that side of the pond, but what does 8/4 mean? Cheers! Paul
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    Fender style font

    Folks, I'd like to design my own headstock logo using a similar font to that which Fender uses - the style with a gold or silver text with a black outline, can anyon suggest a similar fon that I can download onto the iMac please? The style used at the top of this page would probably...

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