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  1. omahaaudio

    Norway's Eurovision Entry For 2022

    An instant classic.
  2. omahaaudio

    Boss RE-2 Space Echo

    From my favorite demonstrator...
  3. omahaaudio

    This is stupid, and annoying, and pointless, and...

    And so Fender Custom Shop.
  4. omahaaudio

    AC/DC plays George Benson's "On Broadway"

    This just popped up on YouTube and I think that it's amazing.
  5. omahaaudio

    "My Record Collection by Tears for Fears"

    Very interesting comments (IMO)...
  6. omahaaudio

    I Hate "Official" Threads

    If the thread isn't started by the maker of the amp or pedal or instrument then it isn't "official", so stop calling the threads "official"! Thank you.
  7. omahaaudio

    Attention Pedal Demonstrators! Do NOT Use Your Vibrato/Whammy!

    If you're demonstrating a pedal, particularly a modulation pedal, do NOT use your vibrato/whammy! It make it very difficult to tell what's caused by the pedal or by the vibrato/whammy. I've been looking at a few chorus pedal videos and they all seem to have this problem.
  8. omahaaudio

    "In The Court of the Crimson King" Official Trailer

    "In The Court of the Crimson King" Official Trailer I can't stand King Crimson but there's probably a few people out there that like them, so here you go...
  9. omahaaudio

    I Never Knew This Existed

    NEIL YOUNG AND DEVO - Hey Hey, My My
  10. omahaaudio

    "Morrissey asks Johnny Marr to stop bringing him up in interviews"
  11. omahaaudio

    Can’t stand U2? Nor can Bono
  12. omahaaudio

    "What Your Favorite Sad Dad Band Says About You"
  13. omahaaudio

    A generation of Millennials is in mourning

    RIP Bob Saget. One very funny guy.
  14. omahaaudio

    "Don't Stop The Sandman"

  15. omahaaudio

    Phish to perform three sets for New Year’s Eve livestream

    I don't particularly like Phish but some of you folks out there might...
  16. omahaaudio

    Steve Vai... Good Grief...

    If I didn't feel inadequate before now I've just seen, for the first time, this March 2021 video of Steve Vai playing an entire song using only his left hand. He'd undergone corrective surgery on his right shoulder and his arm was in a sling. Jeez...
  17. omahaaudio

    "A woman sued by Eric Clapton after listing a bootleg CD for €9.95 on eBay now has to pay his legal
  18. omahaaudio

    Chicago Stomp Works Black Friday Sale

    I have the Rat clone (LM308 op-amp) from these folks and really like it. They have a number of pedals on sale with free shipping in the USA.
  19. omahaaudio

    John Hinckley Jr releases 10 songs on Spotify

  20. omahaaudio

    Peterson Strobostomp HD Tuner... Awful

    Just received one of these from Thomann and it's going right back. It may well be an incredibly accurate tuner pedal but the setup system and menus were designed by an idiot. Using the manual and YouTube videos I tried for a solid hour to do some simple changes (global color to green, set it to...
  21. omahaaudio

    "Hendrix is like Beethoven"
  22. omahaaudio

    "Australian cyclist uses GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover"
  23. omahaaudio

    The Best "Africa" Cover
  24. omahaaudio

    Fuzz Harp, Not The Harmonica Kind

  25. omahaaudio

    Need Line Level...

    I'm about to get an Akai MPC One (a DAW-In-A-Box) to mess around with samples, drums and to use it as a recorder. The 1/4 TRS input needs a line level signal and I'm wondering how to get that out of my current guitar/effects/amp set-up. I have a Tele (of course) going into a pedal board with...

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