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  1. jbmando

    Songs you like better than the artist's "big" hit.

    Here are a few of my favorites which fit this category. "Canned Ham" by Norman Greenbaum "Just What the Doctor Ordered" by Ted Nugent "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy "Victim of Love" by The Eagles "Love is Alive" by Gary Wright I'll probably think of some more.
  2. jbmando

    GAS does win, doesn't it???

    I recently got GAS for an SG with a Vibrola. I wanted a white one, but they are impossible to find unless you want a $4-7000 Gibson. Well, I kept looking for the Epiphone version of the cherry one, but I do not care for the look of Epi's "Aged Cherry" stripes. Then I was on American Musical's...
  3. jbmando

    The other kind of screw is not flathead.

    This is a flathead screw. Note that it requires a Phillips screwdriver. The other kind of screwdriver is a "Slotted" screwdriver. That is all.
  4. jbmando

    RIP Regis Philbin

    Never mind. Didn't see the other thread.
  5. jbmando

    What key is "LTAW" in? ;D

    I am, of course, referring to the great British Invasion classic, "Look Through any Window" by the Hollies. It goes: B A E A B B A E A B C#m E B E B C#m E B E B F# B E F# F# B G#m E F# modulates up a half-step and ends like this: C Bb C Bb Dm. What keys is it in? Does it end on a ii chord???
  6. jbmando

    NCBD ($69.48 bass content)

  7. jbmando

    Major 6th Chord

    If you saw the chord symbol "Amaj6," what notes would you include in the chord? This stems from a discussion on the mandolin board. Specifically, does the "maj" mean you include the natural 7th like in a maj9 chord, or does it simply differentiate the chord from a minor 6th? Thanks.
  8. jbmando

    Just as silly, but better than "Spirit in the Sky"

    Whatty'all think?
  9. jbmando


    I just checked the chords for a standard, namely, "Fly Me to the Moon" on and I came across several instances of C7+. What do you think the chord diagram showed??? X32000. Yeah, that's right. They are diagramming Cmaj7 and calling it C7+!!! They did it for Fmaj7 as well. It's no...
  10. jbmando

    Favorite Vocal Performances (Redux)

    We had a thread about a year and a half ago, but I missed it. Clicking around today led me on a search for great vocals on recordings, and I mean the kind where you get chills because of the emotion or other intangible in a singer's performance. I always loved Merry Clayton's work on "Gimme...
  11. jbmando

    NAD - Monoprice 1x8 5watt tube amp

    Came across this while searching eBay and it looked pretty cool, so I shopped around and found one right from Monoprice through Amazon for $112.00 and free shipping. I played an Epi LP, an Epi LP Special P90, a Strat and a Tele (both MIM) through it. Not surprisingly, I thought the Tele...
  12. jbmando

    Epiphone LP Custom Pro Neck Tone/Phase Pot

    I pulled the shaft out of mine. Anybody know how to get a replacement pot? It is 500K Push/Pull with quick connect wiring. I found a complete wiring harness on eBay but I only need the neck tone pot. I posted on the Gibson/Epiphone board as well.
  13. jbmando

    How would you voice this chord, and why?

    From a discussion on the Mandolin Cafe; poster ran across this chord symbol and can't find it anywhere: Fmaj6 Answers varied from it's just an F6, to, with the "maj" in there, they might have wanted the natural 7th, but then, why not Fmaj13? Is it a legitimate chord name? Figured I'd ask...
  14. jbmando

    Information, please, on MN5------ ('95-'96) MIM Strat

    Did it have a string tree for the D/G strings?
  15. jbmando

    iPhone settings

    Is there a way any of you knows to disable smart links on text messages? I get tired of any reference to a unit of time becoming a hyperlink. As of last September there was no known way but I figured one of you IT gurus would know if anybody does.
  16. jbmando

    J-Bass Neck Pickup dead or not?

    Put this in Pickup forum with no response. Maybe the bass guys can help me. Suddenly I had no output from the neck pickup of my 2015 MIM Jazz Bass. Took it to tech who said pickup dead. Okay. Bought Fender MIM J-Bass replacement neck Pickup off eBay for $22.49, took it to tech, who installed...
  17. jbmando

    J-Bass Neck Pickup dead or not?

    Suddenly I had no output from the neck pickup of my 2015 MIM Jazz Bass. Took it to tech who said pickup dead. Okay. Bought Fender MIM J-Bass replacement neck Pickup off eBay for $22.49, took it to tech, who installed it for forty bucks, got bass back, works perfectly. Just for the heck of it, I...
  18. jbmando

    RIP Judy Carne - "Sock-it-to-Me" girl
  19. jbmando

    Tequila Sunrise bridge

    Ever notice that the bridge for "Tequila Sunrise" uses the ii, the II, the iii, the III, the vi and the VI? I don't think I've ever seen that in any other song.
  20. jbmando

    How about this screwy chord symbol????

    Came across this in a CCM chart by Integrity's Hosanna Music/Vertical WorshipSongs: D4/3. WTH??? I'm playing a D with the G added: x5403x. Sounds right in the song. The sheet music has a D triad without the G right there. Never saw it before.
  21. jbmando

    Hey! Look at me! I'm a Poster Extraordinaire!

    5000 posts! Whaddya know? I bet 2500 of them are in this forum. Been here almost six years. Thanks to all the great people here at TDPRI.
  22. jbmando

    Redd's "Crazy Arms" solo - such as it is...

    I told Wally I could show you guys a lot of the solo. Here's what I came up with. I know it's not perfect but it gets the job done. I don't claim to be a definitive teacher and I just started learning the solo yesterday, so bear with me a little. I hope it helps. BTW, for the last phrase. I...
  23. jbmando

    NPD - New Rat2

    As one who owned and played an '88 or so Rat and traded it for an MHP 72° with no regrets, I just picked this up through Hello Music. My first impression, through my Squier Cabronita and a Peavey Bandit 112, is that it sounds as good as I remember my old Rat sounding. My main reason for...
  24. jbmando


    Anybody else watch? I thought Emily West would win the whole thing, but the magician, Mat Franco, was really deserving. Not too disappointed, just a little sad for Emily.
  25. jbmando


    Here's my new cheap guitar. $45.00 at a local pawn shop. I saw listed on Craig's list and asked if I could pick it up today and they held it for me. Imagine that! lb3bYzwL9f8

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