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  1. Archtops

    Happy Birthday Bob Seger 77

    Just wanted give Bob Seger a shout-out on his birthday. He turned 77 today. Happy Birthday Buddy! Thanks for all the great music.
  2. Archtops

    NGD with Bonus Bucks

    I had some Bonus Bucks at Sweetwater and even after the expiration date they honored it. So I picked up this. Hope it’s as cool as the pics.
  3. Archtops

    Welcome back Captain Kirk!

    This was so awesome! One of my childhood heros goes to space and returns home with tears in his eyes. Maybe someday there will be a starship Enterprise. I can see naming one of the vessels Shatner. Congrats to William Shatner!
  4. Archtops

    SRV on acoustic guitar

    Thought this Stevie Ray Vaughan video of him playing an acoustic guitar was worth a watch.
  5. Archtops

    My New Pedal

    The name says it all!
  6. Archtops

    Forest built Tele with found wood

    Check out this video. You’ll be blown away!
  7. Archtops

    NAD Vox AC10C1

    I just received my new Vox AC10C1 and I’m just blown away with the tone of this amp. It’s everything Tone-Wise I could possibly hope for in an amp. For years I’ve had in mind what I wanted to hear from my guitars and amps and this is it. I feel like I stepped into tone Nirvana. Even my wife and...