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  1. JJLC

    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    I have more gear than I could have ever dreamed of having; excessive
  2. JJLC

    - Your words to live by -

    life is 95% luck of the draw and 5% preparation you get what you get a good guitar is a good guitar no matter the price point there are no guarantees your mileage may vary
  3. JJLC

    Chewing gum while supposed to be a professional

    I associate chewing gum with daily cigarette smoking; it's just another form of a nervous habit, IMO maybe the dude will acquire TMD and then stop chewing gum
  4. JJLC

    1960 Telecaster in original "Blue Sparkle" custom colour???

    I like the part where the seller states, "all Brazilian rosewood" in reference to the fingerboard. So at least we know it doesn't have 'regular' non Brazilian on the spaces between frets 9 and 11, or something like that.
  5. JJLC

    Share Your Explorers

    Recently discovered a hand made Korina Explorer that was available and purchased it. Neck is claimed to be 25mm/1 inch thickness at fret 1. Should be here in a few days. gotta love that looooooong neck tenon The builder had a 1 piece slab of white Limba (Korina) but cut it into two pieces...
  6. JJLC

    Hey Gang! Looking for a Tokai Paisley tele from the 80s! Anyone have any leads?

    good luck wit dat; pretty much a unicorn now daze .........
  7. JJLC

    Deviser Club = post those pics

    MES is quite the beast; love it!!!
  8. JJLC

    Best quotes in the history of rock and roll......

    ever get the feeling you've been cheated; good night .......
  9. JJLC

    Are necks with circular wood grain stable?

    neck in the OP is a flat sawn maple neck. nearly all of my Fender style guitars have flat sawn necks. normal stuff .......
  10. JJLC

    How well do you think the MIJ guitars stack up against the USA made guitars?

    I have owned several MIJ Teles, Fender and other makes. Nothing wrong with them whatsoever. Some of my faves have been the Fender Japan MIJ A series serial #s. This A serial # ORDER MADE '56 style had a nice FAT neck and a very nice light weight swamp ash body. Here is another A...
  11. JJLC

    Starting Les Paul Style guitar build.

    This build looks very nice and that birds eye maple top is amazing!!!
  12. JJLC

    Upcoming job interview and not sure I want to work for them

    Very wise opinion you have there, well stated, and right on target!
  13. JJLC

    Upcoming job interview and not sure I want to work for them

    Over a period of three months I went to multiple interviews, turned down at least four job offers, accepted a job offer that has been very challenging and now on the job for a month. I don't care for the hours but the drive is a piece of cake and the opportunity to learn new skills is a major...
  14. JJLC

    What constitutes a partscaster?

    everyone gonna have a diffnt opinion but IMO partscaster = any non-original bolt on/screw on neck Fender style blah blah blah ........ U get da piccha, right ?
  15. JJLC

    Les Paul Owners Club!

    this is still my favorite carved top Lester that currently resides in the herd
  16. JJLC

    Tokai Club

    I have owned many Tokai examples over many years; mostly LS and ST examples along with a handful of ES types. Pictured below are a few; many have been sold but some are still in the herd. 2006 Tokai LSS-175 SYW Love Rock 1980 Tokai LS-50 CS Love Rock ...
  17. JJLC

    Deviser Club = post those pics

    the below pictured (seller photo) Momose MES is currently in transit I hope it's the one that finally ends my ES search
  18. JJLC

    Dwayne Haskins - RIP age 24

    unbelievably sad and tragic; RIP .......
  19. JJLC

    Deviser Club = post those pics

    The Bacchus Explorer is the BEX model. They have been made with mahogany (khaya), white limba (korina), and mango lumber. I have owned several examples over the years, currently have only the one pictured above but examples are now nearly impossible to locate. On the very rare occasion a BEX is...
  20. JJLC

    Deacon Frey Leaving the Eagles

    I have frequently heard from many that only a Gibson Les Paul is a 'real' Les Paul, and the folks with that opinion typically are referring to a vintage Les Paul. Well, Gibson makes 'reissue' Les Pauls which have the Gibson name on the head stock but those same folks that state only Gibson...
  21. JJLC

    Deviser Club = post those pics

    Thank you. Besides being lookers they are seriously under the radar instruments with massive bang for the buck value.
  22. JJLC

    Deviser Club = post those pics

    Post some photos of your 'hand made' Deviser produced guitars; Bacchus, Bagtone, Headway, JRP, Momose, Seventy Seven, Sonix, STR, and others, etc.
  23. JJLC

    Is Guitar Really That Crappy Of A Hobby?

    I'm 61; got my first fiddle when I was 9 so, my guitar 'hobby' has lasted 52 years and hopefully I have many more years of enjoying some awesome good fun!!!!!! And I don't have to take them to the shooting range to pop off a few rounds of pricey ammo like one of my other hobbies.
  24. JJLC

    Ever see a favorite artist perform in a bar?

    Eric Johnson, Spoozys, Chick Corea, KMFDM, Robin Trower, Lords of Acid/Praga Khan, Jean Luc Ponty, Eric Gales, Macy Gray, Al Di Meola, Pond, too many to mention ...........
  25. JJLC

    Share Your Explorers

    that is a mahogany (body/neck) copy of a late '50s Gibson Futura that I nick named 'Mut'