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  1. T-Bone

    NPD x2 | EHX + Earthquaker

    Decided to shake things up yesterday with a couple of new pedals. 1) EHX Memory Toy. I already had a couple delay pedals but I wasn’t completely happy with either. After waching some YouTube reviews, and looking at the price, this pedal seemed like a no-brainer. The added chorus switch is a...
  2. T-Bone

    NGD: Gretsch 5622T Electromatic

    A few days ago I came home with a really sweet, brand new Shoreline Gold Gretsch Streamliner 2627T. I liked it a lot, but today I re-visited Long & McQuade and tried out this 5622T Electromatic with Hilotron pickups. It has fewer sounds overall, but the sounds it does have offer a lot more...
  3. T-Bone

    NGD: Gretsch 2627T Streamliner

    This Streamliner special run followed me home today. Helluva lot of guitar for the money! I wanted a guitar with a Bigsby and humbuckers. This fit the bill perfectly. Plays great with and without a slide. The pickups sound great. Made in Indonesia.
  4. T-Bone

    NAD — Gibson GA30-rvs

    Besides the weight (62 pounds) this amp is fantastic. Possibly the nicest clean tone I’ve ever heard, and a ton of headroom too. Very cool design concept too. Rather than being a 30 watt amp, it’s actually two 15 watt amps with a shared cabinet and controls. 4 12ax7 tubes and 4 el84 tubes. i...
  5. T-Bone

    Pro Jr. Sounds like something is loose. Nothing is loose.

    My early 90s Pro Junior Tweed is driving me nuts! Basically it still looks, and sounds, like new. Almost no buzz or hum. An awesome little amp. Except… Sounds fine at low volumes. At medium volumes, especially on lower notes, it sometimes sounds like something is vibrating in the cab. I’ve had...
  6. T-Bone

    NAD - Mesa Boogie Tone Machine

    My first Mesa Boogie amp. A Mark 5:25 10”. An expensive little bugger, but holy cow! This guy can give me any and every tone I’ve ever wanted. Add to that, it’s only 24 pounds, has a DI, two channels, EQ, and reverb. I can use it for home practice. Grab and go for open mic and blues jams. Loud...
  7. T-Bone

    Is there a downside to Plan A? (Tube Rolling)

    I just picked up a used MIM Hot Rod DeVille 410. I’m planning to replace all 3 preamp tubes with lower gain tubes. After replacing V1 with a 12ay7 it’s already much nicer, with manageable volumes for home use from 2 to 4 on both channels. I’ve ordered a couple 5751 and and 2 more 12ay7 tubes...
  8. T-Bone

    NAD Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410

    For 500 bones CDN (about $400 USD) I couldn’t resist the opportunity to own a Big and Mighty Fender tube amp. A local seller had MIM DeVille 4 x10 for sale, so I bought it. I know that these are not considered one of Fender’s most desirable amps, but they are known for being solid workhorses...
  9. T-Bone

    Lap Steel Poll

    Wondering who else here is into lap steel guitar?
  10. T-Bone

    Holy Trinity and the Sexy Sixpack

    Holy Trinity: Fender Stratocaster Fender Telecaster Gibson Les Paul Sexy Sixpack: Fender Stratocaster Fender Telecaster Fender P-Bass Gibson Les Paul Gibson SG Gibson ES335 Anybody own the Trinity or the Sixpack? Anybody have a different idea for the Sexy Sixpack? (Different ideas for the...
  11. T-Bone

    NAD; Fender ‘65 PRRI Tweed with 12” Cannabis Rex

    Traded in my lovely Victoria 20112 in order to buy this Fender Princeton Reverb. Gotta say that I have no regrets. Fantastic tone, and plenty of tones still waiting to be discovered. Mostly playing harmonica and lap steel through it.
  12. T-Bone

    PSA : Scam Alert

    An email is circulating to musicians requesting a solo musician to play at a small wedding. It is an “advance payment fraud” scam. The goal of which is to get a check overpayment into the musician’s hand. All they want is the money you “refund” them for the overpayment. This is the Initial...
  13. T-Bone

    NGD (on its way)

    The Alternate Reality Tenor Telecaster has had my attention pretty much since it was announced, but actually finding one for sale seemed to have been impossible. A couple days ago, one showed up on Reverb that was actually for sale right here in Canada. Free shipping too. Still, I hesitated...
  14. T-Bone

    Harmonica Nicknames

    I’ll start: Blues Harp Mississippi Saxophone Misery Whistle Next...
  15. T-Bone


    No, not THAT one, at least so far. The TDPRI “Tele-Afflicted” 1000th post. Too soon?
  16. T-Bone

    Well Hung (

    Finally got some guitars on the wall after the big westward move. Now it feels like home.
  17. T-Bone

    LSOG - Lap Steel Owners Group

    Own a Lap Steel? Or 2 or 3 or... This will be our thread. I couldn’t find another.
  18. T-Bone

    NAD - Victoria 20112

    WOW! I am loving this amp. An older 20112 in near mint condition, with the Jensen AlNiCo speaker. Weighs less than my Pro Jr! Tone is to die for. Maybe a bit unorthodox, but I’m using it for blues harp and lap steel. No issues at all with both plugged into a different channel of the amp. Having...
  19. T-Bone

    New Family Photo

    Guitars have come. Guitars have gone. It was time to gather the family together for a photograph again.
  20. T-Bone

    NAD - Perfect Small Amp (I hope)

    In my (not uncommon) quest for a small, gig-worthy, tube amp, I came across the perfect amp on Kijiji this week. 1) No bigger than a Pro Junior 2) 15 watts min 3) Built in reverb Answer: Laney LC15r All of my requirements plus Effects Loop Line out Hi & Lo inputs Separate gain & Volume plus...
  21. T-Bone

    NAD - Vox AC4TVmini

    Teeny tiny perfect little tube amp for home and small gigs. As many reviewers have said, it suffers a bit from the small 6.5" speaker, but for me the trade off for small size and weight is worth it. Also, with the speaker output, it essentially doubles as a low wattage amp head, and can drive...
  22. T-Bone

    NGD: Eastwood Warren Ellis Tenor

    Sweetest little thang I ever did see! And perfect for an old guy who plays mostly blues harp & ukulele. It's tuned DGBE, like a baritone uke. One of these days I'll get around to learning how to play with it tuned "properly", in 5ths. Until then, I'm having a ball with it!
  23. T-Bone

    NGD: Traveler Guitar

    My new-to-me Traveler Speedster. Perfect for those gigs where I'm playing harmonica 90% of the time, but need to have a guitar ready to rock for the other 10%. Oh, and also good for travel!
  24. T-Bone

    Hybrid Amp Owners Club

    A club for owners of amps that glow on one side only. Not manufacturer specific, tube(s) can glow in the preamp section or the power section, but not both. Examples are Orange Micro Terror, Vox Valvetronix, Fender Champ 25SE, and the new Peavey 6505 Piranha or old Peavey Deuce.
  25. T-Bone

    NAD - Peavey Nano Valve

    Just picked up one of these little cuties. Will be perfect for rehearsals in "not too loud please" space, and where gear has to be hauled up a staircase! Does it sound as good as my Pro Junior? No, but it's quieter and lighter, and should still be loud enough. (Yes, I know that the Hughes &...