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  1. decibel

    What Color Brown is this finish?

    NM all good thanks
  2. decibel

    Grain Filler

    I'm going to be making my first Tele this Spring. The body is Swamp Ash. This needs a grain filler, right? If so, can I sand some material off the body into Danish oil and then fill the pours with that? Is there a specific technique to this in terms of ratios or application? Thanks!
  3. decibel

    Bridge Suggestions?

    Hey all, Building a new tele. What is considered the best bridge these days? Maybe give a few choices if possible. Thanks!
  4. decibel

    Pickguard recommendations?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a made in USA pickguard that's vintage correct for both a tele and strat that I'm building. I'm not necessarily looking to spend more money than I should, but I'd simply rather not support China or poor workmanship/materials. Any recommendations for a sweet spot in...
  5. decibel

    Need Help Breaking Up My Band

    All good, thanks!
  6. decibel

    Mica Capacitors?

    Hey guys, I have a stash of new, high quality Cornell Dubilier mica capacitors with 5% tolerances. What can I expect using these instead of Sprague Orange Drops in a circuit? Why do we never see or hear about mica caps? Thanks.
  7. decibel

    Building a Lap Steel

    Hey guys. I've built a few partscasters and feel ready to try something from scratch. 1. Conflicted on whether to build a short scale or long scale. Any thoughts? 2. Can't find any plans online for a long-scale version - does anyone have a set or know where I can find some? 3. The only spare...
  8. decibel

    Help interpreting bias rite results?

    Hey all, I have no idea what I'm doing with amps, so thanks in advance. Can I get some help interpreting bias rite results? Tube B is actually the first power amp tube. Tube A is the second one (this was confusing and stupid, but I wasn't planning to post a question when I did it). This is a...
  9. decibel

    Tele pickups or WRHB in a Lap Steel?

    Hey all, Anyone have experience using tele pickups in a lap steel? What about using WRHB in a lap steel? I'm building one and these are the spare pickup sets I have. Just not sure how they'll work. Thanks!
  10. decibel

    What's your experience with Brierley tele pickups?

    Curious of the tone and overall vibe. Thanks.
  11. decibel

    Metallic Sound when Strumming

    Hey all. My Danocaster has a metallic sound when strumming chords acoustically, and I feel like it translates when plugged in as well. Any idea what would cause this? I replaced the springs under the bridge pickup with tubing and cut a bone nut - it still is there. I might try changing the...
  12. decibel

    What Capacitor is this?

    It's in a tele I bought. Thanks!
  13. decibel

    Wide Range Humbucker Question

    Hey all. I put WRHBs in my guitar. They are high quality from a well known builder of pickups. So the pickup is not the issue. I'm just wondering if this is normal of WRHBs: 1. They have a lot of mids/upper mids. 2. Very sensitive to how hard you pluck. The notes almost jump out of the pickup...
  14. decibel

    Multimeter Question

    Hey guys. I purcahsed a European model of the Brymen BM235 It's about $50 cheaper than the US one, for some reason. Then after buying it, I realized it might not work properly in the US due to HZ/voltage differences. Do you think it will work...
  15. decibel

    Finished my first Partscaster (Jazzmaster Style)

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say thanks for help along the way with the few issues that came up. Here is the finished JM I made some threads about last month. This was my first build, and I did everything on it but cut the body and neck. Guitar Mill did those. The lone issue I have is the bridge is...
  16. decibel

    Drill bit broke inside tuning peg hole

    Hey guys, I'm building my 2nd partscaster and had a disaster. The small drill bit (1/16th I think?) broke off inside the wood while drilling in the tuning peg screws. What are my options? Thank you.
  17. decibel

    Building my First Partcaster

    Hey all. I'm building my first partcaster (it's a Jazzmaster not a Tele), but I thought I'd ask anyway: I'm about to join the neck and body -- any tips or advice for this? I'm pretty nervous about this stage. I also have to drill the holes for the tuners. I've saved both of these steps for last...
  18. decibel

    What pickups are in this Bill Frisell Esquire?

    Hey all, new to the forum! I'm trying to figure out what pickups these are in this Esquire. Google hasn't helped, so maybe someone here recognizes them. Thanks!