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  1. Beebe

    14k Single Coil vs. Humbucker

    Can anyone explain some of the differences between an over-wound single coil and a single coil sized humbucker with similar output level? Specifically, anyone know what specs a humbucker in a Tele bridge package might have to sound similar to the Mark Knopfler Schecter F520T? I'm doing a build...
  2. Beebe

    Andy Summers Doubling on S.O.S.

    Game changer right here
  3. Beebe

    Esquire-Style Parts-Build, 1.625" Thick

    I'm pretty excited about how this one turned out. Mostly Vintage Specs Revel Humdinger hum-canceling pickup It has an all natural finish that I spent all lock-down coming up with. 1.625" thick is that sweet spot right in the middle of the range in which the early Blackguards varied (1.5" -...
  4. Beebe

    Culinary Solvent for Shellac Online

    For those shellac mixers trying to avoid denatured alcohol and too many trips to the liquor store, or for those in a state that doesn't sell 190 Proof. I just ran across this company. I ordered a small bottle of 200 proof Ethanol and it's working just like the 190 Everclear. I'll be...
  5. Beebe

    Mini Les Paul Kit

    I'm building the Mini Les Paul Kit from StewMac for my 5 yr old. We did the grain filling together. He loved getting his hands into that! We made it out of Kaolin clay and Gum Arabic. I let him spray a bit too. Got the color coats on today. That's a Falu Red pigment and a Vivianite...
  6. Beebe

    Pocket Width for Lacquer Finishes

    I've seen some info on this in various threads, but couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm working with custom bodies and 2 3/16" (2.1875") heel widths on unfinished AllParts necks. What neck pocket width to go with... I'm looking for loose fits. I want to be able to install...
  7. Beebe

    No Wet Sanding Required

    So I'm attempting to reach the "No Wet Sanding Required" skill level in my spraying. I only work with shellac and other alcohol soluble resins, but I'll take advice from Nitro expert as they behave similarly. I've got about 4 coats of clear over the pigmented coats now. Sprayed pretty dry...
  8. Beebe

    Jig For Strap Button Holes?

    Anyone have one of these? I'm envisioning something positioned using the bridge holes on a body with no hardware. Something to make the drilling of these holes more enjoyable would be great.
  9. Beebe

    CTS Soldering Temperature

    I'm wondering if anyone here follows the CTS Pot "Soldering Condition" spec: Maximum of 250C for 5 seconds. My 25W Hakko Dash N454 iron temp spec is 450C. Is CTS giving that spec for the component temperature or recommended iron settings? Anyone ever measure the temp of the pot while...
  10. Beebe

    Simple Mid Bass Boost?

    Anyone interested in giving me some tips on how I might execute this circuit? I'd like it to do this: mix a boosted darkened signal with a dry signal. The pot to adjust the low pass might be a internal one, making it a single knob pedal. It might make a single coil sound a little more like...
  11. Beebe

    Murphy's Law

    I have two amps that have been acting up. I finally decided to do some trouble shooting today and I can't repeat the issues. On either amp! Anyway ... One is an Origin 50 combo. It'll sometimes start to crackle and loose volume, until I pound on it just right to make it go away. The problem...
  12. Beebe

    Help Identify Bandmaster

    I tried this one out today at band practice and it was perfect. It's not mine though, and not for sale. Can anyone help me narrow down what year this is or any other specifics on it that might help me find one like it?
  13. Beebe

    Where is All Parts Branded Hardware Made?

    I'm interested in these parts in nickel: AP-5270 RETROFIT JACKPLATE FOR TELECASTER AP-0600 STANDARD NECKPLATE AP-0650 CONTROL PLATE FOR TELECASTER I've noticed the pickguards I've purchased have a Made in USA sticker. And the necks Made in Japan stickers. Does anyone have any experience...
  14. Beebe

    Equality Series?

    Is this a thing?
  15. Beebe

    Ed Giller JTM45 (or 50?) Clone

    I've been on the lookout for a JTM45 style amp. I was looking into some of the kits when I came across this: It looked just like what I need, so I pulled the trigger. I'd love to hear from ya'll that know more about amps...
  16. Beebe

    Shellac Pickguard Mold?

    So I just read that Bakelite was invented when looking for an alternative to shellac. Got me thinkin', can I make a pickguard with shellac? 78's were made with shellac and people use records as pick guards...I'm sure they are Vinyl, but ya know. Here's my plan. Mix shellac flakes, Everclear...
  17. Beebe

    Body Rollover Radius?

    Anyone have opinions on what this should be? Did it change through the years? What hand tools do you like for this?
  18. Beebe

    Double Cut Knotty Pine Garnet Shellac Build

    This one started out as an experiment with a knotty pine body from Rosser that I picked up with a bid of $52. This one was really knotty and interesting looking. I coated it with a Swedish Pine Tar / Linseed Oil / pure terpentine mix and rubbed it with fine steel wool untill all the little...
  19. Beebe

    T-shirts for your Band

    What are ya'll using these days? I'm thinking of doing some one of a kinds on thick Dickies shirts with stencils and fabric spray paint... But these will just be a limited run... Perfect for our less than limited following. Should be playing my first show with this new band at the end of the...
  20. Beebe

    Esquire Build Inspired by 70th Anniversary

    When I saw that the 70th Anniversary Esquire was pine, it was around the same time that Rosser switched over to using pine for his bodies and they were going for about $75. With that and the fact that the excellent All Parts TMO neck goes for about $109 at Stratosphere, it got me thinking that...
  21. Beebe

    Outer Foil Side on Emerson Cap?

    Anyone know what side is the outer foil on an Emerson Cap? I can't find a ring marking it on this one.