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  1. Mind Flayer

    Rosewood version of Vintera 50s Neck?

    I have tried the Fender Vintera 50s telecaster, the one currently in stores that’s fiesta red with the white pickguard. I like the profile of the neck - fat, U shaped, 7.25 radius, vintage frets. Anybody know another fender telecaster model where I could find a similar neck profile, but with a...
  2. Mind Flayer

    Peavey Bravo 112 Problem/Issue

    I picked up a used Peavey Bravo 112 a couple weeks ago. I really like the sound of this thing. Up until last night, it was working great. However, last night, after about 20 minutes of playing it with the reverb at about 40-50%, the reverb suddenly cut out entirely, and the sound got louder and...
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    Gibson Wiring Question

    I have a faded SG and am replacing the stock pickups with Duncan 59s. While I'm at it, I figured I might modify the control setup. I miss having a master volume control, but I also would like to keep the ability to have individual volume control over the bridge and neck pickups. Also, I...
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    Wiring diagram for esquire - one volume, no tone, no switch

    Can anybody provide or direct me to a wiring diagram for an esquire with one volume knob, no tone knob, and no switch?
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    Mounting a Smokey Amp in an Esquire

    I was considering building an esquire with a built-in speaker mounted on the pick guard. I have one of those Smokey cigarette pack speakers, and it looks like this is probably small enough to fit in if I used a body with a swimming pool route. I would remove the tone knob and use that space...
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    DOD FX80B alternative?

    I have an old DOD FX80B from the 80s, and I like the sound of it. The only drawback to it is that it uses some old kind of power supply, so my power brick and my 1-spots don’t work with it and I have to use batteries. I’m looking for a similar sounding compressor that uses the standard 9v...
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    Biasing a super champ x2

    I may be acquiring a used super champ x2. I have read that they can benefit from increasing the bias. Unfortunately, the threads I have seen with instructions all seem to have expired links to photos and/or illustrations. Does anybody have any working links with step by step instructions and...
  8. Mind Flayer

    1950s Finishes - Reverb vendor

    There's a vendor on Reverb called "1950s Finishes," who sells reliced necks (looks like they are allparts necks). Seems to get good reviews on Reverb. Anybody here have experience with this vendor?
  9. Mind Flayer

    Stock bridge pickup on Classic Series 72 Custom w/maple board?

    I recently bought a MIM Classic Series 72 Custom telecaster - the burst body with maple neck. I absolutely love the sound of this thing, especially the bridge pickup. Does anybody know what the stock bridge pickup is, and what stock pot and cap values are used in these? Fender’s website...
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    Delay Pedal Advice

    In the market for a delay pedal. Here’s what I’m looking for: - Must be able to run on a 9v battery and be powered by a 1-spot. - Prefer a standard size pedal (e.g., your standard Boss pedal size), but if it was a little bigger that’s not a big deal. However, I’m not looking for a Line 6...
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    Indonesian Squier Telecaster Deluxe

    A local guy has a 2006 crafted in indonesia squier telecaster deluxe for sale. This is the two humbucker guitar, black body, black pickguard, maple neck. I’ve never played one of these and am not expecting to be blown away by it, but I am thinking of getting or building a deluxe and I figured...
  12. Mind Flayer

    Rosewood or Pau Ferro on pre-2017 Classic Player Baja 60s Tele?

    I have a 2016 Classic Player Baja 60s Telecaster in sonic blue, MIM. When I bought it, I just assumed it was rosewood, but I wasn't really paying any attention because I liked how the fingerboard looked and felt. Now I see that, at least with the 2017 models, they are using pau ferro. Does...
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    MIM/FSR routing for humbucker in neck? And other questions

    I'm thinking about picking up a new MIM tele, either a standard or an FSR butterscotch. I'd like to replace the stock neck pickup with a humbucker. Questions: 1. Will the existing routing allow a normal sized, PAF-type humbucker, or would I have to do more drilling/routing? 2. I'll...
  14. Mind Flayer

    Chicago area blues guitar teacher

    I have been playing for over 20 years (not continuously) and I feel like I have hit a ceiling. I have tried to improve my speed with online lessons, youtube, books, etc, but I find that it's tough to stay disciplined with those approaches, and there's so much out there it's hard to know what's...
  15. Mind Flayer

    Build similar to Nash T-63

    I have played a few Nash T-63s and really enjoy the feel of these models. Thinking about building my own partscaster to mimic that feel. I know it's not so simple and Nash does a better job than I probably will. But I figure I might be able to get in the ballpark, or at least try. Anybody know...
  16. Mind Flayer

    Bakelite mint green pickguard?

    The stock pickguard on my baja 60s sonic blue tele produces a lot of static when my hand brushes against it. I have done the dryer sheet trick, which works temporarily, but I am looking for a more permanent solution. I read somewhere that replacing the stock fender plastic pickguards with...
  17. Mind Flayer

    Tele with Fat 50s type pups?

    i have a strat with Fat 50s pups, which I love. Is there a tele that comes with similar pups stock?
  18. Mind Flayer

    Stereo input into iphone?

    I do most of my recording onto either a digital 8-track or an old cassette 4-track (both tascams). I would like to be able to hook up the stereo outputs into my iphone to record them onto the phone, as if I were mixing down to the iphone. Is this possible? What equipment would I need?
  19. Mind Flayer

    Teles with rosewood neck, 7.25 radius, and 6105 frets?

    I just put a new neck on my strat partscaster. The neck is from a road worn 60s strat. It's rosewood, with a 7.25 radius and 6105 frets. Is anybody aware of a fender tele neck with those same specs? It's a really comfortable feel and I'd like to put something with the same specs on my tele...
  20. Mind Flayer

    Classic Player Baja 60s Tele

    Thinking of picking up a used Classic Player Baja 60s Tele, rosewood neck. Not sure of the year, it is used. Before I make the drive to the location, anybody know how thick these necks are? Are they thicker than the standard C-shaped necks you find on a MIM standard? I prefer a thicker neck.
  21. Mind Flayer

    Single coil or P-90 in WRHB size?

    I recently picked up a squier vm 72 thinline. I really love how this thing plays, but I'm not crazy about the stock pickups. They are WRHB sized buckers in the bridge and neck. Are there any WRHB sized pickups that are single coils or P-90s? I prefer the sound of those types to...
  22. Mind Flayer

    Squier Thinlines?

    I am having back and neck issues and am looking to get a lightweight tele. I'd like to go with a squier thinline, and noticed there are a few different models out there. I'm not really picky about the pickups (humbucker vs single coils), and I can easily upgrade the stock ones. I'm more...
  23. Mind Flayer

    Starter breadboarding kit?

    Can anyone recommend a good starters kit for breadboarding? I am looking for both the breadboard and something that would supply me with various electronics parts like resistors, diodes, etc. I don't have a specific sound in mind, I'm really more interested in learning and experimenting at this...
  24. Mind Flayer

    Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive picking up radio signal

    Just got a new Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive. I like how it sounds. Only problem is that it is picking up a radio station. It's not overpowering, but it is annoying. I'm using battery power. None of my other pedals do this. Anybody know what the cause is, and is there a fix?
  25. Mind Flayer

    Installing ferrules, pre-drilled holes

    Happy New Year! I am putting together a partscaster. I'm using a nitro finished body from MJT, and the ferrule holes are already drilled into the back of the body. They are drilled with a little "ledge" - ie, the diameter is a little wider at the opening and then the rest of the hole has a...