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  1. tdp46


    It's hosing down outside, the roof is leaking, I have the V-Roys on the cd and I'm thinking. Lets talk about the unsung heros of the guitar, sidemen. The best I've heard recently were Buddy Miller with Emmy Lou Harris and (I think if I remember!) John Jackson with Shelby Lynne. There must be so...
  2. tdp46

    Swedish imput required...(ntc)

    I'm off to Gothenburg next weekend and looking for some musical entertainment. (some tele content would be a bonus). Any suggestions :?:
  3. tdp46

    Can this be Art.....?

    or just another Fender rip-off (marketing ploy if you like). Jackson Pollock or the Clash, eat your heart out :roll:
  4. tdp46

    Question for Baard........(ntc)

    we have a Danish lady (band?) playing locally in Scotland next week, Sine Bach Ruttel, any comments?
  5. tdp46

    Nice night in Edinburgh....

    outside under the stars, castle as a backdrop, watching Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Billy Bragg, Joan Baez and Chrissie Hynde all playing accoustic in a "Concert for a Landmine-free World". And not a tele in sight :shock:
  6. tdp46

    Torres tiny tone amps...

    Anyone ever built one? I'm sitting here looking at basically a box of bits and a manual that may take some working out. All advice that saves me from death by amp is welcomed!!
  7. tdp46

    Small crowds....big names

    I'm pretty sure this has been done to death over the years but I was reminded of it by one of my staff who went to see currently rated ARE-Weapons in Glasgow through the week. Audience; twenty five! :roll: Whats the worst anyone else has seen...?
  8. tdp46

    Wake up little Suzie

    I read somewhere that some guitar god (George Harrison I think) just couldn't figure out the opening chords to the above. Then someone told him they were in altered tuning. Being somewhat less competent than any guitar god, I have the same problem. :oops: Any help welcomed
  9. tdp46

    Lucinda, a tele and me........

    along with around two thousand others at her concert in Glasgow (Scotland) last night. Great night although I'm not totally sold yet on the heavier sound of the new album. The band were excellent but the only tele in sight was played by the lovely lady herself.