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  1. MrGibbly

    Amazing Stories from Martin Strayer - Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

    Martin Strayer has a pretty amazing list of artists that he has run sound for on tour including Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Page & Plant, Soundgarden, the Eagles, Dixie Chicks, R. Kelly, Nora Jones, Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Cher, and so many more. I had no idea he was a San Antonio...
  2. MrGibbly

    Peavey is the only musical gear brand... make the list of "most recognizable brands from each US state": Here's the article:
  3. MrGibbly

    Hang Over Cures ????

    Advil and lots of water as a preemptive strike before bed. Advil and water when you wake up after a long sleep. Then, hit it hard with some sugar and electrolytes...gatorade works. If that stays down you should be golden but a nice, greasy fried breakfast should set you up for success. ;)
  4. MrGibbly

    What Music Did You Start 2022 With?

    My son streamed Grateful Dead through a bluetooth speaker while we packed up our campsite this morning to head home...
  5. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    Well, I mean...we're TDPRI! The tele is one of the oldest electric guitar designs. We're talking about cast iron. Other recent posts on the forum are discussing medium and large format film photography equipment! I tend to go to Instagram and Tim Tok for my daily dose of "quick and...
  6. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    Variety is the spice of life! I have a gas cooktop and a separate single burner induction in the kitchen. Pans range across cast iron, coated cast iron, stainless, non-stick aluminum. Outside I have gas, pellet and charcoal. Kind of like guitars. There are a few that can do everything and...
  7. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    Wait, it's not a the holy grain tone pan material? ;)
  8. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    Excellent point! The one that cooks the most, calls the shots on the cookware! :)
  9. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    We have both a 12" and a Dutch Oven from them that we have used the heck out of for 20 years and they are terrific. They fry, bake, deep fry, braise...endless. My griddle is from Lodge.
  10. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    I can absolutely see the possibilities with carbon steel. I have had one in my Amazon cart for several months...
  11. MrGibbly

    Favorite Cooking Show

    I have the Barefoot Contessa cook book, for what that's worth. In terms of "shows", I don't actually have cable so... On YouTube I watch: Joshua Weissman, Adam Ragusea, How to BBQ Right, Mad Scientist BBQ. Others come and go. Uncle Roger is a riot.
  12. MrGibbly

    The Merits of Cast Iron

    Growing up, we didn't have cast iron in the house. The only fry pan was stainless. It lasted forever and, with enough oil/butter, things could be prevented from sticking. When I graduated from college, I thought I wanted hard anodized aluminum was all the rage at the time. It...
  13. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    We do something very similar but go with chicken thighs. They are very forgiving of over cooking and don't dry out as much. :)
  14. MrGibbly

    Board Games

    I've been playing a lot of Monopoly Junior with my 3 and 6 year old lately. The good news is that rules drive things to a much more rapid conclusion than the original... :)
  15. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    Pasta salad is a year-round thing at our house! The basic recipe remains the same but some of the toss-ins are "seasonal". I make a batch with about 3lb of Tri-color twists and the kids roll through it in a few days...
  16. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    I did use "old" rice. :)
  17. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    The latter sounds fantastic for a hot day! I'm always struggling for things to make on a hot August day in South Texas given I found my home here later in life.
  18. MrGibbly

    How Many Pedals Do We Really Need?

    I've stayed at 9 or fewer pretty much my whole life (I'm 42 which also happens to be "the answer").
  19. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    This is almost exactly how I did it. I add the sesame oil and green onion late for fragrance and garnish. The pan/wok started with peanut oil, shallots and garlic.
  20. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    I went with the MSG but not the oyster or fish sauce. Kids ate it and the cats were circling anyway but I may grab some for the next batch, anyway!
  21. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    Enchiladas were last night!
  22. MrGibbly

    New (To Us) Food

    I'm a big fan of quick and wholesome meals that we can throw together in a quantity that satisfies a family with 5 kids, two of which are hungry teens. On this forum, we've already had a thread about the merits of pasta salad which is a stalwart at Casa de Gibbly... Something new for us...
  23. MrGibbly

    Inflatable Christmas yard decorations

    Great description. Part of the appeal around our house is that they pack away small vs. those old, large, hard plastic ones of yesteryear.
  24. MrGibbly

    Feeling the pressure of the Christmas crush yet?

    All gifts bought, all but ~2 have arrived, and are wrapped up. We went light on outdoor decorations as things were just a madhouse around here since Thanksgiving…looks like a lot of people in our neighborhood did less, too. The last daunting task is the assembly of one large doll house. The...

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