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  1. swany

    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    I agree with you, if 1/3 of the Blackguards in Nacho's book were 9.5" radius, how can that be categorized as strictly "modern", that doesn't make any sense.
  2. swany

    What's the appeal of Telecasters?

    Yes Tele’s stay in tune and they’re very versatile etc. etc..But there’s one thing that I don’t believe gets mentioned often, I find they are great guitars for song writing. something about the Tele I just here riffs and melodies when I play it.
  3. swany

    Nobels Odr-1 just for a loud amp?

    I really like my Nobels ODR-1, use it mostly as boost with just a little drive, I find it fattens things up a bit.
  4. swany

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    I never said I disliked anyone, just stating a fact, take of it what you will.
  5. swany

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    Like the 3 year legal battle he waged against Hamilton Watches for using the Hamilton brand name, which he lost. They've been using it since 1892. Is that an example of being a gentlemen off the track?
  6. swany

    Hamilton v Verstappen

    Mark Webber was 6 ft.
  7. swany

    What's your rig? You get 1 amp, 1 guitar, and 1 pedal.

    Strat, Deluxe, ODR-1
  8. swany

    What’s everyone current favorite pickups?

    Fred Stuart BlackGuards, absolutely love them
  9. swany

    How Many Of You Live On The Bridge Pickup Of Your Tele

    Bridge pickup 95% of the time, sometime during a quieter moment 4th position.
  10. swany

    what is most popular stratocaster color?

    Where did you find those numbers? does Fender publish their specific sales figures?
  11. swany

    How do you feel new US made telecasters compare to pre 2000 ones?

    Where exactly do you find these declining sales numbers? I have never been able to find exact Fender guitar sales numbers. I’ve recently heard the Fender is having record high sales numbers, (due to the pandemic possibly), but I’ve never been able to find the actual numbers of guitars sold.
  12. swany

    RIP Chick Corea

    Chick Corea, An absolute legend as a keyboardist or a composer. RIP
  13. swany

    DRRI vs the newer 12” PRRI?

    I agree, an incredible amount of guitarist, producers, and engineers, need to have their hearing checked. (be grateful that you don’t). I prefer the g12m-65 creamback, however I’m not sure if it’s overrated or not, having been used on not nearly as many albums as the clearly overrated V30 (that...
  14. swany

    Roy Buchanan

    Count me in, Roy Buchanan is one of the best regardless of what your musical preferences are. An absolute legend
  15. swany

    Fender Tube RI Amps

    How about we just call it what it actually is? Birch plywood, or Birch/Pine. Fender has never used particle board or "wood fibres like MDF", in their re-issue's.
  16. swany

    Fender Tube RI Amps

    The Fender reissues, (deluxe or twin), have never used MDF cabs.
  17. swany

    Do you have an always on pedal?

    Recently my Wampler Tumnus is always on.
  18. swany

    Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head

    If I had a million dollars - Barenaked Ladies
  19. swany

    Radio songs that make you crank the volume knob to "11"

    38 Special, “Hold On Loosely”
  20. swany

    Anyone agree that the AV and AO fretboards are OVER-rolled?

    Skinny? You must be kidding, my ‘03 is far from skinny, with a slightly rolled edge. I’m sure you’ve read “ The Blackguard” and have actually measured the neck, the word I would choose would be “accurate” for a ‘52, far from skinny. I also own an American Original and I agree that the neck is...
  21. swany

    Hi from North Dakota

    Welcome, from Colorado, Jazzmaster with a Strat neck, nice.
  22. swany

    Maple vs Rosewood Fretboard - Please Explain

    I always thought it was my fingers, not the string that touched the fretboard and it was my fingers that put the grooves in the board, never the string.
  23. swany

    Miles Davis

    I love Miles Davis, Kinda of Blue certainly is legendary, but my favorite is, Someday my Prince will come, the one with his wife's picture on the cover. Hank Mobley, Paul Chambers, (two of my absolute favorite's), play on it. He blows just one note on the horn and you know who it is, there is...
  24. swany

    What brand of guitar strings are made in...

    "Sir, I think you've had enough, time to go home now"
  25. swany

    What brand of guitar strings are made in...

    C.F. Martin strings are not.